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May Contain Traces of Magic

May Contain Traces of Magic There are all kinds of products The good ones The bad ones The ones that stay in the garage moldering for years until your garden gnome makes a home out of it Most are harmless if handled properly ev

  • Title: May Contain Traces of Magic
  • Author: Tom Holt
  • ISBN: 9781841495057
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There are all kinds of products The good ones The bad ones The ones that stay in the garage moldering for years until your garden gnome makes a home out of it Most are harmless if handled properly, even if they do contain traces of peanuts But some are not not the ones that contain traces of magic Chris Popham wasn t paying enough attention when he talked to his SatNThere are all kinds of products The good ones The bad ones The ones that stay in the garage moldering for years until your garden gnome makes a home out of it Most are harmless if handled properly, even if they do contain traces of peanuts But some are not not the ones that contain traces of magic Chris Popham wasn t paying enough attention when he talked to his SatNav Sure, she gave him directions, never talked back to him, and always led him to his next spot on the map with perfect accuracy She was the best thing in his life So was it really his fault that he didn t start paying attention when she talked to him In his defense, that was her job But when Take the next right turned into Excuse me, that was when the real trouble started Because sometimes a SatNav isn t a SatNav Sometimes it s an imprisoned soul trapped inside a metal box that will do anything it can to get free And some products you just can t return.

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      459 Tom Holt
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    1 thought on “May Contain Traces of Magic

    1. OMGIf I was inclined to say "Oh my God!", which I am not, I would have said it over a hundred times whilst reading this book.The story is about Chris, a salesman of magical good such as fold-away parking spaces and instant water. From the moment that he walks into the shop of one of his clients and finds the shopkeeper lying on the floor with his head mostly hacked off by a horrible demon, who is still scarily present and sitting on the top shelf observing Chris, his life falls to pieces. He has [...]

    2. This is the second Tom Holt novel I've read and they both started out intriguing me, but in the end were ultimately disappointing. There are certainly a few laughs in this book, but they are too far and few between the narrator's constant analysis of what-if's as a means of pushing forward the plot. I sometimes felt I was trapped in the mind of a guy on amphetamines as he contemplated and analyzed what might happen next in HIS life, and the lives of the other characters. It wore me down after aw [...]

    3. Meet Chris Popham, a salesman miserable with his lot. He's been in a long term relationship with Karen, a girl he knew from school he went on the rebound with that never ended when Karen's best mate Jill turned him down. Still in love with her, Chris meets up with Jill once a week, and wishes things were different. He's not too happy with his job either, trying his hardest to sell magical products such a portable parking space, powdered water, and instaglamour cream, and not having the best of l [...]

    4. Yet another Tom Holt book set in the JWW universe, and honestly, it's getting old. Yet another antagonist with troublesome relations with the opposite sex, a hapless chap who's always gotten the wrong end of the stick, but turns out to have been involved with big, magical mysteries all along, and in the end he Grows As A Person and takes care of business in a most uncharacteristic manner. The story is much too convoluted, and by the end I found myself not even caring about who sent the hummingbi [...]

    5. I probably should have been frustrated by how often the main character Chris gets jerked around by the women in his life. His boss is good but his car (or whatever's possessing it) is evil--no, the car's actually on his side--hang on, the car's using him for her own purposes, so is his boss, and so is his girlfriend--it really should have been stupid. But I liked how Chris's understanding of reality kept changing as new facts came to light, and how the confusion multiplied the closer he got to t [...]

    6. I just can't get enough of Tom Holt! This really is comic fantasy at its best! It's wacky, silly, doesn't make any sense most of the time but I just love it:)

    7. Science fiction writer, Tom Holt, who also writes as K.J. Parker, writes with a bit of humor. That is a style of writing I always enjoy, no matter the genre. I enjoyed the plot of this novel, but it got a bit confusing towards the end, and went on a bit long, for my taste.

    8. May Contain Traces of Magic by Tom Holt tells the story of Chris Popham, travelling salesman for JW Wells & Co, purveyors of slightly dodgy magical products. He has been warned to never engage in conversation with his SatNav system, powered as it is by the soul of a extra-dimensional denizen doing hard time for unspecified crimes.He talks to his SatNav. This tells you most of what you need to know about Chris Popham.When Chris comes across the decapitated remains of one of his customers, cle [...]

