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Bone Dog

Bone Dog One of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of One of Horn Book s Best Picture Books of Ghost dogs and skeletons in a tall tale with a tender heart from the Caldecott Medal winning crea

  • Title: Bone Dog
  • Author: Eric Rohmann
  • ISBN: 9781596431508
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of 2011One of Horn Book s Best Picture Books of 2011Ghost dogs and skeletons in a tall tale with a tender heart from the Caldecott Medal winning creator of My Friend Rabbit Gus doesn t feel like doing much after his dog Ella dies He doesn t really even feel like dressing up for Halloween But when Gus runs into a bunch oOne of School Library Journal s Best Picture Books of 2011One of Horn Book s Best Picture Books of 2011Ghost dogs and skeletons in a tall tale with a tender heart from the Caldecott Medal winning creator of My Friend Rabbit Gus doesn t feel like doing much after his dog Ella dies He doesn t really even feel like dressing up for Halloween But when Gus runs into a bunch of rowdy skeletons, it s Ella his very own Bone dog who comes to his aid, and together they put those skeletons in their place A book about friendship, loss, and a delightfully spooky Halloween.

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      231 Eric Rohmann
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    1 thought on “Bone Dog

    1. Points for: trying something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, for being Eric Rohmann and drawing awesome dogs, for the parchment overlay on the title page. Points off for: CREEPING ME OUT. "You've got guts, kidBUT NOT FOR LONG!" Yikes! I can't imagine a kid who would be comforted by the promise that my dead dog would reappear as a skeleton, even if it was in an hour of need; but maybe I'm lacking in imagination. A little too weird, I think for preschoolers, but a little two sweetly illustrated for the "Wol [...]

    2. ”A promise made under a full moon cannot be broken.”Bone Dog by Eric Rohmann had my heart and smile at the title page! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but this book possesses a brilliant introduction to this heartfelt story about the loss of a pet. I adore stroke-of-genius book designs! This is a tale told on Halloween night filled with skeletons, laughs, loyalty, and shivers. The pages hold a warm, but crisp autumn feel with a lively dancing skeleton energy that pulled me right into G [...]

    3. "You've got guts kid but not for long."It's rough when your best friend dies and you make promises that you can't break under a bright moon. This is too doom and gloom for kids nowadays. When I was a kid, this would of been great. Kids today would be quaking in their little boots and crying home to no one.Whats the behind you? *points* *eyes go huge*Boooo!What a frakking Puss!

    4. AHHHHHHHHH! too creepy for this lady. Who knew the My Friend Rabbit guy could scare the fruit salad out of me?

    5. Sweet yet creepy this book is a wonderful book for Halloween. The author takes you into the life of a little boy who is getting ready to lose his beloved pooch who is very wise. A touching story of friendship this will be one book that is easy to read while holding a bit of a poetic twist to the words. At the same time the author has fun with the choosing of his words while drawing a beautiful picture such as with "the clouds swallowed the moon". At other parts of the books he draws upon puns th [...]

    6. Bone Dog by Eric Rohmann is an unusual but effective and compelling story about the loss of a pet, friendship, and a slightly spooky Halloween story with a humorous twist. Before Sam's beloved dog dies she promises, by the full moon, that she'll "always be with you," adding that a promise made under a full moon cannot be broken. Sam doesn't feel like doing much after his dog Ella dies, not even wanting to dress up for Halloween, but he does anyway. Yet when Sam runs into a group of rowdy skeleto [...]

    7. This book is about a boy named Gus who's dog Ella passes away. Before she does she tells him that no matter what happens she will always be with him and a promise made under a full moon cannot be broken. Afterwards Gus is lonely and doesn't want to do much of anything. He doesn't really want to go out on Halloween but he does anyway and on his way home he goes through a graveyard and is surrounded by some skeletons. They taunt Gus and begin to close in until a bone dog comes to save him. The dog [...]

    8. So I picked this up for my 3-year-old for Halloween, thinking it would be a fun book for the spirit of the holiday. (She's a huge dog lover.)I was both surprised and moved to learn the premise--a boy loses his dog, only to have her "rescue" him when he needs it most. It's a sweet story, not only because it reminds us of how meaningful it is to have a good friend (furry or not), but because it reminds us of the spirit of hope and enduring love. I was particularly affected as I am dealing with end [...]

    9. I knew nothing about this book ahead of time, but I like Eric Rohmann, so I added it to my list. Gotta be honest, it's a little on the creepy side. Particularly when a gang of skeletons crawls out of the ground and tries to make a meal out of the human boyd then his dead dog shows up to save the day. The story sort of works (hence the 3 star rating, although I'm leaning toward a 2) and the illustrations are great of course, but I'm not 100% fond of the lesson that, as long as your dog promises u [...]

