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Madeleine Murder

Madeleine Murder When the annual Seagrass Days summer festival kicks off Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are selling their French desserts and cuisine faster than they can make it Ashley is dreaming about the futur

  • Title: Madeleine Murder
  • Author: Sandi Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When the annual Seagrass Days summer festival kicks off, Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are selling their French desserts and cuisine faster than they can make it Ashley is dreaming about the future of her business, of her new relationship until a murder threatens to derail it all When a vendor from the festival shows up dead, Ashley discovers he made a living sellingWhen the annual Seagrass Days summer festival kicks off, Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are selling their French desserts and cuisine faster than they can make it Ashley is dreaming about the future of her business, of her new relationship until a murder threatens to derail it all When a vendor from the festival shows up dead, Ashley discovers he made a living selling than just festival wares and it may have cost him his life Ashley gets tangled in the man s web of deceit and has to find her way out with help from the usual crew of Patty, Smoke Daddy Lee, Ryan, and of course the lovable Dizzy fore it costs Ashley too much This is the third book in the Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mysteries Series BONUS Recipes included.

    • ☆ Madeleine Murder || É PDF Read by ✓ Sandi Scott
      440 Sandi Scott
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    1. “Madeleine Murder” earns 5/5 Plates of Madeleines!Joining her BFF Patty LaFontaine, Ashley Adams is participating in the Seagrass Days annual festival. The girls have been friends since their days working at a bistro in Paris, and now with Patty’s The Southern Bird French cuisine and Ashley’s Seagrass Sweets desserts, they are enjoying some real popularity and entertaining the idea of expanding their catering businesses with a food truck. But, the festival is having some minor issues wit [...]

    2. Madeleine Murder is the third book in the Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery buy Sandi Scott. Ms. Scott is a “new to me” author. Fortunately, this book can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed reading this cozy and will go back and read the first two books. Business partners, Ashley Adams of Seagrass Sweets and Patty La Fontaine of The Southern Bird French cuisine are vendors at the Annual Seagrass Days Festival. Their goal is to sell enough pastry to purchase a food truck. Seagrass is a small town [...]

    3. This is a fun, crazy twisted must read book in this series! Just when you think you have itYOU DON'T!This is the third Book in the Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery and it keeps getting better and better! There are so many red-herrings, twists and turns and with an ending you would't expect. Best friends Patti and Ashley work in catering foods. Ashley's specialty is in credible desserts while Patty's is French cuisine. Working a booth together at the Seagrass annual festival so they can pool their mo [...]

    4. Madeleine Murder: A Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery by Sandi Scott is the third book in this adorable mystery by Sandi Scott. It centers around Ashley and Patty, both caterers: Patty specializing in Southern Cooking and Ashley in desserts. Their goal is to save enough money to open a restaurant, with a food truck as their immediate goal. Meanwhile they continue to share a kitchen and cater, usually in tandem, and work festivals, which is where we find them on this weekend. Ryan, Ashley's almost boy [...]

    5. Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine have a vendor tent at the Annual Seagrass Days festival. Ashley's boyfriend, Ryan Brady, is working as security for the festival, so they really have very little time together.One of the other vendors, Sparrow Soulbrother, has a lively personality and a way of understanding people that Ashley finds interesting. When she goes to see him again, he is nowhere around. The next day, Sparrow is found dead in the bonfire wood pile. Ashley may have a bigger issue than j [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC and will not show up as a verified purchase.It is the third book in the Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery series by Sandi Scott. This is the first one that I have read. The story is a standalone, these do not need to be read in order. The story centers on Ashley and Patty as chefs trying to save enough money to eventually open a restaurant. The immediate goal is to purchase a food truck and make it through the event without a financial loss. They are one of many to part [...]

    7. I enjoy cozy mysteries for various reasons. Sometimes I just want to read a story that's not too complicated. I also like a series that allows me to get to know the characters and their relationships. Sandi Scott's series about Ashley Adams are just fun relaxing reads. This story brings Ashley and her friend and business partner, Patti La Fontaine, to the Seagrass Days annual town festival to sell their baked goods. One of the fellow participants who sells hemp products ends up murdered and our [...]

