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The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden The Magnificent Conclusion to the Timeless Epic SagaThrough years of war and devastation Tatiana and Alexander suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer Miraculously reunited in America

  • Title: The Summer Garden
  • Author: Paullina Simons
  • ISBN: 9780007162499
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Magnificent Conclusion to the Timeless Epic SagaThrough years of war and devastation, Tatiana and Alexander suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer Miraculously reunited in America, they now have a beautiful son, Anthony, the gift of a love strong enough to survive the most terrible upheavals Though they are still young, the ordeals they endured have chThe Magnificent Conclusion to the Timeless Epic SagaThrough years of war and devastation, Tatiana and Alexander suffered the worst the twentieth century had to offer Miraculously reunited in America, they now have a beautiful son, Anthony, the gift of a love strong enough to survive the most terrible upheavals Though they are still young, the ordeals they endured have changed them and after living apart in a world laid waste, they must now find a way to live together in postwar America.With the Cold War rising, dark forces at work in their adopted country threaten their lives, their family, and their hard won peace To regain the happiness they once knew, to wash away the lingering pain of the past, two lovers grown distant must somehow forge a new life .or watch the ghosts of their yesterdays destroy their firstborn son.The Summer Garden their odyssey is just beginning.

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      238 Paullina Simons
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    1 thought on “The Summer Garden

    1. FINALLY. I am done with this series. I can put it to bed and never think on it again. There are times where the series was quite good, but more times where it was frustrating, puzzling, and rage-inducing. Unfortunately, the latter sort of moments almost entirely comprise the final volume of the trilogy, making this a painful read. And, fuck yes, there will be spoilers and profanity all up in this review.The Almost GoodSimons obviously knows how to write well. She's got a great command of languag [...]

    2. 10++ starsWOW!!Once again, I am writing this review through my tears (happy tears). What a beautiful book andwonderfulconclusion to one of thegreatestlove storiesevertold!!!! The first part of this book is about healing. Healing from all the traumas WW2 has left on their bodies and souls. About finding a way to emotionally find their way back to the peace of Lazarevo. Their memories haunt them like scars - unforgettable souvenirs of a war neither of them wanted to fight as they struggle to build [...]

    3. ❝He is thinking of sailboats in distant oceans, the desert from dimmest childhood, the ghost of fortune, the girl on the bench. When he saw her, he saw something new. He saw it because he wanted to see it, because he wanted to change his life. He stepped off the curb and out of the deadfall. To cross the street. To follow her. And she will give your life meaning, she will save you. Yes, yes—to cross.'We’ll meet again in Lvov, my love and I…' Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Len [...]

    4. How can I explain my feelings for this book?Do you know how every television show in the history of television has that one will they/won't they couple? At some point, they eventually come together and it is totally underwhelming for viewers. The relationship just seems weird.That is what happened here.When Tatiana and Alexander first marry in The Bronze Horseman, it is damn near perfect. The second half of that novel focuses on their relationship and it is so well done. Perfect measures of pure [...]

    5. 1.5 stars. Nope nope nope. That turned into an infuriating mess. The story starts with Alexander and Tatiana raising their son in America. Alexander won't really talk to his wife or look at her they're just living together and everyone's resentful and miserable. He says everything in their current life reminds him of the life she built while she thought he was dead. Nothing is ever enough and it's incredibly depressing to read. Alexander feels like a failure, so Tatiana spends most of the story [...]

    6. No es una novela a la usanza, es… la vida misma. Con momentos altos y bajos, con problemas, con discusiones, con frustraciones, pero también con un amor tan profundo que les permite sobreponerse a todo. Su historia nos afecta tanto porque son Tatiana y Alexander, dos personajes con los que hemos sufrido más de lo indecible, y que hemos llegado a querer demasiado. Debo reconocer que abordé la lectura con bastante cautela, porque había leído muchos comentarios repudiando principalmente algu [...]

    7. 0 Star I read this book a long time ago and I'm going to jump headfirst into this review. This is a rant. You can be damn well sure, this has spoilers.Let us start with the 180 Alexander did in this book. I did not like many, many things in the first book, but I accepted them. They were part of the story and he did not have control over a lot of them. But what he did in this book?? Those were damn well his choices .He emotionally abused Tatiana the entire time. And of course,the reason was given [...]

    8. My Tatiana and Alexander whirlwind has officially (and reluctantly), come to an end. I must admit to feeling slightly lost right now, and confess my emotional fatigue brought on by the tremendous heartache of this beautifully touching trilogy. The final installation to The Bronze Horseman was all that I had hoped it would be and more. At first- I was unsure where this book was headed; Alexander's character had changed dramatically due to the trials of war, and I was afraid the old "Shura" would [...]

