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The Cinder-Eyed Cats

The Cinder Eyed Cats From the creator of the Caldecott Honor winner Time Flies here s a little boy s journey to a tropical dream world Magnificent oil paintings and rhyming text bring to life a mysterious island where ci

  • Title: The Cinder-Eyed Cats
  • Author: Eric Rohmann
  • ISBN: 9780440417439
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the creator of the Caldecott Honor winner Time Flies, here s a little boy s journey to a tropical dream world Magnificent oil paintings and rhyming text bring to life a mysterious island where cinder eyed cats move like shadows, boats float above the ocean, whales fly across the dawn sky, and a parade of fish dances in the light of a campfire.

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      444 Eric Rohmann
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    1 thought on “The Cinder-Eyed Cats

    1. I couldn't ignore this book given the fabulous cover art; all those big cats staring at me, imploring me to take them home ;-) But, alas, I didn't end up liking the book all that much. Ultimately, I wavered between three and four stars, but finally leaned toward the fabulous illustrations which really are the main aspect of the story. The words, though sparse, are used well. And I do love books that celebrate imagination. But, overall, the end result here was just a bit too odd for me, I'm afrai [...]

    2. Beautiful art and a dreamy story of a flying boat bringing a pajama-clad boy to an island with cats, leading to a dance in the sky with fish.Not much story, but who cares? If you like cats, you will love this book!

    3. Lovely illustrations accompany a beautiful story of a young boy who flies above the water in a sail boat, landing on a faraway land where at twilight magical events occur. The sand does not contain castles, rather, there is a large image of a fish that comes awake as images of five cinder eyed cats romp in the sand with the fish in the twilight moon.Thousands of fish are called from the deep and spin round and round as the sand and wind accompany them in their dance of color round the fire in th [...]

    4. The Cinder-Eyed Cats, is an oil paintings picture book that follows a young boy and his flying sailboat on a magical journey to a mysterious island. When night falls the island transforms and all its dwellers come to life. It is a time when sea creatures rise from the deep and get a chance to join the world above. The playful cats with their cinder eyes ablaze join the young boy and sea creatures on magical night around the fire; full dance, laughter, and adventure all enjoy the enchanted night [...]

    5. Use your imagination and let this book take you away. The pictures are amazing and with the text, I loved this book. Not a lot of depth in the book but if you let your imagination go, you can walk away with a lot from this book and as an adult, I did. The first couple pages have no written words but show a boy sailing a ship in the sky landing on a peaceful, sandy island. He builds a huge sand fish and falls asleep beside it. In twilight, lions “cats like velvet shadows move, their coal-fire e [...]

    6. “The Cinder-Eyed Cats” is a magical story that begins with a boy flying through the air in a sailboat to an enchanted island inhabited by giant cats with glowing eyes. When the sun sets, the island transforms. A sand fish comes to life and all of the creatures of the ocean spring into the night sky where they float and frolic with the boy and the cats. The illustrations of this book are full of detail and fantasy that takes the reader on an exciting imaginary journey. Since this book is full [...]

    7. Rohmann, Eric. "The Cinder-Eyed Cats". New York: Crown Publishers. 1997, Print. Almost Wordless Picture Book. Age 4-8. This story is about a boy who goes to a distant land and where giant cats and fish all go around him throughout the night. I thought that the pictures in this book were amazing. I think that the pictures do a great job at telling the entirety of the story without having to rely heavily on the text. Often times the word placement pulls you right into the story and helps things to [...]

    8. I really love this book. Bought it for our school library, to beef up our reading strategy section, and I didn't really know what it was about. I read it recently to our primary students, and I love how this book gets them thinking! They ask all sorts of questions about what's going on in this story, and come up with all sorts of theories. The pictures are breathtaking and the lack of text for the first few pages gets the kids' imaginations juiced up right from the beginning. One my grade twos s [...]

    9. Nice pictures, but rather aimless. What do these cats and the fish have to do with each other? The only logical thing would be for the cats to eat up all those fish. That I could understand. As it is, it just doesn't make sense. Apparently it's (mostly) all a dream, except for the fact that the flying boat isn't part of that dream. The big friendly cats aren't part of the dream either. Huh? If you live in a magical world already, what is such a big deal about having a dream about lots of wacky f [...]

