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Op. JB

Op JB During the s the Nazi Party looted thousands of pounds hiding the proceeds in secret accounts The key to getting it back lay with Nazi treasurer Martin Bormann This book tells the story of Ian

  • Title: Op. JB
  • Author: Christopher Creighton
  • ISBN: 9780671855659
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • During the 1930s, the Nazi Party looted thousands of pounds, hiding the proceeds in secret accounts The key to getting it back lay with Nazi treasurer, Martin Bormann This book tells the story of Ian Fleming s raid to snatch Bormann out of Berlin Creighton led a commando raid into the city.

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      Published :2019-06-25T12:46:01+00:00

    1 thought on “Op. JB

    1. Quite an entertaining read, but I can't find any evidence that a word of it is true or that the author even existed.

    2. Wow, 2011 me was way more harsh than 2017 me. I only rated this book three stars? I'm not entirely sure how it ended up in my then small collection, but it was there and unread. It wasn't like any book I'd read before; I wasn't much into war books back then (I'm probably not now either, honestly?) But the complete difference in genre for me was a wake up and I ended up liking this book very much (which is why I'm confused with the three stars? Bad day, maybe)I'd have to read it again to refresh [...]

    3. This is reasonably entertaining but very silly historical fiction presented as history. It was written before Martin Bormann's body was found and its identity confirmed by DNA testing. Unfortunately some people will be so naïve that they will uncritically accept the pseudohistorical presentation, which cannot be taken very seriously and I don't think was intended to be taken very seriously, as genuine.

    4. One of the best reads I have had in a while that leaves you wondering if you just read a a work of historical fact or historical fiction.Was such an interesting supposition that I went and read the other novels on this subject from authors like Hugh Trevor-Roper, Richard Davenport-Hines, Backhouse, Stone, Heidmann - even Jukau and Bullock.Highly recommended - its well written entertainment.

    5. Absolutely riveting and shocking read about a young Englishman's work as an undercover agent for the UK government during the second world war. Said to be a true story and I believe it. Highly recommended reading especially for second world war addicts. I have just bought 'The Final Mountbatten Report' which is a natural follow up, by Greg Hallet.

    6. Two stars because although it's an interesting story thats all it seems to be. This book doesn't seem to meet the test of reality. If this is true it would be one of the most amazing British commando operations of all time. I don't believe it.

    7. It's a great story, if true! There's no confirmation for any of the facts presentedbut it sure is one great story.

    8. Any Canadian wondering how Dieppe could have happened should read this book. If true, thousands of lives were sacrificed for political reasons or should I say murdered!

    9. Very interesting relate. The author leaves the reader to believe the thruthfulness o not of the history. It is easy to read and mantain the interest.

    10. So, the protagonist, who also happens to be this book's author, is whom the James Bond character is fashioned upon!

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