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Sleeping Roses

Sleeping Roses I d give this book ten stars if had them it was really that good The Books Debut This book will keep you reading with a very unexpected twist Cyruss Her marriage may be dangerous but leaving coul

  • Title: Sleeping Roses
  • Author: RaShelle Workman
  • ISBN: 9781442113671
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • I d give this book ten stars if had them, it was really that good The Books Debut This book will keep you reading with a very unexpected twist Cyruss1264Her marriage may be dangerous, but leaving could be deadly.Sophie married into a lie Sick of her dangerous marriage, Sophie leaves her husband, determined to start a new life But her husband isn t going I d give this book ten stars if had them, it was really that good The Books Debut This book will keep you reading with a very unexpected twist Cyruss1264Her marriage may be dangerous, but leaving could be deadly.Sophie married into a lie Sick of her dangerous marriage, Sophie leaves her husband, determined to start a new life But her husband isn t going to let her go that easily If he can t have her, no one can It s hunter versus hunted It s strange, mysterious, and down right cool It made me wonder if this really happened Jek Jamison A suspense thriller where nothing is as it seems Heartsong ReviewsIf you love Nicholas Sparks novels, including Safe Haven, then pick up Sleeping Roses, and be swept away.

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    1 thought on “Sleeping Roses

    1. Wow and bravo to that twist. I don't usually get surprised in books, and holy cow I sure didEVER. I want to STRANGLE whoever did the proofing of this novel (and I use the term lightly!) It's HORRIBLE! There are errors literally on every page. English misspellings like brake/break, you're/your, to/too, than/then - my mouth was literally dropping open in disbelief at the errors, and I almost even stopped reading it a few times because it is so bad. Oh, and chicken COUP!? Are you f'n kidding me? CO [...]

    2. By far one or the worse books I've ever read. Bad pacing, one dimensional characters, stupid main character, an ending that made the rest of the book seem like it was a waste of time, and tons of grammatical and spelling errors that leave you wondering how this got published. Only good points is the book cover and the synopsis for the next book, which actually sounds interesting. The GoodI love the cover. It's really pretty.The OkayThe synopsis for the next book in the series is quite intriguing [...]

    3. Overall score: 3 StarsSophie married a monster and there was no way of getting out of the relationship. Until one day she said it was enough and left him. However, having a man who sees women as slaves does not do her any good and she has to live in constant fear for her life. Specially after she finds out that she is pregnant with his baby and the child that she is bearing may upset him even more. While hiding from her soon-to-be-ex-husband, she finds an amazing job and starts having a relation [...]

    4. This book was free on and because the plot sounded interesting and the author is from where I'm from, I decided to download it. I loved reading about the area I grew up in and the author is very descriptive. While the mystery was really unique and intriguing, the author gave away too many clues and unfortunately, I figured the plot twist out in the first few chapters. There were also A LOT of typos and grammatical errors that made me want to chuck the book across the room.There was a little bit [...]

    5. This book is completely different from Exiled, the other book out by RaShelle Workman. First it's written from 1 point of view, that of Sophie, the main character.It's an adult contemporary (sort of). It's strange, mysterious, and down right cool! It made me wonder if this really happened. Something occurs in Sleeping Roses that threw me for a loop. I seriously turned off my kindle for like an hour, fuming mad. Then I went back to it because I had to know where the story was headed. The ending w [...]

    6. Sleeping Roses is a wonderful book. You really get pulled into it and feel like you are the characters. I think the author did an amazing job with her writing that you can feel that way. Sophie is an great character. You really get to see into her life. David I won't say if I liked him or not. It may ruin the story if I do say. This book is so great I actually read it and then reread it. It is a very emotional story that will keep you on the edge wondering how it will end. Then you are left want [...]

    7. Very disappointed in this book- and I wasn't even expecting very much.First off, the editing for this book is atrociousmisspellings and missing words run rampant through the book. Kindle editing in many of its books is bad, but it is especially bad in this case.Story-wise every part of this book is predictable, from beginning to end. The plotline itself is boring and uninteresting, and when it seems like it might become interesting, and incredibly predictable "twist" in the story comes out, maki [...]

    8. Let me start this off by saying I LOVE this book! I did not at all expect the twist. The characters were so well developed it felt like I was watching a biography unfolding before me. I didn't want it to end. I'm glad to see that there is another book but picking up later down the road with other characters. I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of this author!

    9. I have read several of RaShelle's novels and I have to say that she is definitely one of my very favorite indie authors. And this book was one of my favorite! The story line was well developed, consistent, and so incredibly imaginative! The plot was unusual and through me for a loop - what a twist! The characters were relatable and well developed. I felt like I understood all of them. It was incredible how it all fell together! What an imagination this author has! I stayed up late to finish the [...]

    10. Had a very hard time getting into this book. (view spoiler)[Abuse is not this casual. The writing was forced, or unrealistic, I don't know.The "lesbian friend professing her love" scene was a little awkward, mainly because it seemed so unnecessary, with nothing leading up to it to suggest its validity.This is a little too personal for such a public website, but: I watched someone I love go through a relationship like that. Controlling, abusive, life-altering. It culminated in my renting a Uhaul [...]

