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In the Shadow of the Crown

In the Shadow of the Crown As Henry VIII s only child the future seemed golden for Princess Mary She was the daughter of Henry s first queen Katharine of Aragon and was heir presumptive to the throne of England Red haired li

  • Title: In the Shadow of the Crown
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780399134296
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As Henry VIII s only child, the future seemed golden for Princess Mary She was the daughter of Henry s first queen, Katharine of Aragon, and was heir presumptive to the throne of England Red haired like her father, she was also intelligent and deeply religious like her staunchly Catholic mother But her father s ill fated love for Anne Boleyn would shatter Mary s life foAs Henry VIII s only child, the future seemed golden for Princess Mary She was the daughter of Henry s first queen, Katharine of Aragon, and was heir presumptive to the throne of England Red haired like her father, she was also intelligent and deeply religious like her staunchly Catholic mother But her father s ill fated love for Anne Boleyn would shatter Mary s life forever The father who had once adored her was now intent on having a male heir at all costs He divorced her mother and, at the age of twelve, Mary was banished from her father s presence, stripped of her royal title, and replaced by his other children first Elizabeth, then Edward Worst of all, she never saw her beloved mother again Katharine was exiled too, and died soon after Lonely and miserable, Mary turned for comfort to the religion that had sustained her mother.In a stroke of fate, however, Henry s much longed for son died in his teens, leaving Mary the legitimate heir to the throne It was, she felt, a sign from God proof that England should return to the Catholic Church Swayed by fanatical advisors and her own religious fervor, Mary made horrific examples of those who failed to embrace the Church, earning her the immortal nickname Bloody Mary She was married only once, to her Spanish cousin Philip II a loveless and childless marriage that brought her to the edge of madness.With In the Shadow of the Crown, Jean Plaidy brings to life the dark story of a queen whose road to the throne was paved with sorrow.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      372 Jean Plaidy
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    1 thought on “In the Shadow of the Crown

    1. I loved this book and can't believe I had never heard of Jean Plaidy, a writer of more than 200 books. I think the reason why I liked this one so much, was that although I've read a few books on the Tudors, not one on Mary, and I'm greatly lacking in knowledge of the period, so much so until I had read this, I could never quiet get all of Mary's father's wives clearly in my mind, and had always assumed that he had lopped off all his wive's heads.Although a bit told, it would difficult to tell su [...]

    2. This novel about the life of Mary I, also known as, Bloody Mary, was a very sympathetic view on her, and thought it seemed more of an account of her life rather than a story with a plot, it was simply amazing. Of course, no one can deny she was wrong for the burnings of Protestants, this book moves into her mind and gives you an insight as to why she might have done so. She really thought she was doing the right thing, much like how her father believed he was doing the right thing in divorcing a [...]

    3. This is the story of Mary, firstborn daughter of King Henry VIII told by Plaidy in the voice of this tragic woman. Born to Katharine of Aragon and Henry VIII, she enjoys her father's affection, his scorn when he declares the marriage invalid and his daughter a bastard, and finally his affection again when she does what she must to please him and save her life. She believes that she has a greater purpose in life - to bring back the Catholic church to England. Her father's frail son, Edward, is ki [...]

    4. Mary Tudor is my favorite character of the Tudor period; I have long been fascinated with her, and tried to understand her thoughts as to what she did in her reign and why. Jean Plaidy is one of my favorite authors of historical fiction. Putting the two together should have been a dream, right?Honestly, not so much.As much as I love the author and the subject matter of this book, it was pretty much a chore to get through. I can't quite figure out why, but it took me forever to read, and I just h [...]

    5. How can someone take one of the most interesting periods of history and make it this boring??I was hoping to get a intriguing, interesting, fiery(no pun intended!) story of the infamous "Bloody Mary." Instead I found a passive whiney brat.And the writing was lacking. It was like hearing a boring story from your 103 year old great-aunt many years after the fact instead of an in-the-moment exciting account. Do yourself a favor, skip over this.

    6. This is excellent, it really shows how Mary was misguided and how much damage her deranged father had on her in the crucial years of her life.

    7. 3.5 Stars.I have mixed feelings in regard to this novel. On the one hand, Plaidy is as ever a skilful and interesting writer. She is able to take one of history's known fanatic, a murderer no less and turn her into a vulnerable and sad girl right up to her last days.I sympathised for Mary throughout the novel, the loss of love from her father, the separation from her mother and later death, through her struggles with staying true to her religion and fulfilling a goal she thought God wanted her t [...]

    8. I have read a lot of books about Mary Tudor and this book was one of the few books that truly portrayed Mary's entire life as it may have actually been without exaggerating her life extensively. Mary Tudor was the apple of King Henry VIII's eye, and the darling of England as a child. However, that all changed when Anne Boleyn showed up. An intelligent child, so unaware of the turmoil around her since her birth, and so desperate for love. And because of the love that she was deprived of so consta [...]

    9. This is a story of Mary, Henry VIII’s daughter with Katherine of Aragon. As a child, Mary has it all. She’s the king’s only child and it’s understood she’ll be inheriting the throne. But, the king divorces the queen, marries Anne Boleyn, and has another daughter, Elizabeth. Mary is declared illegitimate and she is constantly fighting for her place in court (and her place in line for the throne). By the time Henry VIII dies, he has a son, Edward. Edward dies young, and after a fight, Ma [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book until it actually started talking about the life of the supposedly main character of the book, Mary Tudor, the daughter of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragona. From a good historical novel it turned into a sappy Harlequin. I was skipping page after page trying to find some interesting fact through all the long complaints on the loveless life of the poor queen!! Anyway, although it took forever to finish, I think Jane Plaidy is really good at making people like me [...]