    10. A beautiful book of one boy's trip through Dreamland and the creatures that inhabit it. This is a wonderfully written book that has the same lyrical tone as "The Owl and the Pussycat". The words are simple yet strongly suggestive, which conjures up the magic. At the same time the pictures carry you off to a bright and warm world where the sky is the same as the sea. A place that has cat-formed mountains and living, sand. This will be an adorable addition to young libraries

    11. eric rohman is an incredible artist. i'd recommend any of his children's books. this one was the first of his that i read. rohman uses very few words in his books and instead lets his paintings tell the story. in this case it is about a boy who goes to sleep and is whisked away dreamily on a sail boat that flies to distant island where he meets sharks, panthers, whales, and all kinds of other creatures.

    12. This is a very vivid picture book. I thought the story was a little odd but I enjoyed the illustrations. It has few words but the content of the beautiful illustrations tell a story of their own. It is about a little boy who goes on an adventure in his dreams. It is a great book and I could really see younger kids and older kids alike enjoying its imagery. It would be a good book to use during a book about using picture clues to tell the story.

    13. I adore this book. I find it absolutely enthralling.I love the quiet poetry, the calm illustrations, the strange details (flying sail boats? A sand fish (that looks like a cat on the side) that comes to life?) - everything.Unfortunately, my nieces (5 and 2.5) don't love it quite as much as I do. Maybe they'll grow into it? I suspect they find it somewhat lacking in story.

    14. Just before nightfall, a small boy travels to a small island and meets 5 cats with eyes like blazing coals. They watch as all around them, oceanic creatures dance and fly in the night air. They're gone just like that when the sun comes up and the little boy leaves so he can come back again some time soon.

    15. I am not sure exactly what I think about this book. The illustrations are stunning and the imagination that went into this was endless. The thing that didn't seem right was the combination the ocean life and the weird "cinder-eyed cats." What did they have to do with each other? Did I miss something??

    16. Imaginative, life-like illustrations accompany this fantasy picture book about cinder-eyed cats. Magical deep-sea creatures rise from the waters during moonlit nights. When a young boy visits this magical place, he becomes part of this mystical, magical display. Used for "Magical Mermaids and Other Sea Creatures" storytime- July, 2010.

    17. I think this started out illustrations only (without text), but no one could figure out the story, so the author added verse explanation beginning about half way through that sort of clarifies the action, very reminiscent of other kids' books. The illustrations are nice, but the story's not overly interesting or original.

    18. Beautifully illustrated, but I just don't "get" the story. I don't think I would have as a child either. Nothing that really grabbed my son as a child, so it is leaving and hopefully another child will enjoy it more.

    19. ""I love the creativity of Eric Rohmann. The first few pages don't have any words to them. There is a whole story within a story about the magical land where the boy comes from and where he goes not to mention the cinder cats. Great book.

    20. I love the illustrations in this book, I think that it allows students to build on creativity and dream big for themsleves. I would enjoy reading this book aloud and doing a begining middle and end piece with it.

    21. I'm sure you've all already read this one, but as I hadn't, I'll give my review anyway. As my husband, Matt, would say "Anh!" The cover looks inviting, but this book kind of looks like a Where the Wild Things Are knock-off. I think the wordless storyline is a little half-baked as well.

    22. In a list of some of my favorite picture books, this is just one of Eric Rohmann's titles that I really love. The detail and depth of the illustrations here are amazing, and I love the sounds the words make when I read them.

    23. Out of the world illustrations and lyrical language, this beautiful picture book by Eric Rohmann takes us into a dream Land where sand made fishes come alive and ocean creatures fly on twilight nights. One of the best children's books out there!

    24. This is sparing narrative poem that seemed more focused on telling the story of a series of illustrations than on keeping a strong narrative thread, but it was so richly descriptive that it caught my interest. Go on and read it. It won't take more than a couple of minutes at most.

    25. I mostly really liked the illustrations, although I didn't so much enjoy the multiple pages with the many swirling fish. The text I found to actually take away from the viewing experience, as it wasn't needed and was a distraction.

    26. This is my absolute favorite book from when I was little. Beautiful illustrations, a calm and magical storyline, and so many memories. I still love this book and read it whenever I can. A wonderful story for all ages!

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