    10. A picture book about a boy whose dog comes back from the dead to save him from a group of hungry skeletons. I love Rohmann's art on a normal day, but I especially love how he incorporates comics-style elements in spreads like the one that depicts Gus's depression after Ella dies. I also enjoy the way he plays around with the normal progression of the movement of the illustrations from left-to-right, especially when those skeletons run off the left side of the page. The skeletons' faces are fanta [...]

    11. There are so many good books that are simply an original twist on a favorite old theme, premise or formula. This one is pretty original in concept and execution. I came across it on a Halloween display, but for those of you who like to recognize the Day of the Dead, this might be the perfect book to do that with. It's a book that addresses grief and loss with a little bit of creepy playfulness. Rohmann's art is so warm and inviting that it definitely helps to mitigate the scarier parts. There ar [...]

    12. After Gus's dog Ella dies, he doesn't feel like doing much. And even though he didn't really want to go out on Halloween, he still put on his costume and went trick-or-treating. Gus soon finds himself in a bit of trouble, unexpectedly Ella comes to his rescue. I know what it is like to lose a pet so this book got me. I thought it was such a sweet story. I really enjoyed it. I'd give it three and a half stars.

    13. When his dog died, Gus didn't feel like doing much of anything, but he reluctantly went trick or treating on Halloween. This is a sweet story, tucked into the tall tale format, and it is perfect for the season.

    14. I loved the unique premise of this story. Many others have commented on how this book is "too scary" for little kids, but I remember reading some pretty creepy books as a kid, and this one would've been a favorite. But then, I've always been drawn to the darker side of literature.

    15. This is a whole new type of Halloween book. It shows the pain of losing a pet and how strong the bond between a boy and his dog is. The illustrations are great and I could not help smiling at the end.

    16. Bone Dog is the touching, funny, and slightly morbid story of an old dog who makes her boy, Gus a promise to always be with him, and after "going away," fulfils that promise on the following Halloween, when Gus finds himself in trouble.

    17. There's not much I can add to others' reviews. A sweet commentary on friendship and loss, with just the right dash of sentimentality.

    18. So many emotions in this whimsical picture book written and illustrated by Eric Rohmann. I loved it.#mustread #PB #Halloween #skeletons #lovePublished by Roaring Brook Press.

    19. Bone Dog is a wonderful and occasionally frightening story about the love between a boy and his dog. In Bone Dog, the boy, Gus, does not want to leave his house or do his chores because he is upset after his old dog Ella dies, but on Halloween he gets dressed up and goes trick-or-treating anyways. While out getting candy Gus is harassed by skeletons and his incredible dog Ella comes to his rescue as a skeleton dog.This story shows that love has no bounds and helps children understand that althou [...]

    20. I was trying to find a book for story hour that would be a good fit for Halloween with great pictures and story. Bone Dog was a surprise. The story is simple and sweet: our hero's dog tells him she is going to have to go away soon (she's a really old dog). But, she tells him she will always be with him and that a promise made under a full moon is always kept.When he is tormented by spooky skeletons on Halloween our doggy heroine saves the day, though she is but bones herself. Sweet and uncomplic [...]

    21. Someone with an actual kid needs to try this one out because I suspect the people who are saying it's too creepy for kids think that kids should only read sunshine happy rainbow stories. But maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I loved it- I've always loved spooky stories, though, even as a kid.

    22. A halloween-style tale of a little boy who gets to see his beloved pup even after he is gone to heaven. The illustrations have the feel of polychrome linocuts. Be warned; a gentle child might have questions about death with this one.

    23. Assuming the concept of a kid trick-or-treating and walking through a graveyard at night won't freak out your audience, this is a cute story of friendship between a boy and his dog that extends beyond the grave. Pictures are awesome.

    24. Picture books don't routinely win official recognition by the Newbery committee; at least, they haven't done so very often since the introduction of the Caldecott Medal in 1938, which provided a separate award for authors and illustrators of each year's most distinguished picture books. A few picture books over the years have flown under the radar to take a Newbery Honor, but not one, at least up through 2012, has ever done quite enough to win the Newbery Medal; in fact, there are very few that [...]

    25. This book is about a boy named Gus and his dog Ella. Ella dies at the beginning of the book and leaves Gus very sad and alone. Halloween comes around and Gus finds himself in a graveyard where a bunch of mean and evil skeletons come out and start teasing Gus. The skeletons start to try to grab at Gus to eat him when all of a sudden, Ella arrives. She looks different than when she was alive and now she is all bones and is called, Bone Dog. Ella summons all of her other dog friends to help chase a [...]

    26. Ok, I am going this completely over again. I lost my entire review by not saving immediately and clicked a link and lost it all. "Poof and it was Gone" Synapsis: Gus is alone on Halloween Night and his pining over his dog's death. Ella his dog was his best friend. He finds himself in a grave yard on Halloween and the story is mostly spooky fun! I selected this book to be a part of my text set because it does address grief and death in a fun, spooky manner. I was also very attracted to the illust [...]

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