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Things Change

Things Change They say opposites attract and that could be the only explanation for Johanna s attraction to Paul Wherever Paul goes laughter follows and Johanna longs to be a part of his inner circle Getting Pau

  • Title: Things Change
  • Author: Patrick Jones
  • ISBN: 9780802777461
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • They say opposites attract, and that could be the only explanation for Johanna s attraction to Paul Wherever Paul goes, laughter follows, and Johanna longs to be a part of his inner circle Getting Paul into her life turns out to be the easy part Keeping Paul happy is tough, even for an overachiever like Johanna And keeping Paul happy is a must, because when he s not, JThey say opposites attract, and that could be the only explanation for Johanna s attraction to Paul Wherever Paul goes, laughter follows, and Johanna longs to be a part of his inner circle Getting Paul into her life turns out to be the easy part Keeping Paul happy is tough, even for an overachiever like Johanna And keeping Paul happy is a must, because when he s not, Johanna becomes his target But can she find the strength to change her life when Paul s happiness becomes important to Johanna than her family, her friends, and even her own safety

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    1. Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel: youtube/channel/UCferJohanna has a crush on a senior named Paul and is surprised when he begins to pay attention to her. Everything starts out perfectly, until Paul begins to show his angry side. Now, she'll do anything to keep him happy in order to stay on Paul's good side. I can't decide how I feel about this book. At times, I liked it but during other times I wanted to throw it across the room. The dialogue was one of the [...]

    2. Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooPaul offered Johanna a ride home, and suddenly shy, "good girl" Johanna is saying, "I want you to kiss me." A junior in high school, Johanna has long admired the handsome, fast-driving senior. Now things have changed. She has found the nerve to make a move. Although nothing happens immediately, Paul eventually begins paying attention to Johanna. Little does she know it's because he and girlfriend Carla have split up, and he needs a rep [...]

    3. I hate to rate this book badly because it was a very engaging read, but I have so many problems with the ending. I feel like a lot of young adults look for books that they can relate to, and that many who read this book may be victims of some sort of abuse. While I am glad that the main character, Johanna, stood up to Paul and got away from him, the tail end of the book didn't sit well. In the epilogue, Paul shows up to Johanna's graduation party nine months after they break up. Nothing about th [...]

    4. The jury is still out on whether or not I really enjoyed reading this book, but it did make me think and that is more than I can say for a lot of books that I picked up blindly at the public library solely for the reason that there were Boss references throughout. Unlike a lot of other abusive boyfriend tales (books and Lifetime movie affairs) I felt that this one was the first one to go there, describe scenes and aftermath, and still not glorify the violence of it all. It shoved the reality in [...]

    5. THINGS CHANGE is a YA novel about a girl named Johanna who finds herself falling for the wrong guy-- a boy named Paul, a guy from the other side of the tracks. I had a hard time with this one. I didn't feel like Johanna had a reason to love--or even like-- Paul. I understood her need to be loved-- to fill the void left by her parents-- but Paul never swept her off her feet or said all the right things. Generally abusers are able to get away with what they do buy romancing the girl first, really [...]

    6. "I guess love isn't enough sometimes." How far would you go in order to maintain a loving relationship? To what extent would you go? Where's the boundary? Before answering these questions, picture yourself as 17 year old Johanna. Johanna has had the longest crush on the bad-boy of the high school, Paul. Because Johanna's parents are beyond strict, she finds adventure and excitement with Paul. This story takes place in recent times in Pontiac, Michigan. After dating Paul for awhile, he begins to [...]

    7. What Happens when Teens change in High SchoolBy Riliwan BakerThe Story of a high school student just like you and I; Her pain, her friendship, her relationship, her controlling parents, her secrets, her scars and her high school journey. For most of us our high school experience molds us into the person we ultimately become in the future. For Johanna her high school experience brought happiness, strength, courage, what it truly means to be smart, and bruises. How can an all A student, honors ph [...]