    9. 'Bloody Hell, Jill,' Chris growled. 'You make it sound like birdwatching.'She laughed. 'Some of them are bit like that,' she sort-of-whispered back, 'they've got copies of the Observer Book of British Demons that they carry with them wherever they go, and whenever they come across a grade or subspecies they haven't seen before, they tick them off the list and boast about it for days in the canteen. All a bit sad, really, but I guess it's their way of keeping motivated. At least they don't have t [...]

    10. Chris Popham is a travelling salesman, although rather than purveying electrical goods or tupperware, he sells magical tat, relying on his trusty SatNav to get him to his destination. He's only slightly surprised when his navigational aid starts talking back, advising him on making sales and so forth, and then Things start to happen to him. Demons start appearing around him, his boss saddles him with a graduate trainee and his best friend starts acting oddly. And that's just day one.This book ha [...]

    11. Tom Holt is one of the names that show up regularly on "If you like Terry Pratchett you'll like" lists. May Contain Traces of Magic is the first Tom Holt book I've read. It was enjoyable but at times needlessly complex. It felt like it was building up to a huge climax and unfortunately it fell flat. I'm actually still a bit hazy on some of it. I enjoyed the style of writing where the humour is concerned. The thought processes of the protagonist were really quite amusing at times. But at the same [...]

    12. The protagonist of this one works for JWW, but since he's a traveling salesman, he deals exclusively with the retail wing and never interacts with the familiar characters. The events of the earlier books are referenced, but usually just in rumors. There do appear to be a lot more magical retail outlets in England than the other JWW books suggest, one of them run by Odin, whose circumstances are once again different than in his earlier Holt appearances. Chris Popham is in a committed but unsucces [...]

    13. Chapter one opens with a sales rep making an unsuccessful pitch to a disinterested shopkeeper. Not exactly enthralling stuff, despite the traces of magic, and the hooky first sentence ('He was losing her, he could tell.'). And as we follow Chris Popham back to his car, then to the office, it's all rather realistically depressing and (though he drives) a little pedestrian, even with the references to magic and the almost-too-dry humour. But somewhere along the way I began to identify with this ma [...]

    14. The problem with Tom Holt's books since more or less The Portable Door (or possibly just his J. W. Wells & Co. books, which is almost but not entirely the same thing) is that they all have essentially the same protagonist: the slightly useless, insecure loser who pines after The Woman in his life, who he either wins over or realises was one of the villains all along. This means that even though I enjoyed the four or five of those books that I read, I really couldn't tell you what happened in [...]

    15. So, let me review every Holt book I have read thus far:A guy is in a boring, often soul-sucking occupation. Something Happens that reveals that the world is not quite as expected. The guy begins to regret ever lamenting his fate and almost (but not quite) pines for earlier days. In the end, he learns to cope with his new outlook on life, and even manages to do a little better than before.It's not a bad formula, and there's enough wiggle room in there to tell a significantly different variation e [...]

    16. Tom Holt has written another wry, extremely funny comedy tale full of anti-heroes, fantasy, adventure, many witty observations about "real life" in a contemporary world (based in the midlands, England, U.K.).The characters involved are humans and non-humans (demons and the Fey), each of which has a character that is neither all good or all bad which only makes the book more engaging and relatable.With a twisting plot that weaves between the mundane to the fantastic, office politics to the monoto [...]

    17. Hen-pecked and stuck in a dead end job selling magical artefacts that only sort of work, Chris Popham is snoozing through his dull life. So why are demons suddenly trying to torture information out of him, why is a retired Norse god helping them and is he falling for the trapped spirit powering his sat nav?Tom Holt specialises in taking magic and sitting it alongside the mundane and the ridiculous rituals of British life. He completes my trio of favourite comic fantasy writers, which include Ter [...]

