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The Lord God Made Them All

The Lord God Made Them All The triumphant conclusion to the legendary series With each book engaging than the last James Herriot once again brings us the magical beauty of Yorkshire through his uplifting experiences as a count

  • Title: The Lord God Made Them All
  • Author: James Herriot
  • ISBN: 9780553205589
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • The triumphant conclusion to the legendary series With each book engaging than the last, James Herriot once again brings us the magical beauty of Yorkshire through his uplifting experiences as a country veterinarian These stories provide a grand finale to the wonderful books that began with All Creatures Great and Small and continued in All Things Bright and BeautThe triumphant conclusion to the legendary series With each book engaging than the last, James Herriot once again brings us the magical beauty of Yorkshire through his uplifting experiences as a country veterinarian These stories provide a grand finale to the wonderful books that began with All Creatures Great and Small and continued in All Things Bright and Beautiful and All Things Wise and Wonderful It is just after World War II, and James has returned from the Royal Air Force to do battle with the diseases and injuries that befall the farm animals and pets of Skeldale and the surrounding moors Four year old Jimmy Herriot, Humphrey Cobb and his little beagle Myrtle, Norman the book loving veterinary assistant, and many new faces join old favorites among the green hills of Yorkshire, as James takes an unforgettable voyage to Russia on a freighter with 383 pedigreed sheep Touching our hearts with laughter and wisdom, lifting our spirits with compassion and goodness, James Herriot never fails to delight.

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    1 thought on “The Lord God Made Them All

    1. I know that for some readers, James Herriot's later memoirs are seemingly not quite as enjoyable as his earlier stories, but that has really never been the case with and for me, as I for one have ALWAYS found both his earlier and his later veterinarian tales (his remembrances) equally readable and entertaining, equally delightful and often tenderly and emotionally poignant (but with also a critical and satirical eye towards both humanity and our domestic animals, our pets, with the author, with [...]

    2. James Herriot is one of the few authors that I will read repeatedly. I mean I will pick up a copy of one of his books that I have read before and read it again as I know those same stories will again make me laugh and cry and feel positive about the human race. I love animals, the real gift here is making me love people too. My James Herriot books are precious to me.

    3. Herriot never disappoints. If I had to choose one of his books that is the weakest, it would be this one. The stories and characters are not quite as memorable as in his other books, and there are some rather off-topic chapters (more about that in a bit). But even if it is the weakest of the five, it is still a touching, engaging, funny, and perceptive book. It picks up right where All Things Wise and Wonderful left off, with Herriot coming home from the RAF. It chronicles life post-war, and the [...]

    4. I was supposed to have devoted my day to Bill Bryson's At Home today, since I've got about 450 pages to get through between now and when my book group meets on Monday, but Christoper Timothy reading James Herriot is just too addicting. Herriot's hundredth birthday was this week, so I had to mark the occasion by indulging in this volume. No regerts! ;-)

    5. What a fantastic group of stories James Herriot shares in this collection. Best of all, you don’t have to read them straight through. Each one stands independently, with the exception of his travel chapters. Pick up and read when and where you like. Each chapter takes only 10-20 minutes to read. Perfect leisure reading with big rewards for the spirit, both laughter and tears to be expected.I love the beginning story describing the 7 gates of hell Herriot had to pass through before he got to th [...]

    6. This is the 4th book written by the Yorkshire veterinary surgeon, James Herriot (real name: Alf Wight). Most of the stories - like the birth of his daughter - took place just after the end of WW2. An exception, is the recounting of him sailing about a cattle ship with a cargo of pedigree sheep bound for the USSR. Although it never occurred to me previously, I was struck by the mention of German soldiers/sailors that he encountered. The last book was set during WW2 and yet merely 20 years later, [...]

    7. Of the 4 books that I have read in the All Creatures series, this one was by far the weakest. The stories don't have the same charm as his first 2 books. One of the things that detracts from this one is the telling of his trip to Russia. He alternates chapters, moving from his Russia adventure in one chapter back to Darrowby in the next, which disrupts the overall flow. The Russia story-line is very mediocre - no humor or charm in it at all. Plus, this story-line randomly switches between past a [...]

    8. The joy of Herriot's writing is that he can bring the reader to laughter or tears, effortlessly. In the same way, whilst the focus remains on his animal patients, he has an abiding and clear-eyed affection for the humans he encounters too. Every budding writer should be made to read his prose to realise that economy and richness can go hand in hand to devestatingly good effect. Please read!

    9. om James ini kisah hidupnya benerbener menarik, yaa. keliling pertanian pertanian, nyembuhin berbagai macam jenis hewan. sampe operasi cesar sapi! astagamua kisah beliau bersama hewan sangat menyenangkan. yg rada kurang sreg pas jalanjalan ke Rusia dan Turki aja.

    10. This book is full with emotions. Sometimes, after reading a chapter, I found my eyes wet, and I gazed at nothing for a while. Sometimes, it made me chuckle and even laugh.Looking at the world through Herriot's eyes, I sigh and wish that things would continue to be beautiful and bright.