    8. What I learned from this book is that people, especially girls have to be very careful during their relationships. In this book it talks about a girl who falls really in "love" with this boy. Unfortunatly, since the boy does not get the girl he wantsVickie, he sets his mind on the girl Johanna. Since johanna does not really love him and she has personal issues at home. She likes the idea that someone else might be intrested in her.Then things start to go wrong, Paul starts treating her badly. Sh [...]

    9. Things Change is about a straight A student,Johanna that likes one of the bad boys in school,Paul. Johanna does everything she could to get Paul to notice her, but what she does know is that Paul is an abusive person. Paul's dad left when he was a little boy and he use to hit his mother. When Paul grew up he caught on to his dad's bad habits. Once Johanna started going out with Paul they got into a couple fight were she ends up being the one getting hurt and his way of apoligizing was getting he [...]

    10. when i found this book in the corner of the libary i picked it up and read the first page instant hook! i loved this book real page turner. the book starts with a girl named Johanna she is smart and soposed to be perfect for her parents and at school. smart bound to go to a good college that is untill paul the bad boy with more problems than anyone else really knows dicides to get with her. he is the perfect boyfriend he buys her flowers and ice cream and gifts is nice and funny that is until he [...]

    11. One of the worst books I've ever read. The editing was the worst part. Everything was choppy. Instead of, "Man, it's raining. Johanna and I broke up, it's a shame, but that's how it's gotta be," it was, "Man, it is raining. Johanna and I broke up. It is a shame, but that is how it has to be. Who talks like that? Paul was disgusting and gross. Johanna was also disgusting and gross. The only two characters I kind of enjoyed were Brad and Kara. The Bruce Springsteen references were awful. I love th [...]

    12. Things Change perfectly exemplifies the problem I have with some Young Adult Lit. It deals with an undeniably important problem (high school boys beating up their high school girlfriends), but it's so ineptly written that I think some of its import gets nullified in the process. The whole thing is phony from top to bottom – the characters are paper-thin (listening to Springsteen is counted as character development), the dialogue is hokey, and there isn't a moment in the book that feels genuine [...]

    13. Johanna is a shy, straight A student who has a crush on Paul, who likes her back. Soon after they start dating, Paul hits Johanna, they break up, and he asks her back. This begins a cycle of abuse that repeats over and over again, showing how Johanna's grades, self esteem, and relationships with her friends and parents suffer. The abuse cycle is textbook, and real. I found Johanna's character much better developed than Paul's, but the work of making a layered character out of an abusive personal [...]

    14. I liked, but didn't like this book. I wanted to smack the main character and say, "WAKE UP - look what he's doing to you, don't be so stupid." But also it made me realize how girls (even especially bright girls) can get into relationships like that and want to stay. It's probably a good book for a girl to read before she starts dating, so that she already has a foundation of knowing what should and shouldn't be acceptable in a relationshp before she's ever confronted with it.

    15. not that i understand in that sense where i faced the same situation, but i understand that the problem Johanna faced in the book was difficult to runaway from. then again, the author wrote the story in some annoying way where you just wished it would have ended fast and that you got fed up since it was the same things being explained over again. thanks for writing about this, but i wished it was more interesting that i felt for the character

    16. Things change is a great book about a straight A student and how she(Johanna)loves a boy who she thought loved her too. until he abused her whenever he got drunk. she reaches out for help from one of her new friends which was also friends with her bf. she finds out the story of him(Paul) and his ex Carla. And has to make the biggest choice to either stay with him or to leave him.

    17. This was another good one from patrick jones, it's title is ironic because you learn that sometimes things or people don't change when you want them to the most.

    18. The writing style for this book was somewhat ingratiating. The characters were underdeveloped and shallow in my opinion. The dialogue was also odd. Oftentimes the characters didn't use contractions. It felt a lot like the format of "True Grit" by Charles Portis. However, whereas that decision felt like a style choice in Portis' book, "Things Change" was published in 2004 and the setting seemed as if the characters lived in the same time period as when the book was written/published. It didn't re [...]

