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The Chestnut King

The Chestnut King Henry s final battle has arrived in the third book of the bestselling Cupboard series about cupboard doors leading to worlds of adventure Hidden cupboards behind Henry s bedroom wall unlo

  • Title: The Chestnut King
  • Author: N.D. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780375838859
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Henry s final battle has arrived in the third book of the bestselling 100 Cupboard series, about 100 cupboard doors leading to 100 worlds of adventure Hidden cupboards behind Henry s bedroom wall unlocked portals to other worlds that Henry and his cousin Henrietta couldn t resist exploring But they made one terrible mistake they released the undying witch Nimiane HerHenry s final battle has arrived in the third book of the bestselling 100 Cupboard series, about 100 cupboard doors leading to 100 worlds of adventure Hidden cupboards behind Henry s bedroom wall unlocked portals to other worlds that Henry and his cousin Henrietta couldn t resist exploring But they made one terrible mistake they released the undying witch Nimiane Her goal To drain all life from every world connected to the cupboards Henry must seek out the Chestnut King to defeat her, but doing so comes at a price one that will force Henry to make a terrible, irreversible choice With the fate of the worlds and everyone Henry loves hanging in the balance, will he have the courage to do what is needed to destroy the witch once and for all Want to know where the cupboards came from Don t miss the latest book in the series, The Door Before Praise for the 100 Cupboards series A must read series The Washington Post This is my favorite kind of fantasy Tamora Pierce, 1 New York Times bestselling author

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      490 N.D. Wilson
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    1 thought on “The Chestnut King

    1. Simply gorgeous. C. S. Lewis once said that Lord of the Rings burned like cold iron, but, you know, in a good way. Wilson's Chestnut King sears like ice-fire, a glorious euchatastrophe, a beautiful and at times terrifying story that caps off the trilogy very well. In fact, in reading the book I found myself doing something I have't done since I was young. I stayed up late reading, desperately devouring every page. The metaphors are well done, the allusions to classical literature all in place, a [...]

    2. Being a new series is hard work. Readers finish the first installment, eager to jump into the next, but it doesn't release for another twelve months and memory dims. Interest fades. When book two is finally delivered, the process begins all over again.Well, N.D. Wilson's 100 Cupboards trilogy is officially sealed and seasoned: you no longer have any excuse.Once more I find myself protesting in a review: complex worlds with mazy customs and tongue-twisting names are not my cup of tea. But Wilson [...]

    3. I loved this book. It was my favorite out of the whole trilogy. I laughed (out loud.)I cried (like a small child.)I smiled (like a loon.)At times I was reminded of Tolkien and C. S Lewis in the writing and story plot. Not in a bad way. In a nostalgic way. The symbolism is what reminded me of C.S Lewis and also the wars. When reading one passage in particular I was reminded of the battle of Christianity against the fallen world and the meaning of salvation: "Silence! Jacques is in the right. Her [...]

    4. The 5-star rating is for the series as a whole. There is such a joy in falling into a fantasy world crafted by a person whose worldview I agree with, and whose writing I already respect. I got to experience that joy with this series. I have read N.D. Wilson's "Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl" and grown in my grasp of how incredible God is, and how truly "magical" this world is in which we live. Examples: Magnetism is an invisible force. Our earth spins around the sun. Muskrats build really thick huts [...]

    5. Review Originally postedHEREThis review is for the entire trilogy.I am not sure if I can put into words how much I LOVE this trilogy. And I am forever grateful to my sister for suggesting it to me and then buying me all three books. THIS is what a fantasy story should be. I can't even believe some people on gave it less than a 4 or 5. They couldn't have been reading the same books! OK-I will give you some concrete reasons now.The character development is deep, meaningful and believable. We see [...]

    6. N.D. Wilson has written an enthralling finish to the 100 Cupboards series. Although I got a little lost in the second book, I really enjoyed this read. I think the ingredients that created this enjoyment for me were as follows. Firstly, Henry was paired up for a lot of the book with his cousin Henrietta again, and I really enjoy the interaction Wilson writes between those two characters. It was nice to have Henry’s buddy Zeke very prominent throughout as well and him adventuring along with Hen [...]

    7. WOW!! Just when I thought this series couldn't get anymore exciting, N.D. Wilson really cranked it up! I was held captive by the Chestnut King!! I truly could not put this book down! The entire series really I read all three books in less than 5 days, while I had 3 kids home for summer vacation! It was an incredible adventure and I was truly swept away into the cupboards again with this third and last book in the trilogy. This book is non-stop action from the very beginning! The author does such [...]

    8. This is the final book of the 100 Cupboards trilogy. It is probably the best of the three. Great reading for all ages.

    9. "This world was not the witch's. She did not own the stars, she had not shaped the seas. Her storm could break."This is not your run-of-the-mill fantasy. It's real, it's moving, it's funny, and it even has a little bit of baseball in there.I love the way the characters are developed. I love the relationships between the characters and the way they grow individually and grow together as a group. War is depicted, and so is love.Not the sappy kind of love from romances. The real kind of love betwee [...]

    10. This is not the most sophisticated review, but here goes:I read the other two books before I read this then took a month off and read some other stuff. Coming back to the trilogy I found the first third of the book to be slow. To put it nicely. There are just way too many pages ab Henry opening the portal of a cabinet with the strength of the world around him as opposed to physically crawling through a cabinet downstairs. Like, alright. I get it already.But somewhere around page 180ish, I read a [...]