    11. Sleeping Roses, by RaShelle Workman, is an adult suspense novel, with romance thrown in, about a woman named Sophie who marries an abusive man named David. When Sophie discovers that David is cheating on her and that a relative left her with an inheritance, it gives Sophie the impetus she needs to leave David, the man she married in college.Sophie starts a new life as an art teacher at her friend Rita's place of employment, a private school. Sophie begins a relationship with the theater teacher [...]

    12. I guess I had forgotten the synopsis of this book having downloaded it long ago as a freebie. I suppose this was something of a romantic thriller. No murder though. Super cheesy! The main female character seemed so frail and dependent on her motherly, lesbian BFF. Sophie is clearly on the rebound but she's falling for a coworker and won't tell him about her abusive marriage. I kept looking for different plot twists that didn't happen. "The lesbian BFF secretly doing things to drive Sophie into h [...]

    13. SO this book started out blah and was hard for me to get into especially because it went from present to past I hate those type of books (most of the time) and then it started to get good but there were parts that confussed me and then it got really good I didn't want to put it down and THEN my mouth dropped I did not expect what I got but strangly I loved it.I am glad I kept reading the book, yes in the beginning I kept putting it down, it just couldn't keep my intrest but like I said it did ev [...]

    14. I rarely give a book a 4 star rating but I will for this one because I was more than half way through it before I begin to realized there something was amiss with the main character, Sophie. Its hard to explain why this was such a good book without giving away the surprise twist near the ending. Suffice to say this is a well written book about a woman who tries to escape an emotionally abusive relationship and begin a new life. Unfortunately her husband sees her as his possession and her journey [...]

    15. This book wasn't what I expected, it started off like a relationship gone bad, a woman trying to gain her independence and thenwow did it veer off into left field.Without giving to much away, I really liked left field. It was completely unexpected and added something to the story that well made it even better. One review I read earlier said that the main character was this whiny girl, and maybe she was but I think the reviewer should give the book a second chance and actually finish it. Don't gi [...]

    16. If I could give more stars I would. This book was so good! It did not end the way you tink it will. Loved this bookThere is another book in theis collection. I am going to try and download it on my kindle. I've really enjoyed all the books that RaShelle has written so far. They are ALL great! She is a wonderful writing.

    17. Thank you and RaShelle Workman for this free download. All the twists and turns kept me thumbing through the pages. At the end I was thinking this could possible be a true story. Don't want to say much because it'll give it all away, but great book, worth the read.

    18. I thought this book was interesting. totally had a twist that I didn't see coming and that was a surprise. Will I read the next one? I'm not sure.

    19. I love a good twist in a book! The surprising plot twist blew my mind. Even though I knew from reading the other reviews that there was a plot twist in the book, I literally didn't see this coming! Great story!

    20. best ive read in awhile kept my interestuld not but it down till i finished reading eat readbeast book ive read in awhilept my interest could not put it down till i finished the bookeat book .

    21. Threw me offOk so when I got to the end I was likewhat? Really? I was not expecting that. Don't think anybody could've seen that coming. Worth reading. Sophie is very likeable. Won't give away the story. Just read it!

    22. A very interesting plot. It's pretty obvious what's going onr the main plot, but it doesn't take away from the story any. I even enjoyed the crazy subplots. A very unique story, and it had a lot of potential. I just wasn't too much of a fan of Workman's writing. The writing was rather bland and it didn't really flow very well. The dialogue was awkward at best. The monologue was stilted and came across as Workman trying too hard. There were also a few long winded descriptions of things that held [...]

    23. Sophie's life was tinged with grief and heartache. She had started out well enough until the death of her parents. After that she had went on, trying to live her life. She went to college like they had wanted her to and during her college years she met Rina, her best friend, and David, whom she married. She had been an amazing artist. So much so that when she and David were married she had her own studio in their home. But all wasn't well within their home. She was unhappy, scared. David had a t [...]

    24. Sophie was in love- and leaving it behind was the hardest decision she thought she'd ever face. Her husband, David, was everything she ever thought she'd need in her life after the death of her parents. But there's a dark side to her Prince Charming, and she finds the point where she just can't take anymore. When she receives an inheritance, she flees, determined to escape the Hell her marriage had become.Starting a new life is scary, but fulfilling. She meets Phillip, the theater director at Sa [...]

    25. Well, what I initially expected from this book was a sore marriage transforming into a happy one, which is actually the type of romance I always like reading. But this book slapped me hard on with the saying, "expect the unexpected." Yes, it sure did. At the first part of the story I anticipated that there would be rekindling of romance. I always hoped it would happen until I realized it was impossible since it showed later on that David had the highest level of craziness, for me to even think a [...]

    26. This was a very quick read, and not because it was good (although I admit some parts were intriguing), mostly though I kept on reading to see what stupid things the character would do next. The story itself meandered; this is no thriller. It has extremely bad pacing and there are hardly any "peak" events that you would normally find in a decent thriller. The ending, although while interesting, completely nullified the rest of the book. The end "twist" was just a cop-out, a safe and easy way for [...]

    27. I like descriptive writing, but prefer it to be shown and not told in depth in every other paragraph. This story doesn't draw you in, it simply narrates to you. Every few sentences the story stops to detail an inner monologue, a memory, or the setting/environment of the room that things are happening in. It made the start painfully slow, and by page three I was already skipping ahead. I finished it rather fast because I didn't read much more than a few sentences per page. Typical story of girl m [...]

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