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Free Agent

Free Agent I was transported back to the heyday of spy fiction and reminded of the best of le Carr Deighton and Forsyth Christopher Reich author of Rules of Deception Hailed as the beginning of a classic ser

  • Title: Free Agent
  • Author: Jeremy Duns
  • ISBN: 9780670021017
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I was transported back to the heyday of spy fiction and reminded of the best of le Carr , Deighton, and Forsyth Christopher Reich, author of Rules of Deception Hailed as the beginning of a classic series that s sure to be a huge hit Gayle Lynds , Free Agent is an intense and relentlessly paced spy thriller that introduces an unforgettable new hero to the canon of e I was transported back to the heyday of spy fiction and reminded of the best of le Carr , Deighton, and Forsyth Christopher Reich, author of Rules of Deception Hailed as the beginning of a classic series that s sure to be a huge hit Gayle Lynds , Free Agent is an intense and relentlessly paced spy thriller that introduces an unforgettable new hero to the canon of espionage literature In June 1945, Paul Dark, a young British agent, joined his father on a mission to hunt down and execute Nazi war criminals Twenty five years later, a defecting KGB officer turns up in Nigeria, and Dark realizes that everything he thought he knew about the 1945 operation, about its repercussions and about Anna the woman he fell in love with during his assignment was a lie Now Dark is suspected of being a double agent and must flee to Nigeria to find, confront, and, if necessary, kill the only woman he has ever loved.

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      495 Jeremy Duns
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    1 thought on “Free Agent

    1. Free Agent is the first in Jeremy Duns' planned trilogy of novels featuring Paul Dark. Free Agent is to be followed be Free Country and then Free World. And I must say this novel gets the series off to a flying start. The first jolt comes within the opening pages after you've been lulled into a false sense of security. It's the obligatory briefing scene, where the secret agent receives his mission instructions from his superior. Often in this type of scene in other spy books, you get the crusty [...]

    2. The first book in the Paul Dark series, a thrilling spy novel set mostly in Nigeria in 1969. Great blend of espionage and intrigue, with a fast paced action filled plot. Paul Dark is a unique protagonist, I look forward to getting my hands on the next novel in the series.

    3. Delighted to have been recommended this book as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read a lot of thrillers and it is hard not to see many similar themes and ideas, but this was a bit different.Firstly it is set in 1969, a time of turmoil in the British Secret Service as the exposure of the spies within the “Cambridge Five” have set everyone against each-other amongst the suspicion of further spies. Secondly, our “hero”, Paul Dark, is precisely that. A senior intelligence official but he works fo [...]

    4. I didn't think this book was great but it was ok. I didn't realize until the end of the book that it was a start of a series with the next book being Free Country featuring Paul Dark. I think with it being the first book in the series that the author made a mistake. Most first books in a series set everything up and give a lot of depth to a character. I didn't feel the author did this. I felt he had a story he wanted to tell and he was going to tell it. The plot I felt was somewhat confusing and [...]

    5. This was a strange book. While reading it, I went back and forth between liking and disliking. One problem is the main character is not very likable. And he seems to act too quickly, not really thinking things through, although he is quick to figure things out when they happen, He just seems to continually make bad choices. But the plot is swift enough and intriguing enough to keep me reading, just to find out where it was headed. But at the end, I really didn't care. One big plus though is the [...]

    6. It's mindblowing to me that this is Jeremy Duns' first book. Within 5 pages I felt like I was decades into a spy family dynasty. The emotional investment was instantaneous and the pace of the book kept me turing page after page.

    7. Excellent Cold War thriller, complete with double agent. This is the first of a trilogy and I eagerly await book 2.

    8. A 4+ stars book, a really excellent example of the espionage fiction genre, a plausible plot that is full of twists and turns with several last minute ones that I defy most people to see coming. Mr Duns also achieves the remarkable feat of making his protagonist a sympathetic traitor. Very highly recommended, looking forward to reading the other 3 in the series.

    9. Audiobook version. A good story, pacy, action and describes 1969 well. First book by the author for me, I will read more.

    10. This was a crazy book. The beginning is almost insane. It started off like various Alistair MacClean [sp ?] novels I have read, but at the end of the first chapter took the most unexpected turn. Completely shocked me so much that I went back and reread it because I could not believe what I had read. I would like to say it was a 'fast read' and held me on the edge of my seat, but after the revelation in the first chapter it really seemed to slow down for me. The course of the entire book takes pl [...]

    11. Well, well. How much did I enjoy this?Plenty.Let's see: Spies. The Second World War. Spies. The Cold War. Spies. The 1960's. Spies. Yup! Everything set fair for me to enjoy this one.And I did.If I might give you some advice based on my reading of this one; have a good grip on this book right from the start.For, after just a few pages, there I am, staring blankly at the page I just read, blinking, with my jaw bouncing back up off floor. And I'm wondering; 'The hell happened there?! Did he just? B [...]