    9. Trilogía emocionalmente ARROLLADORA. ❤️Argumentalmente SUBLIME. ❤️Después de 2372 páginas y 17 días de vivir y sentir cada momento, cada lugar, cada situación, cada sentimiento, cada personaje de esta maravillosa, extraordinaria, preciosa e inolvidable historia, yo me pregunto ¿Cómo se sigue ahora?

    10. The Summer Garden is Paullina Simon's magnificent conclusion to Tatiana and Alexander's epic and timeless love story. It's her masterpiece. Tatiana and Alexander have forever imprinted themselves on my heart.While the first two books, The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander is about their madly- all consuming- crazy - doomed love, The Summer Garden is about what happens after you get your supposedly happily ever after's about LIFE. It's smiles, heartbreak, tears, passion, pain, grief and j [...]

    11. While this book is my favorite from the series it is also the most difficult emotionally to read. Tatiana and Alexander embark on a journey that is life Trying to put themselves back together as individuals as well as lovers. So many twists and turns in this one. I can only say if you haven't read it run out and buy it! (if you can find it in the U.S.) Perfect closure to a wonderful series. Alexander will break your heart but I found that I would allow it to break 100x just to find the love that [...]

    12. Phew Well I'm EXHAUSTED!!!Seriously! Never in my life have I read a novel, that forcefully strips you of all strength with its sheer emotional instability. Many times, while turning the pages I was sorely tempted to put it down. To find contentment in the ending of it's previous installment 'Tatiana and Alexander' But I'm a trooper, and I'm not a fan of not seeing things through So I persevered. Thank God for small favours! Eventhough, there were times I could literally hear my heart breaking, a [...]

    13. I can't tell you how much I adore Simons for this book!In the first two novels in the Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons, she throws our two protags, Alexander and Tatiana, into peril from the outset- starting with the siege of Leningrad during WWII on through their eventual escape to America in the late 1940's.When the second book ended, I couldn't see how Simon's could squeeze any more gripping material out of Tatiana and Alexander's lives. But she wonderfully surprised me.As the blurb [...]

    14. I absolutely loved The Bronze Horseman, the first book in the Tatiana and Alexander trilogy, and was looking forward to reading the conclusion to their epic love story.I was greatly (and grievously) disappointed. Yes, Simons delivered by giving an incredibly emotional ride but (and this is a HUGE but), there was just one scene which totally and UTTERLY made the whole trilogy feel like an epic waste.**********SPOILERS:Dear Paullina Simons,You have balls.WHY, why? I have invested a lot of time, an [...]

    15. Don't let the size of this tome put you off - you should find yourself flying through the pages. If you've gotten this far and read The Bronze Horseman and The Bridge to Holy Cross then you'll be dying to finish the series and reach a resolution for Tatiana and Alexander. You won't be disappointed.I don't want to give anything away but this was definitely written at the same calibre as the first novel. It was just as gut-wrenching and just as powerful. Finishing these three books, gave me such a [...]

    16. Αυτο ηταν λοιπον Τελειωσε αυτο το μαγευτικο ταξιδι. Ισως το τελος το ηθελα λιγακι διαφορετικο αλλα δικαιολογω το μηνυμα που ηθελε να περασει και το οποιο ειναι εμφανες. Η αγαπη τα νικαει ολα!!! Για εμενα ειναι ο πιο ομορφος ερωτας που γεννηθηκε κ φουντωσε κατα τη διαρκεια του [...]

    17. Lo mismo que la primera vez (solo que ésta es la sexta) soy incapaz de cerrar este libro. Después de sus emocionantes, desgarradoras y maravillosas 960 páginas, sigo sin poder cerrarlo.Esta historia de amor, guerra y vida es demasiado grande para el corazón de cualquiera. Insuperable, nada se le compara.Volvería a leerlo un millón de veces más.

    18. 4.5 ★'sSo if you've read the blurb, you know that now Alexander and Tatiana are finally reunited and in America. Unfortunately, not all their problems are solved. They both have changed so much in their time apart and they are parents nowying to find a way to make their family and their lives work. I was sooo happy when I started reading this book and finally got to the parts I've been waiting forShura and Tania back together! I have to admit that I'm a little upset that we didn't get the big [...]