    8. It is the annual Seagrass Days summer festival and vendors come from far and wide to peddle their wares. Patty and Ashley are both run off their feet, their French cuisine and patisseries proving very popular with the punters. Taking a break so that she can get a chance to see what else is on offer at the festival, Ashley meets Sparrow Soulbrother, and buys a hemp collar from him for Dizzy. When she returns the next day to ask him for a receipt, she finds Sparrow dead, her card maxed out and mor [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series. Friends Ashley Adams of Seagrass Sweets and Patty LaFontaine of The Southern Bird are rushed off their feet as they share a food tent at the annual Seagrass Festival. During her time at the festival Ashley notices some unusual activities which she mentally notes. Later a body is discovered hidden in plain view, she is shocked that she knows the victim. So begins another adventure.I love how Sandi writes, fleshing out [...]

    10. This is a cute book that drew me in right away. It's also the third in a series but I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not having read the first two.Ashley and her friend, Patty, hope to have a food truck or restaurant one day. Until then, they share a tent at events. Patty cooks the main meal and Ashley bakes desserts. This book takes place at the Seagrass Days festival.In a trip to look around the festival, Ashley buys a hemp collar for her dog, Dizzy. After that, she finds many frau [...]

    11. A delicious Cozy Mystery. At the annual Seagrass Days summer festival Ashley Adams owner of Seagrass Sweets and her friend, Patty LaFontaine owner The Southern Bird are sharing a tent and selling their French Desserts and cuisine. After buying a dog collar Ashley’s account is frozen due to lack of funds. Ashley tries to confront the vendor but he is found dead at the bonfire. Determined to find out who killed him, Ashley finds out that there was a lot more being sold at the Festival then legal [...]

    12. Madeline Murder the third (and maybe the best to date) in The Seagrass Sweet Mystery Series and my fifth read from author Sandi Scott. I'd received an ARC of Murder in the Art Gallery and enjoyed it so much I had to read another by the author and Cream Puff Murder the first in The Seagrass Sweet Mystery Series was even more pleasing to read that I read a third, a fourth and now a fifth! An entertaining novelette that I greatly enjoyed reading. The problem with short works is just that, they're s [...]

    13. "The Struggles Of An Innocent Sleuth"Warning! Don't begin reading this book if you are hungry! You may overdose yourself with all the goodies mentioned in this cozy novel. Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are sharing a sales tent for their bakery businesses at the Seagrass Days Annual Festival near the Colorado River. Things are chaotic masses of people, keeping the baking going, and not getting enough sleep oh, and an unwanted bonfire. Unfortunately Ashley and a volunteer security guard find [...]

    14. Madeleine murder book 3 reviewI have really enjoyed reading the Sweetgrass Sweets series. Ashley and her friend Patty are working the weekend at the Sweetgrass festival selling their food from a tent. They both harbor a hope of some day getting a food truck. An unfortunate event happens to Ashley at the festival. Her cash card has been scammed and money depleted from her bank account. Her dream of a food truck feels out of reach. She's feeling sad about the financial setback. Ashley takes on a j [...]

    15. Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are selling pastries and French cuisine at the Seagrass Days summer festival. Their foods are selling like crazy and they cannot keep up. No complaints from either lady, except for sleepless nights, until a body is found, rumors of drug dealing begin, and attendees suffer from credit card theft - including Ashley. Believing the dead man was responsible for her credit card problems, Ashley begins to investigate the murder. Juggling her baking, parties, and sleuth [...]

    16. Ashley Adams and Patty LaFontaine are sharing a tent for Seagrass Days. Ashley owns Seagrass Sweets and Patty has The Southern Bird. The festival is going great until someone is murdered. Ashley just can't help herself. She has to look for clues and suspects. Decetive Luna would rather she just stayed out of it even though she has helped in the past.Seagrass is a great small town with the kind of people you will find in any small town in America. I like the interaction between Ashley and Patty. [...]

    17. The latest Seagrass Sweets story has a bit grittier series of encounters with con men and drug runners. Some spoilers ahead, so don't read on if you don't want to know! Folks who seemed like innocent business people turn out to be a bad gamble for new culinary ventures, but a good bet for Pot sales, and ultimately bankruptcy. Anger and desperation push some people to extreme limits- even murder. In the end, both Dizzy the dog and boyfriend Ryan get in some kisses and cuddles, and good friends Sm [...]