    11. Ini penutup kisah James Herriot yang sempurna. Kisahnya lebih variatif dengan masih mempertahankan humor-humor khas Herriot yang penuh kehangatan. Favoritku adalah kisah tentang si Jimmy anaknya saat maju di pertunjukan piano. Dan ada lagi kisah si dokter hewan ini dalam perjalanannya ke Rusia!! Duh, pinter banget sih nulis pengalaman hidup, jadi asyik seperti novel!!

    12. The fourth installment of his experiences as a vet working in Yorkshire. Like the other three, this is the sort of book that you could dip into at various points and have a self-contained tidbit of his joys and struggles. I think I've said with the others, and it's true here too: it's good that he's not afraid to tell some tales on himself. An enjoyable, light read.

    13. As usual the gamut of emotions, laughter, joy, sadness, and so forth. James Herriott is an excellent writer. There aren't that many books I consider worth owning, but after reading James Herriot's first book, I purchased all his books. They are all a joy to read.

    14. I read the entire James Herriot series as a teenager, and loved them all. I would recommend them for anyone who loves animals and animal stories.

    15. I think this was the least of all the James Herriot books, but was still enjoyable in its own right. There was no doubt he knew how to tell a story in a wonderfully engaging manner.

    16. Probably my least favorite of the series, but even not-so-great Herriot is an utter delight. I'm very sorry to be done.

    17. Number 4 in the series, I read the first 3 awhile back and watched most of the BBS production (awesome, by the way). More good stories of a country vet.

    18. This fourth James Herriot novel retains all the humor found in the earlier books of the series, and chronicles an interesting time in veterinary medicine - the introduction of antibiotics. As a veterinarian myself, it is fascinating to read about the early uses of medications I take for granted. There are also some cases Herriot describes that would never be seen nowadays. Demodectic mange, for instance, which was apparently almost a death sentence in the 1940's, is now easily treated with oral [...]

    19. Годы шли, менялась медицина, не менялись лишь животные и их хозяева. Если с животными Джеймс Хэрриот всегда находил общий язык, то с их хозяевами редко получалось наладить диалог. Отчего так? У знакомящегося с мемуарами ветеринара постоянно складывается впечатление, будто [...]

    20. There are places where I found this book not as compelling as the other books by Herriot, and I am not even trying to compare it with Herriot's Dog Stories and Herriot's Cat Stories (they are incomparable). However, Herriot depicts his characters' whims and quirks so well that I felt like it was a definitive farewell to these colourful characters, although it is not a sad, poignant one, but one with a reassuring sense that they would fare quite well on their own.The thoughts that Herriot suffere [...]

    21. There are some very lovely stories in here, and of course some more good laughs. The chapters about the sea voyage were cool, and I loved Raun and how much he cared for the "sheeps." Many of the characters are so full of life - it was fun to think about peculiar clients that I may have in the future. Rip and Brandy were my favourite small animal stories, and I love any large animal story in which cattle are basically big dogs. So adorable. There were many of the classic vet struggles that I am b [...]

    22. I expected this volume to tail off a bit compared to the others because I knew there wouldn't be as much Tristan and Sigfried, and that he had already gotten married and come through the war and everything, but this one was just as good as the others. I am pretty sure that Alf Wight could tell me a story about paint drying and I would be enraptured. That isn't to say the content in this book is boring at all--he had a lot of crazy and interesting experiences as a country vet even after he had se [...]

    23. This one is notable for two things; the longer format and the vet abroad stories. The longer format is nice, all the more endearing tales to tell. Some of the old narrative structure returns as well although there is still a bit of jumping around.What really makes this one worth reading is the Russia and Turkey stories. They are an absolutely fascinating insight into a time largely forgotten now. How different those places must look today. They are also cracking adventures in their own right. Ti [...]

    24. Another book by James Herriot, full of charming stories about a vet's life in the Yorkshire Dales. This one takes place after WW II.Plenty of giggles like the other books in this series, but my only criticism is that the stories don't flow like the other books. They keep hopping around from one period (the late 40s) to the early 60s, when James took a trip to Russia and, later, to Turkey. Just not sure why the editors did things that way.Still, this book made me smile and even laugh out loud at [...]

    25. Why must I run out of tales from James Herriot? Excuse me while I lament. Herriot's tales are family classics for us. It's a secret language to make each other laugh. Whenever we see a silly dog, he is a total cracker dog. If you have problems with your rear end, you have flop bot. If you need to cure racism in your world, don't forget that Tricky Woo saved his Chinese people from discrimination in Yorkshire, so anything is possible. If you fall in shit, you can still smell like roses--think of [...]

    26. This book was a significant change from the type of book I typically read. I struggled with some of the authors character descriptions. It was quite evident the author grew up in a different time, where women were not on the same level as men. Despite the title of the book god was not a prevailing theme in any of the stories much to my relief. The stories were very cute and light heart headed, I will read more of James Herriot but will need to remind myself that it was a different time back then [...]

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