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The Burying Place

The Burying Place A stunning clever and unputdownable thriller for fans of Harlan Coben and Michael ConnellyLieutenant Jonathan Stride is quietly recovering from injuries sustained on his latest case when a rich docto

  • Title: The Burying Place
  • Author: Brian Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780755348756
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • A stunning, clever and unputdownable thriller for fans of Harlan Coben and Michael ConnellyLieutenant Jonathan Stride is quietly recovering from injuries sustained on his latest case when a rich doctor s baby is kidnapped and his peace is shattered As suspicion builds that the doctor may have staged the baby s disappearance, the relationship between the doctor and his wifA stunning, clever and unputdownable thriller for fans of Harlan Coben and Michael ConnellyLieutenant Jonathan Stride is quietly recovering from injuries sustained on his latest case when a rich doctor s baby is kidnapped and his peace is shattered As suspicion builds that the doctor may have staged the baby s disappearance, the relationship between the doctor and his wife and neighbours begins to disintegrate Stride and his lover and partner Serena find themselves on opposite sides of the case with Stride pursuing evidence that incriminates the doctor and Serena trying to prove that the baby really was abducted Meanwhile Stride s colleague Maggie and her headstrong young partner are tracking a man responsible for a violent crime wave in the rural areas of Duluth There seems to be no connection between the cases until a victim with ties to the doctor s case turns up murdered in the signature style of the Duluth killer As the threads of both investigations converge, the chase uncovers a series of revelations that may damn the doctor or prove his innocence.

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      388 Brian Freeman
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    1 thought on “The Burying Place

    1. The Burying Place, Brian Freeman’s fifth thriller in the Jonathan Stride series, seemed to me his darkest and perhaps his best yet. It gave me the creeps, the chills – you name it, I got it. I believe that’s what Freeman intended, and he was quite successful in creating the sense of fear and foreboding on every page. The opening scene is aptly set in thick fog; the mood throughout the novel is gloomy, sad, and uneasy.The baby of a successful surgeon and his beautiful wife is missing in the [...]

    2. Number 5 in the Jonathan Stride series- and I'm still loving it!! Best to start this from the beginning of the series- for as you read the books- the characters are all developing - some for the good, some for the bad- I'll say it again- I'm NOT a fan of SERENA and I hope she goes away - sooner rather than later- having said that - so far all the books are very good - keeps your interest- and fast reading !!

    3. at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Brian Freeman is a masterlove love LOVE his novelsBurying Place is no exception. He's not afraid to put his protagonists through hell and he's just so good at making you feel for his characters.Burying place picks up shortly after In The Dark. Stride is on 'vacation', dealing with the trials of the last case he worked on in the previous novel. As always, his love Serena Dial is with him, but they're not without his issues. Stride is coming to terms d [...]

    4. Stride is still recovering from his injuries when he, Serena and Maggie are pulled into service in a small Minnesota town. An infant is missing and 3 women have been murdered. The suspense is palpable and what actually occurred will blow your mind.

    5. I think this is the first book where I am disappointed in Stride and hate Maggie a little, they both made a decision that has grave consequences. When this book starts we see Stride is in a bad place, still dealing with fall from the bridge that almost killed him in the last book. He seems to pull back into himself causing him and Serena to become strangers to each others. Serena can see this happening and doesn't know what to do other than just be there, but every day things become more and mor [...]

    6. The Burying PlaceBrian FreemanKasey Kennedy is cop working for the Duluth Police Department and winds up coming face to face with a sadistic serial killer. Finding herself in danger as a result of trying to help another woman, Kasey might be sorry she ever stopped and listened to this woman’s rants. But, as a cop what could she do? The killer is haunting the visions of this woman and when they both come face to face with him what happens will envelop her in his deadly game. But, what really ha [...]

    7. Lt. Jonathan Stride is recovering since his ordeal that took place in the prior novel; In the Dark. Maggie Bei, Stride’s partner has been keeping Stride in the loop about an ongoing investigation case. The case is in regards to several women have gone missing in the past few months. Maggie has just found body number four.Denise Sheridan works as Deputy Sheriff for Itasca. She comes to pay Stride a visit. Denise needs Stride to investigate a missing person’s case for her. Rich, surgeon, Marcu [...]

    8. From the ratings given by other readers, I expected more from this book. I like to try out new mystery/thriller authors, and it appears this one doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’m sorry to say.Both plots, on one side the kidnapped baby, and on the other side the farmland killer, were drawn out without much progress in the investigation. It felt like the investigators were more preoccupied by their personal lives than their current caseload. I don’t know any of these characters, and I [...]

    9. So far, I think this is my favorite Brian Freeman. I wondered if I was going to enjoy it as the cover has a bloody shovel partially buried in snow. I tend to dislike books with snow as a major part of the plot. Maybe because winter here in Canada can be so cold and miserable sometimes and I don't want to relive it. However, The Burying Place does not centre itself around snow, it's just a minor irritation in the background. Never judge a book by it's cover, they say. I usually do though. It's a [...]