    19. It all started with “I want you to kiss me” and ended with bruises all over Johanna’s body. Johanna was a junior in high school and one of the smartest in her class until she fell in love with the popular senior boy Paul. Paul was all Johanna ever wanted. He made her laugh and smile, but whenever he got angry he take it out on her. Johanna would always give Paul another chance to change, but he never seemed too. The ending of the book surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the decision that Jo [...]

    20. I was really impressed with how he showed each character's perspective. I like how he captured both of their personalities and how they clashed emotionally. It was a gripping novel I read I didn't put down.

    21. Patrick Jones’ Things Change follows a violent teen relationship between characters Johanna and Paul. This young adult realistic fiction novel gives the reader perspective on what an emotionally and physically abusive boyfriend/girlfriend is like. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the powerful message it sends to teens about dating violence. Sixteen-year-old Johanna from Michigan has always been her parents’ ideal child- a straight A student who is obedient to their endless demands. To ma [...]

    22. HOW DID I PICK THIS BOOK:How I picked this book was when me and my friend were trying to find a book in the library. We were reading the back cover of books that we thought looked good. My friend was reading the back of Things Change, and she told me that it sounded really good.Setting:Things Change takes place in a small/big city. The decade is around 2013, and the story takes place in a lot of place, but the setting is mostly in the school, and the main characters house.Conflict:The conflict o [...]

    23. Sometimes things change, and sometimes they don'tJohanna always feels like she has to be perfect; the perfect student and the perfect obedient daughter, which leads her to being the perfect outcast among her high school peers. They say opposites attract, and that could be the only explanation for her attraction to Paul. Always the life of the party, Paul won his seat on the student council by running on an apathy platform. Wherever Paul goes, laughter follows, and Johanna longs to be a part of h [...]

    24. Johanna has been living her life always aiming for perfection: perfect grades, perfect daughter, perfect student. Her parents are extremely strict, and in Johanna’s eyes, cold and never understanding. For some time she’s had a crush on Paul, the boy in class who never fails to make people laugh. She’s determined to grab his attention and once she does things change. Unlike Johanna, Paul doesn’t care what others think. He does whatever makes him happy, even at the cost of others. For Joha [...]

    25. Hello, I am Jemille and I have recently read the book by Patrick Jones called Things Change. I am a teen, and personally I would recommend this book for any teen male/female. Things Change was very interesting to me because while reading the book I could picture a lot of the story in my mind. It talked about a boy, and girl named Johanna, and Paul. They were really close in the beginning of the book, but it seemed as if Paul was trying to stop talking to her. Paul would act very shady until they [...]

    26. Writing style had me reading, in my opinion, the book felt like real situations in life. Why did I read this? Because my friend Blancita told me to and because it sounded interesting. ***MY SYNOPSIS (FROM MEMORY - SPOILERS)***Johanna (female protagonist) who is a perfect student that does things right, but falls for a guy named Paul who beats her! And manipulates her! Is all I really remember about this book, but I do remember that the writing style really had me reading and that the book felt r [...]

    27. Things Change- Patrick JonesThings change tells a story about just how bad relationships can be. The book takes an interest on two teens named Johanna and Paul. This novel has many twists and turns, shocks and surprises, and it’s definitely an interesting book to read.A very intelligent girl Johanna meets a seemingly nice, attractive guy, Paul. Johanna quickly falls for Paul, and soon makes him the most important thing in her life. But what starts off as a healthy relationship soon turns into [...]

    28. When I picked out this book in my school library, I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I had no idea what it was about from the description on the inside cover. But I grabbed it because I needed to get back to class. I'm so glad I picked this book off the shelf.The topic is something that interests me. I like to read about people's tragedies and traumas; who doesn't? I loved to read Johanna's story. I read this book and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I want to reread it again very soon because it's [...]

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