    19. //RELECTURA//“I don't want this life to end," said Alexander. "The good, the bad, the everything, the very old, to ever end.”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Yo tampoco, Alexander, ni vuestra vida ni vuestra inmortal historia ni este fantástico y maravilloso libro que cada vez que lo leo me emociona un poco más (aunque ponga que es la segunda vez que lo leo realmente son un par más). ¿¿¿Dónde es [...]

    20. “We thought the hard part was over—but we were wrong. Living is the hardest part. Figuring out how to live your life when you’re all busted up inside and out—there is nothing harder.”Read from June 17 to 24, 2012I just finished and it was AMAZING. I can't stop thinking about it. I just cried and cried at the end. I had to explain to my husband. LOL. I absolutely loved it. A total emotional rollercoaster but so real and so worth it. Paullina Simons is just so gifted with words. I loved [...]

    21. This conclusion to The Bronze Horseman series, which I have been reading for years, was perfect. Once again, Paullina Simons delivers a beautiful love story that is a continuation to the first two books, and I loved seeing where things were going with Tatiana and Alexander. This trilogy has taught me a lot, and it hasn't seized to take my breath away time and time again. It's brutal, but it's honest, and I think you can learn a lot from reading it. Sure, there are some moments which you might qu [...]

    22. 8:30 de la mañana, toda la noche leyendo, HE TERMINADO!!Necesito digerir este cúmulo de emociones que tengo. Me va a costar mucho desprenderme del recuerdo de Tania y Shura. No creo que lo consiga nunca. Haré la reseña cuando esté más preparada pero decir que esta saga es la mejor que he leído en toda mi vida es quedarse corta ToT

    23. Jeez, I feel like I've run a metaphorical marathon!!! I can't believe I'd finished it. I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I would be reading this books forever more.Ok, now, I'm going to be totally honest about this book there were parts I absolutely adored and there were parts I really struggled with.It is long. It is very very very long. And I will admit that I do think it is too long. I think there is a lot in it that could have been cut. I know that there are flashbacks and scenes that are [...]

    24. ALL THE STARS. So it´s been weeks since I finished The Summer Garden and I haven´t been been able to write this review at all. But why? You ask. What in the world is going on with you? This is your favorite romance of all time. After all, this is Shura we are talking about Shura with the sled and the copy of Pushkin and Shura with the creme-brulee eyes and delicious tanned skin with that faint scent of nicotine in the morning after endless bouts of hot Lazarevo sex. Didn´t you love this book [...]

    25. THIS! BOOK! I am so in love with this series and these characters that it seems impossible that my love for them could continue to grow. And yetEvery time I reread their story my love grows deeper and deeper. This book and this series deserves 100+++++ stars from me. I will be rereading/reliving it until the end of time. I will never grow bored of my beloved Tatiana and Alexander. Ever. They live on forever in my heart and soul. *First read: March 14-24, 2014*Second read: August, 2014*Third read [...]

    26. The spectacular, emotional conclusion to my all-time favorite love story! Exhaustingly intense. Piercingly agonizing. Achingly beautiful. Enduringly romantic. I FELT EVERY MOMENT. INFINITY STARS!!!!!“To cross the street. To follow her. And she will give your life meaning, she will save you. Yes, yes-to cross.”How does one get past this series? How can you even begin to compare other love stories to the one of Tatiana and Alexander? You just cannot, I think. The three books will forever sit o [...]

    27. There were things I loved about this book and there were things I hated about this book, but in can all be wrapped up in one word that never fails to describe Tatiana & Alexander - Orbeli. They are each others most loved and treasured possession. Each other's purpose for living.I loved seeing them trying to figure out the relationship & marriage they thought they would never have. I hated seeing them trying to figure it out as well. I hated that they were so insecure in each other yet so [...]

    28. Amazing!!!! If I could give this book 10 stars I would! The Summer Garden is the final book in the epic Bronze Horseman Trilogy. This final installment was set to a different pace. In both the Bronze Horseman and Tatianna and Alexander, there was love, betrayal, tragedy and hope set against the backdrop of WWII. The action was intense as well as fast paced. In the Summer Garden, their story continues with life after the war and really delves into the characters and their day to day relationship. [...]

    29. “Shine on, shine on, my only star, My star of love eternally,You are my sole and chosen one,There’ll be no other one for me…” Again I am blown away by Paullinna Simon’s ability to destroy your heart, body and soul. I was in such a distraught and emotional state after reading The Summer Garden the last book the The Bronze Horseman series. This woman is a goddess of worlds, a queen of stories.I loved that in this book we get to see a lot more of Tatiana childhood, and what she was really [...]

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