    11. What I enjoyed most about this book is the balanced and sympathetic view Jean Plaidy gives to Mary Tudor. So often, Mary is demonized in both popular history and other Tudor-era novels. While certainly her actions might not always have been right, she is obviously more complex than history perceives her. This novel does an excellent job of highlighting this fact; it doesn't hide Mary's shortcomings but neither does it bludgeon the reader over the head with them. Mary's motives throughout the nov [...]

    12. Most stories of Mary Tudor invoke the same emotions but Jean Plaidy is a master of painting the perfect picture of a betrayed and forgotten daughter, outcast sister, and underestimated queen. Mary carried such a force that undoubtedly came from her Spanish lineage, but she was still Henry VIII's daughter and that meant she could hold her own even when he declared her a bastard. History can only remember her as Bloody Mary but Plaidy shows her resilience and her strong spirit. This story of her l [...]

    13. I am so pleased that I chose on a whim to grab this book off the shelf at a local Goodwill. The description and content appealed to me, so I took a chance and I'm glad I did! Admittedly, this era in history is not one I know much about, so I can't attest to the validity of the accounts told within the book (it is afterall, historical fiction). However, I was enthralled by the story and it certainly awakened a desire to know more about this infamous royal family. I will no doubt be reading more o [...]

    14. Queen Mary's life is in many ways a tragedy. It is specially sad to see that after being under the shadow of her father for her whole life and finally gained control of her own life, she gave it up and let her husband take the lead. Perhaps she was too desperate for love, and too influenced by her void engagements in her childhood, and that leads to her wants for marriage and child. It's interesting to compare Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, as they shared similar childhood, yet showing such con [...]

    15. “In the Shadow of the Crown” was an excellent portrayal of Mary Tudor, Henry the VIII's first daughter. Her loyalty to the crown and to her mother bring about the consequences for the kingdom in which she became the first queen. I found this book captivating along with broadening my interest in the history of the entire Tudor family. Henry the VIII carried out many inexplicable deeds based on many motives. The Tudors have sparked my insatiable drive to discover more about this portion of his [...]

    16. I never quite knew a lot on the reasons Queen Mary I was given the name "Bloody Mary." Though this book explains it, I found that I couldn't find fault with her. Instead it was the circumstances which ruled her life and the people who controlled her life that were to blame.Mary's life was one disappointment after another and rejection was always in her life. She was a pawn in the politics of Kings and Countries and it affected her finally.It is an excellent book which elicits a lot of emotions.

    17. Mary was a frustrating figure in this book when I read it, but now that I've learned more about England's history, she had a huge shadow looming over her wrt to the concept of a female monarch. The stench from the civil war between Maude and Stephen 400 years earlier still lingered in English memory, and Mary's own failings certainly did her no favors. I'm just going on memory for this book, but I really enjoyed it at the time.

    18. I would have loved to have met and talked with Eleanor Hibbert, the real name of the author of this book and so, so many others. She was a master in period details and research, and this book is a gem. Mary, the first borne daugther of Henry VIII is the subject of In the Shadow of the Crown, and the author brings her roller-coaster life into focus. Probably not for those desing a superficial ride, this book goes much deeper into Mary's personality, attributes and flaws.

    19. I am not dumb Jean Plaidy! How many times do you have to tell meHenry didn't want to change his religion, just who was the head of the church. I GOT IT! However, I always enjoy Plaidy's books, and this one was no exception. Poor, poor misguided Mary. What a different life she might have had had her father never met Ann Boleyn. I have read so much about Elizabeth, and have sadly neglected her predecessor. I was happy to right that with reading this book.

    20. Poor maligned Queen Mary. The tragic daughter of a tragic mother and an egomaniac father. Plaidy has a gift for humanizing British rulers, especially the ones that popular history would like to shove into the shadows.This is a great portrait of a woman who was used by her father and was forced to play a deadly game of surviving Tudor politics. I really enjoyed reading it, and Plaidy is in her element in this one.

    21. Historical fiction by Jean PlaidyDoes anything else need to be said! Poor Elizabeth, what a sad, lonely life she lead. Once she became queen, she fell apart, making ALL the wrong choses, trusting the wrong people & mostly trusting her own emotions. So much is written about Elizabeth & her mom Anne Boleyn. It was nice to get a look at history through Mary's eyes. Thank you Jean Plaidy.

    22. Great book, from the first person point of view of poor Bloody Mary, aka Queen Mary I of England. Although its in her voice you can see through it into the delusion she most definitely lived in. Her life was sad and lonely and her reign was a disaster, yet her story is fascinating. A great read, like all Jean Plaidy's books.

    23. Pretty good and she stayed pretty close to the historical record. My only quibble is that Plaidy had a Queen Mary who was devout, but in my opinion, in a much more modern, even-handed sort of way than I believe she (and, to be honest, most people in the 16th Century) was. Queen probably more zealous than potrayed.

    24. This story is about "Bloody Mary" Henry VIII daughter who become Queen after his only son dies at a young age. Mary fought for England to return to Catholism and there was much blood shed along the way.

    25. I really like Jean Plaidy's writing style and her books, but perhaps I did not like this one as much as others because the subject matter is not my favorite. Overall though, it was a good read and refreshed me on some finer points of Tudor history.

    26. What always amazes me about Jean Plaidy books is how she could write in the voices of all these famous women and never stray into sparklepoo territory. This Mary was sometimes admirable, sometimes pitiable, and sometimes delusional, but she was never perfect. Good stuff.

    27. I found this book tedious and hard to keep track of characters. I found Mary very pitiful in that she lived her whole life trying to escape the plans of others to kill her or overthrow her.

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