    10. This was another good book in the Jonathan Stride series. It held my attention all the way through but I did feel it was a little long. Sometimes with mystery/thrillers, I feel as though the author tries too hard to blow our socks off and the book/story suffers some - this is a fine line for me and came so close to being crossed in this book.When Marcus is woke at 1am he finds that his daughter, Callie, is missing. And the search begins. So many irons in the fire, lies uncovered and truths to be [...]

    11. Brian Freeman comes with another very solid entry in the Jonathan Stride series, this one nominated for best novel 2011 and deservedly so. Freeman not only gives you complex but credible plots, he also paints his characters as complete people, good and/or bad. It also doesn't hurt that he is a great storyteller and you will find yourself still reading this long after your bedtime.

    12. This was a very good book that continued the Stride-Serena-Maggie saga. Brian Freeman puts his characters into dark places and then has them figure out where to go from there. I loved their interactions and look forward to the next book. I have to admit Serena is not my favorite. Oh, and yes, there were crimes to be solved. They were scary, emotional, and resolved with a twist.

    13. Spoilers aheadYou don't realize you meet the kidnapper in the prologue. Yes, Casey the cop, is the kidnapper. Casey took Callie because her baby had just died. It's a great listen in some ways, but I didn't really like the narrator. Stride cheats on Serena with Maggie. Serena finds out. In one way I thought how did the police miss such a big clue on the woman killer. Wouldn't a good detective as the husband about house alarms and how recently it was installed. That to me was a big mistake. Casey [...]

    14. It was okay as far as plot and writing. I thought the characters were pretty well developed, however I did not find any character that I really liked and rooted for. I have not read any other book in this series, so that may have influenced me. I got enough of the back story to follow everyone, so the book as a stand-alone is pretty good. I will say that I listened to the audio book and NO. That may have influenced my rating also. While I appreciate inflection I absolutely HATE when men try to d [...]

    15. This is another installment in the Jonathon Stride series, and they just keep getting better and better.Beginning with two separate crimes the detective is called back into service following an accident to work on one of the crimes, while Maggie researches the other crime. Both situations grow in tension and momentum and the reader swings from one crime to the next in a seamless transition. Stride and his teams piece the puzzle together for a startling ending. This book is not only page turning [...]

    16. This story picks up a couple of months after the last one. Stride is out of town recuperating from his fall in the previous case. He is approached by a detective in that town to assist in a missing baby case. In addition, someone is hunting women and making them disappear. The way that these two crimes are connected is woven very strategically. This was a really good story with horrific crimes and Stride dealing with his physical and emotional injuries from the fall. As he works on the case and [...]

    17. Brian Freeman is getting to be like a good habit. Checked out his first book by accident (Immoral) and decided to read it anyway. (Too cold to go back to library) Since then I've followed Stride and his friends and consider ways to match his plots in my own works. I still feel like the deputy's downfall was a dirty trick and shared that with him in an email. I am sure it still gives him a chuckle as well. Even though he was honored at the Edgars for a non-Stride work, I hope he continues with th [...]

    18. The book "The Burying Place" written by Brian Freeman is classified as a modern thriller. It tests and pushes the limits of family members, community members, and work members. Lieutenant Stride is pushed to the breaking point when his case is abruptly coming to a halt. His breaking point ends when he stumbles across a new crime scene that will change direction of the entire case. Where will the next twist of the novel take Lieutenant Stride? In the book "The Burying Place" you are inside the he [...]

    19. Best one yet! #5 of the Jonathan Stride series. This one really flowed, was a thrilling read. I always thought something was off about his relationship with Serena (granted it's often mentioned) and I was growing tired of them but I found myself sad to see them break up. Unsure how I feel about him and Maggie. I'm hoping she hooks up with Troy and becomes a mom to his two girls.

    20. It's a good twisty story, but I found it depressing because practically everyone in it (including Stride and Maggie) were being assholes most of the time. They were definitely being human, but I need someone to root for in a book, and I just wanted to slap everyone (except Serena - the one person acting like a decent person throughout).

    21. The Burying Place is fast past and enough twists and turns to keep any mystery/suspense reader intrigued. The audio on this however - NO. Joe Barrett's regular reading voice is good. When he speaks for the characters, the train goes off the tracks. The accents switch mid-sentence at times. It was a little weird.

    22. Good book, lots of twists and turns, just when I thought I was going to get an answer to the story, it switched. My only complaint - did you have to go there with Maggie and Stride? Find a lady and stick with it. Not saying it has to be all roses and sunshine but still.

    23. Verwarrend. Veel personages met veel onderlinge relaties. Zowel bij verdachten als bij politie. Onnodig veel slachtoffers.

    24. GreatThis is the authors best yet. Again had no real clues till the end who stole the baby. This kept you guessing all the way throughout the story.

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