    18. Ashley and Patti have set up a food booth at the annual Seagrass Days summer festival. After a purchase of a dog collar and a meal from two of the vendors, Ashley finds her debit card with multiple unmade purchases and her account empty. When others at the festival also are scammed and a vendor is found dead, Ashley and her boyfriend, IT geek Ryan, begin investigating. More scams occur before they get to the root of the problem. Another OK cozy but probably will not pursue series. None of the ch [...]

    19. Some of the problems Ashley has to deal with in the story may hit too close to home for some. Unfortunately, we all know someone, or is that someone who has had their accounts hacked. I guess it would be convenient to have a special someone who could research the problem for you. I think the Seagrass Festival would have been so much fun to attend. What is a festival without all the yummy foods to eat? Dizzy certainly proved her worth and hopefully Detective Luna will be appropriately appreciativ [...]

    20. Entertaining Cozy Mystery!This is a fun story! It is a quick read with a very interesting mystery. This is the 3rd novel in the series and can stand alone. I can say that because I have not read the previous 2 installments and had no problems enjoying this story on its own merits. This author is very good at placing the reader in the story and immediately getting the reader invested in the characters. I will be reading the rest of the series as well as anything else this author writes

    21. This is a fun read. It is the third book in the series and can easily be read alone. Ashley and Patty are saving money to open a restaurant. When they set up at the Seagrass Festival credit card fraud, drugs, and murder all become a part of the storyline. The several different plot threads all combine to make a very interesting read that keeps you engaged from the beginning. Looking forward to book 4. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received from the author.

    22. The third book in the Sweetgrass Sweets series is a fun read. I had my doubts about the first book but I decided to give this one a shot and I was pleasantly surprised. The characters have developed well. I still love Dizzy. They are deeper and more realistic now. I like the relationships they have and the way they work together. The story line is well thought out. I didn’t see the twist coming. I am pleased to be able to recommend this book without hesitation to any cozy mystery lover.

    23. This is the 3rd book I have read of Sandi Scott’ “Seagrass” cozy mystery series. I have greatly enjoyed all 3 and look very forward to the next book in the series! The plot was not predictable, it was hard to put the book down. I enjoy the friendship and working relationship that Ashley and Patty have and their growing romantic relationships with Smoke Daddy and Ryan. The books are very descriptive and I can “see” the settings and events in my mind. Can’t wait to read the next book!

    24. I haven't read anything from this author before. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it. The characters are believable and are the kind of people who I could be friends with in real life. It kept me guessing until the end. It is about two friends who are saving for a food truck one a baker the other a chef. I was given this book for free in return for an honest review. If you like a good mystery that is wholesome and a fast read then this book is for you.

    25. I, really like the writing style of the author,Sandi Scott,did an excellent selection of characters kind of funny, yet serious, and the whole story made you feel like it was real. It was intense at times and yet very down to earth great who dunit mystery, loved it, this was by first read by this author, but I can't wait to start the next. If you have never read Sandi Scott, and you like cozy mysteries, then you need to pick this book up and read it

    26. This is the third in the series . In this one Ashley and Patty are working at Seagrass Days, selling their wonderful food. Ashley uses her debit card to buy a collar for Dizzy and finds that her account has now been hacked. Then while walking on the beach with boyfriend Ryan, she discovers a body under piles of wood . Once again she has to deal with Detective Luna and she helps him figure out what happened and who did it. Love this book.

    27. The story line of this book is clever and nicely convoluted so that it is quite difficult to work out who is guilty of the murder and of the credit card fraud. The characters are very well written and the main ones very well developed as well. This is the third book in this series, but I haven't read the first two and I didn't find that it mattered, it really is a self contained story.I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author, and voluntarily wrote this review.

    28. Running a bakery was never this much fun and trouble. Can murder help build your business, not really but it sure can hurt your profit margin. This is a fun book and a good cozy mystery. The characters are well developed and a joy to get to know. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes food and mysteries. You will really enjoy reading this book.

    29. Ashley puts herself in danger The two friends want to buy s food truck. Ashley gets robbed and she gets herself in a dangerous position far away from her friends. In this episode there are mptr dangerous people than in the last two books which raises the anxiety level. I can barely wait for the next book in this series.

    30. Seagrass SweetsAnother great book in the Seagrass Sweets series. When Ashley and Patty work Seagrass Days Ashley gets ripped off and then there's a murder. The story of the theft and the murder are connected and Ashley and her boyfriend, Ryan help the police solve the crime. Highly recommend this book and series.

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