    18. The one thing about Tom Holt, is you tend to know what you're going to get. It will be wacky and silly, but very clever, funny and witty, yet the characters can make you cry, and ultimately, a bloody good read.This was no exception, and I devoured the book in one very lazy, dreary, Saturday, which made me feel a lot better. The story is a bit complicated and I did get lost in places - there's a magic products salesman, demons, possessed SatNavs and powdered water. There's an immortal Norse God l [...]

    19. I have been trying to think of the name of this book for ages. In my head I just remembered something about the SatNav being a trapped demon (of some sort). I love this image because when I was a child I loved the idea of tiny 'people' sitting in robots and changing the light to green when we drove up to it. Finally, my brother in law reminded me of this book and so I was really excited to read it. It is difficult to live up to high expectations, and I did really enjoy it although I felt there w [...]

    20. The book started intriguingly, but I could only endure it to 85%. Over the course of the book the protagonist proves himself to be stupid and unable to analyze his situation intelligently. He keeps on wallowing in doubts based on various assumptions and strange speculations, seems very easily influenced by whoever is talking to him and shows no strength of character. Yet, you as a reader seem to be stuck in his head, unable to tell him he his deductions are obviously wrong. The action in the boo [...]

    21. Another book in the magical world of JW Wells & Co, and while the connection is only secondhand (the main character, for example, sells products developed by JWW through another retail outfit), it helps fill the void that was created when the Paul Carpenter story line was killed off. Perhaps, though, Mr. Holt could find some new initials to use? This time it was CP instead of PC as the main characterAll the loose ends are cleaned up at the end, and most of the characters are given closure so [...]

    22. I hadn't previously read anything by Tom Holt and only bought this as it was mentioned in another book I'd read. I absolutely loved it and couldn't put it down. I normally prefer a good thriller, but occasionally stray to other genres to cleanse my palate as such. I've previously read Robert Ranking and Jasper Fforde so the type of book wasn't unfamiliar, and if you like their books you will love this.There are magic shops, powdered water, portable parking spaces and demons galore. At one point [...]

    23. Chris, our friendly magic-goods salesman, lives in an England where magic, time travel and demons are the norm.I enjoyed the read overall: humorous, interesting, puzzling. Though, too much retrospection and wondering what was going on for my taste. A little more action and a little less thoughtful pondering would have added another star, in my view.Update: my 18 year old son read it and loved it.

    24. A different take on the whole JWW series. this time from their retail sales arm of the business and without all the mad partners.It felt a lot more like the original books where a good idea was twisted around and the story benifited by not being hampered by having a whole new universe described because the rich form of the JWW world fitted with the usual demons and fey present.I wanted something quick and easy to read and this fitted the bill quite well.

    25. Not my favourite Tom Holt book, but a reasonably enjoyable escapist read nonetheless. Don't want to spoil it for other readers, but I found the ending a bit flat. I do enjoy his zany world of magic and mayhem, but this one didn't quite hang together as well as others. Saying all that, if you want to escape to another world, anything I've read in this series so far is worth a go - just be ready for some full on weirdness!

    26. This was fast moving and very funny. I really liked the way Tom Holt used the contrast between his character's mundane job (he was a sales rep) and the products he was selling (all sorts of magical items). The plot was quite something too. Even though the sales rep for magical items theme was good, it was just background to the plot, but if I say anything more, i think it will spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it.

    27. My first Tom Holt book was only OK. I will try another. This one had a complex plot where I lost the details but did not care. The scariest part of the book was the description of how Chris was hen-pecked by Karen. That was chillingly real sounding.I am a big Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fan, and am still hoping that Tom Holt will prove to be a fun read along those lines, as promised by other reviewers.

    28. The beginning was very funny, very clever and imaginative. It's hard not to be drawn into Chris' life. But then about half way through it became far to convoluted with more and more twists and turns that didn't seen to add up to anything. I would have given the book three stars just for the beginning and the end, but because it kind of loses it's way in the middle I've only given two.

    29. Entertaining as always but while reading I just had this sense of being rushed - the writing being rushed, the reader being jumbled through the plot at times I also felt that the writing was a little sloppy - certain jokes were squeezed in and yet weren't strictly necessary (James Blunt for example). A teeny bit disappointing really.

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