    11. Knowing that the dual prequel is coming soon, I listened for echoes of Ashtown. Surely the Endor imprisonments were burials. Are the many bells related to the silent ones we're all so impatient too hear about? Will we find more historical figures besides Robert Kirk in the Cupboards world? Also in anticipation of the prequel, I found myself desperately hoping that they find a different reader for the audiobook. C3PO's voice for Richard? Zeke's voice perpetually cracking? Narration that doesn't [...]

    12. Readers of fantasy fiction will feel familiar with many of the situations Henry faces. A seemingly invincible villain intent bringing unspeakable evil to the world, a final battle between good and evil, unusual alliances, and a young hero who yearns more than anything to just live a normal life - all these are time-honored fantasy traditions. However, they feel fresh and newly important in The Chestnut King, in large part due to the simple yet masterful writing. Take this small moment, when Henr [...]

    13. While the writing style was quite hard to follow at times (okay, a lot of the time) due to its start-stop tendencies and overall vagueness it was a delightful series to read. The actual story itself and the world contained in the printed ink was grand enough to excuse the confusion which would occasionally snap me out of the story.The conclusion to the series was good, a fitting ending, but it didn't seem to come full circle, to connect the end of the story with the beginning, which is very impo [...]

    14. One word: fantastical!N.D. Wilson does it again!When I first saw the cover of 100 Cupboards, and since I was out of library books, I checked it out. Never did I think I would be so captivated by a lonely boy named Henry, who moves to Henry, Kansas, and becomes best friends with his cousin, Henrietta. At first, I kind of thought it was a joke, a nice, funny book for kids.But when I started reading, I got more and more into it. Before I knew it, the book was finished and I wanted more! Much to my [...]

    15. Life has kept me busy and it's taken me far too long to finish this book. I say that because I think my busyness and scattered thoughts kept me from getting into the book as deeply as I could have. It felt a bit wandery, and at times jumpy to me, but I'm not 100% sure it's the book 's fault or my own. Let's just say a lot happens in this book, there's a rather large cast of characters, a lot to keep track of, some head-hopping, and a bit of (pun intended--you'll get it you've read the previous b [...]

    16. I devoured this book in one 4 hour sitting this afternoon. It was brilliant. My heart rate is still up and the adrenaline is still flowing strong. Yes, it was THAT good. The Chestnut King takes us with Henry York Macabee and his family and friends as they search for a means to bring down the witch queen, Nimiane, once and for all. There is a lot of action, peril, and adventure throughout the entire plot. The writing continues to be emotive. It is amazing how much Henry's character grew in the co [...]

    17. So, here's the plot Henry is staying with his relatives in Kansas, when their house is transported to a magical world and they must battle an evil witch. OK, Toto, sound familiar? Well other than getting a general idea of the story, I find myself completely lost while listening to this audiobook. The plot definitely shows promise. In his uncle and aunt's house, Henry discovers a cupboard with 99 doors that lead into other worlds. But, an evil witch, Niniane, must be defeated before she kills Hen [...]

    18. In this final installment in N.D. Wilson’s 100 CUPBOARDS fantasy trilogy for children, Henry is living in the world behind the cupboards with his “real” family, but he is still able to get to Kansas to play baseball with his friend Zeke. Henry has a lot on his mind. He’s been having scary visions that seem prophetic and he is worried about the scar that’s growing on his face. It was caused by a drop of the evil witch’s blood and Henry suspects that it will eventually drive him mad an [...]

    19. This was my favorite book of the series. It has been a long time since I read the first two, and had lost interest, but finally decided to give it a whirl. It was confusing since Wilson doesn't do much re-capping, just keeps going like the previous book never ended. Once I started to remember what was happening, this one introduced some more interesting complications and characters to the story. It jumps around a lot, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what and who is in what world or land, an [...]

    20. This one really does top the series off. It builds slowly at times, springing into action just enough to keep the feeling of adventure. But in doing so it builds beautifully (and beautiful really is the right word for it) to the climax.The imagination of Lewis and the poetic narrative of Tolkien pervade this conclusion; Wilson certainly grew as a writer through the trilogy.Loved it.Favourite part: the rising of the Faeries under the Chestnut King.

    21. Who would have thought such lyrical sentences could be written about humble Kansas? I am absolutely captivated by Henry York and his travels throughout the 100 Cupboards. I just started Chestnut King last night and am absorbed already. N.D. Wilson is that rare writer who not only writes beautifully, but captures ones entire attention with his lovely prose! Bravo!

    22. Wilson finishes his fantasy trilogy strong. This book could appeal to students in both upper elementary and early teens. The 100 Cupboards trilogy has excellent action/adventure material to hook young boys, but is emotionally sophisticated enough to appeal to girls as well.

    23. okayyyy so N. D Wilson has done it again. He has completely blown me away This book was so amazing! The fact that this book made me sob with happy and sad tears at the same time shows how brilliant Wilson is and how much talent he has. READ THIS BOOK

    24. Such an imaginative story. The third and final installment of this series is action-packed to the very end. I loved Wilson's ability to paint vivid descriptions with words. The ending was wonderful as well.

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