    12. Empty "thriller" with an uninteresting protagonist,Looking back, I can't say where the book took a turn, but it didn't take long for the story presented to start getting bogged down in it's own details or, occassionally, lack thereof. The story had potential, but our narrator, Paul Dark, is a character that it is hard to like or dislike; he just tells us his story. Never knowing whether or not Dark (the name is a bit too cliche for my tastes, as well) is a good guy or a bad guy, a victim or a vi [...]

    13. This is a very interesting take on the traditional Cold War spy novel. Paul Dark, the slick spy at the center of the novel is a spy for Great Britain in 1969 and, while in the upper ranks of "Five" he is informed that there is a Russian, Communist traitor within the organization. The catch is, that Dark knows the traitor is himself.As it turns out, the Russians manipulated Dark at the end of WWII into thinking that his own countrymen had killed a Soviet spy-posing-as-nurse that he'd come to love [...]

    14. It's been 25 years since Paul was asked to join the MI6 with his father. Their job was to take down certain Nazi's and keep it on the down low. Paul doesn't just work for MI6, he's actually a double agent worked alongside the KGB. Now, Paul is on the run. Will he be able to outsmart both or will his decisions stomp on him leaving only a pile of dirt?I found this spy novel to be entertaining. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites but it's far from horrible. I guess I would say that it's so-so. [...]

    15. Despite myself, I coudln't help like the plot turns and the resourceful character of Paul Dark. He is in the British intelligence, but has a secret life (spoiler here) working for the Soviet Union from the close of WWII to the 60s when the story takes place as a double agent. Lots of intrigue, double dealing and close calls, and a pretty cynical look at how governments work. Dark's ability to get himself out of scrapes with his wits and bravado is impressive. Language (occasional f-bombs and vio [...]

    16. The story started off well with a good premise and sounded like it would be a good cold war spy novel, but went downhill quickly. I only finished it because it was only 340 pages long and I was hoping it would pick up.The protagonist, Paul Dark, is a character you never really get to like. He is always doing stupid things but somehow pulls it off by discovering something at the very last moment Quite annoying.Anyway, I don't recommend this to anyone and would probably avoid Jeremy Duns in the fu [...]

    17. Paul Dark joins his father in 1945 as an MI6 agent for Britain.He and his father are on a top secret mission to hunt downand unofficially execute Nazi war criminals. Twenty Five yearslater he is a seasoned veteran of MI6 but unknown to all overall these years he has also been with the KGB. This is aninteresting book to read even though there is not a lot ofaction it's interesting to see how he remains a double agentand is never caught.

    18. A very good serious espionage novel. The protagonist is very compelling and complex, both shockingly cold and brutish at times and others almost sympathetic, definitely a character with hidden surfaces, one I would like to get to know better in other books. The pace of the book was good, it is obviously well researched, with a good sense of the time period but the author does not feel the need to bore the reader by dragging in too much background in order to applaud his effort. Very good.

    19. the premise of the story had such great potential however the telling of the story left much to be desired. some of the main details were difficult to follow so it didn't always see, to make sense to me. there were situations in the story where the action could have been really interesting however it was so blandly written and so predictable that it fell flat. a very disappointing read when it could have been so much more.

    20. Free Agent is a book that makes you want to keep reading. It has levels of suspense about the main character Paul Dark searching for Nazi war criminals to execute. The character is not cold hearted and is actually in love with a woman named Anna. Dark journey through the book is not a simple one. He soon learns that everything he blieves is untrue and puts him on the run from the the KGB and MI6. The book is exciting to read.

    21. This book had a lot of the things I dislike about male authors and male action protagonists, including the presentation and treatment of female characters. The plot was interesting enough to get me through to the end, though personally I wouldn't classify it as a "thriller." (Just look at how long it took me to finish, compared to books I've really enjoyed: far from being unable to put it down, I had to keep taking breaks.)

    22. Free Agent is an accurate, fictional insight into the espionage world during the Cold War. I found this book as I like espionage and modern history. Paul Dark intrigued me so much that I am planning on reading the full series.

    23. Our "hero" is Paul Dark (yes, really), a British Secret Service agent who, twenty years ago, may possibly have become a double agent for Russia. No big deal, except now there's a Russian defector offering up a double agent turned twenty years ago in exchange for asylum or whateverad more

    24. In theory the book was probably an attempt to write a classic antihero but Paul Dark is thoroughly unlikeable. The thin characterisation is not helped by leaden prose that fancies itself more deadpan than it is. Without a doubt the author has read widely but the comparisons to Le Carre could not be less apt. A world simply was not made.

    25. A British secret agent reads a report about a Soviet defector who is prepared to name a mole within MI6 and so starts a train of events leading to murder, cross and double-cross.An intricate story told at a cracking pace. Some of the scenes are unbelievable but overall a satisfying read.If you liked “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy” you’ll probably enjoy this book.

    26. Spends much of his time tracking down plagiarists and outing authors who sockpuppet to boost their own works and/or denigrade that of others. I intend to support him for his integrityardian/commentisfrorify/stevemosby/jeremy-

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