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Bluebeard's Wife

Bluebeard s Wife Tara s husband has never shared a fantasy with her or even masturbated that she knows of However this curious wife discovers a phone bill full of phone calls to sex lines and realizes her husband ha

  • Title: Bluebeard's Wife
  • Author: Selena Kitt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tara s husband has never shared a fantasy with her, or even masturbated that she knows of However, this curious wife discovers a phone bill full of phone calls to sex lines and realizes her husband has been living a double life Instead of getting mad, Tara s curiosity leads her to begin listening in on John s steamy conversations in hopes of finding out what he really wTara s husband has never shared a fantasy with her, or even masturbated that she knows of However, this curious wife discovers a phone bill full of phone calls to sex lines and realizes her husband has been living a double life Instead of getting mad, Tara s curiosity leads her to begin listening in on John s steamy conversations in hopes of finding out what he really wants in the bedroom After several failed attempts at bringing fantasy to reality, however, a frustrated Tara turns to her much adventurous best friend, Kelly, for help A quick psychology 101 diagnosis from Dr Kelly marks John as having a classic madonna whore complex, and she quickly sets about making plans to rectify this situation Tara goes along for the ride, hoping that Kelly may have the answer to bridging the seemingly ever growing gap in her

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    1 thought on “Bluebeard's Wife

    1. I don't really like F/F play Guess I'm definitely not a bi! Lol!But I really liked bringing out John's fantasies to life overpowering his inhibitions. And what fantasies the guy had!! It was scorching Hot!!

    2. **SPOILERS throughout this review**When I read the excerpt for this story, which was for the scene in the garage after the party, I really thought I would love the intensity of this story. It was definitely intense but the story wasn't as realistic to me as it was to other reviewers. I understand the Madonna/Whore Complex so that part of the story I did find to be very realistic. The way John can only see Tara as the sweet and innocent type is pretty common. Since Tara is the woman he is spendin [...]

    3. Forgive me Lord for thy have sinned. And yes I have many many times and thereafter. Thou God of my salvation, my mouth shall shew thee praise when thy speakest of thee desireth book, "HOT SEX!!HOT SEX!!! SMOLDERING amid shuddering ‘rabbit’!!" Have Mercy upon me, O God for thy have done thee evil in sight.

    4. Premise: Wife, Tara has shared her fantasies with her husband of 3 years, but she can’t seem to get him to do the same with her. Desperate to find out anything sexual that might be running through his conservative mind, she begins a search behind his back and eventually discovers what she’s been looking for. Her husband his calling ‘900’ numbers for phone sex.Wanting to be the one to fulfill his fantasies instead of some voice on the other end of the phone, she begins a scheme to try and [...]

    5. This was a hot read with f/m, f/f, f/f/m sex including some BDSM/age-play/same sex fantasy.Tara's tried everything to make her husband tell her his deepest fantasies and he says she's the only one he's got. Since talking has gotten her nowhere she decides to use other means. She soon discovers he uses a sex line and masturbates while she is asleep - Like he's the first husband to ever do that! - She starts listening to him having phone sex -while masturbating herself - and making his fantasies c [...]

    6. HOT!!!! Selena Kitt is the queen of the SuperSmut book. I bow to her genius.This is the story of a woman despirate to uncover her husband's fantasies and fulfill them. This is just a deliciously smutty tale with oodles of sex and sexual tension. (Don't ask me how you have both here, but you do, trust me.)We have M/F, F/F, and a M/F/F scene thrown in for good measure. An undies party, a company xmas party, sex on a car, sex in a bathroom, SEX, SEX, SEX!!! I couldn't put this book down, because I [...]

    7. Selena Kitt is an amazing author. I always saw her name on literotica around 2007-2008, and many of my favourite authors would mention her. It was only today I had found out that she is a published author and a New York Time Best Selling author! I'm always happy to see when literotica authors I love succeed.

    8. I am totally a Selena Kitt fan. This woman writes some of the hottest stories I have ever known. If you like your books with alot of detail about sex, and alot of sex then from my limited knowledge this is the author for you.

    9. I hate that the wife was turned on by her husband's calling the phone sex operator. If my boyfriend called a phone sex line after we just had sex I would be very angry. Also, at the end when they had the threesome with her best friend, there's no WAY I would let that happen!

    10. When I first read this story I was totally captivated by it, so erotic and well written I was amazed, Selena has since been one of my go to author's and never fails to entice me in with a title.

    11. romancenoveljunkies for readers BRIEF SUMMARYTara is a bit frustrated with her perfect husband who seems to not do anything special in the bedroom, not even masturbate as well as never shared his sexual fantasies with her. On a mission, she snoops until she eventually stumbles upon John's little secret, his explicit phone conversationsOUGHTSSlippery when wet, perfect wording for this novella. This would definitely go in the category of (try-sexual); if you’re adventurous, then try it. In this [...]

    12. -SOME SPOILS-This book is very interesting. For one, you have Tara who wants to "conquer" her husband back. Due to his Madonna/whore complex, he views his wife as a kind of Madonna, innocent girl and doesn`t feel open to share fantasies with her, and gives 900-calls at night. Tara wants to show John she`s not just this sweet little girl and in fact, she tries innumerous times to show it by performing his secret fantasies she hears in the phone.My problems with this book were: Tara while searchin [...]

    13. ***2.5/5 stars***What if.you live a happy marriage life. You have fine gorgeous loving husband with normal sex life.Well, that was what Tara's feel about her marriage and her husband, John.Everything seem so perfect until one day you found a fact that your "conservative" husband like to do phone sex and have naughty sex fantasies with anonymous women on the phone.Shock ? Angry ? Disappointed ?Tara feel shock, angry and disappointed to know the other side of her husband, but thene started to "enj [...]

    14. Wow! This story is soooo HAWT my Kindle was smokin'!!Tara has been desperately trying to get her husband John to share his secret desires, his darkest fantasies with her to no avail. But one day, Tara notices the phone bill is just a little thicker than usual and is both shocked and aroused that her husband has been calling a sex line. Each night Tara listens in to see what her husband is sharing with strangers that he won't share with her. She enlists the help of her BFF, Kelly, and wow does th [...]

    15. I don't know why I've put off reading this for so long. This was HOT! I loved the fact that there was this wife who was trying to fulfill her husband's fantasies. I think she even got to fill a few of her own as well. I've been reading a lot of m/f by Selena Kitt so it was nice to come back to the f/f and f/f/m that only she does so well! I think I may have to revisit this one from time to time. LOL ;)

    16. Holy Molly!! I started listening to the audio book at work BAD IDEA. 5 minutes in and I was already squirming on my seat. So, I was a "good girl" and put it aside until lunch break. Then the fun began!! All hotness aside (and there is A LOT of it) I totally related with Tara. I wish hubby had those kind of secrets. Does that make me a "bad girl"? *wink* The only reason I gave 4.5 stars is because I wanted more, more, more. I wanted to see Chris on the mix too and well you get the idea.

    17. I enjoyed reading the whole thing, it was highly arousing and I liked the part where Tara took matters into her own hands. John's character was weak though. I love the ff scenes. I can't help but compare this to some scenes in Under Mr Nolan's Bed. There were similarities, and who better to explore and explode with but your best girlfriend?

    18. Wife is concerned about husband's sexual fantasies; finds out he's using a 900 line from the home phone; she starts to listen in and spice up their sex life.There's lesbian play, incest play, shaving, toys, and a menage. It's sexy, alright.


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