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Married to the Military

Married to the Military You ve heard a lot about our brave men in uniform but have you ever wondered about their wives Married to the Military Terry L Rollins beautifully written powerful collection takes you behind the

  • Title: Married to the Military
  • Author: Terry L. Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781606968932
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ve heard a lot about our brave men in uniform, but have you ever wondered about their wives Married to the Military, Terry L Rollins beautifully written, powerful collection, takes you behind the scenes in the lives of ten extraordinary yet completely different military wives Readers will laugh and cry with these women as they share their experiences navigating theYou ve heard a lot about our brave men in uniform, but have you ever wondered about their wives Married to the Military, Terry L Rollins beautifully written, powerful collection, takes you behind the scenes in the lives of ten extraordinary yet completely different military wives Readers will laugh and cry with these women as they share their experiences navigating the ever changing waters of life in the military Meet these wives as they deal with everything from parties, pregnancy, multiple moves, and retirement, to death, depression, and victory over demons from the past Each of these women brings to the reader their own sense of the joys and sacrifices of being a military wife in today s world Feel the pride, the pain, and the passion these women face as they allow readers everywhere to experience life as it is when Married to the Military.

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    1 thought on “Married to the Military

    1. Loved these stories :) Being a military wife myself I could definitely relate to the joys and struggles highlighted in this book. The stories are fiction but they sure did feel real to me had me reaching for my Kleenex several times! Sort of felt like an episode of this is your life LOL Highly recommend to those interested in getting to know what life can be like for the women who live on this perpetual roller coaster ride of being married to the military! Thanks so much to the author for the co [...]

    2. As is so often the case I received this book from the author in exchange for a review. Despite that immense kindness I give my candid thoughts below.The book is a collection of easily digested vignettes featuring, unsurprisingly, the wives of those who serve our country every single day. Topics range from the joys of birth to the tragedy of death. Pretty much exactly what you would expect given the title.On the positive side, the book certainly does tug at your heartstrings. Though fictional, I [...]

    3. I Won this book through a Giveaway and I very much thankful for the author for this book. Reading this book has been eye opening in a lot of ways and the author has a done a fantastical job of putting emotions into a theme and stories like this. Married to the Military gives a glimpse into the home life of those families of the militaries and how they cope with certain parts of life alone while their husbands are out doing their incredible job. The stories in itself is very different with everyo [...]

    4. "One of the Most Remarkable, Heart Touching Novels"I am so very thankful to have the opportunity the read this wonderful story by Terry L. Rollins. She has compiled several short stories about military wives. It's fiction, but these stories do reflect the actual joys and sorrows of wives who also help serve their country. The first story of Tracy's is when she is eight and one-half months pregnant with her fourth child. Her typical one-day of getting ready for a dinner party, cleaning house, pla [...]

    5. I got this book free from the author. This is my honest review.This very revealing book tells about the wives of our military men, covering different situations from one real woman's point of view for each situation. Some seem not all that different from wives of other busy traveling men, with subtle differences--1) pregnancy and birth while your husband is deployed, 2)husbands who get hurt or killed in difficult situations because of the constant danger of their jobs, 3) the difficult role of a [...]

    6. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for members of the military. Admittedly, I know very little about their lives, the lives of their families, and, in general, what military life is truly like. Therefore, when I received a copy of Terry L. Rollins’ Married to the Military, I dove into it with excitement, hoping for a glimpse into the lives of those selfless people (both military members and those that support them) who dedicate themselves to our country. I was not disappointed. In M [...]

    7. I received this book directly from the author in exchange for an honest review.First let me say this is not the type of book I normally read, but I'm a big supporter of the military and I liked the idea of getting inside the head of the military wife. Second, it wasn't until AFTER I read this book that I started reading the reviews (I glanced at the description, but it didn't sink in that these were fiction) that I realized they were fictional, but despite the shock value of that revelation, I'm [...]

    8. The pleasures and travails of military families.I was married to a retired military man after he was discharged, but I had the opportunity to visit with military wives of WWII Vets and after living in Germany after the war, how difficult it was for them to get back to US because they went with the children without their husbands, often on a big ship and with three or four children, they were exhausting times. But they were not officers’ wives.The author of this book was a military wife to a U. [...]

    9. Terrific collection of short stories detailing the many aspects of life of the families in the military. Moving, humorous and sometimes heartbreakingly poignant , it profiles ten very different women, each married to a member of the armed forces and the trials and tribulations of their life. From newlyweds, to struggling mommy's, to retirees , each face a vast array of challenges that prove courage and bravery is not confined to the battleground. A reverend's wife battles depression, until she t [...]

    10. They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That is not true of MARRIED TO THE MILITARY by Terry L. Rollins. It is a beautiful book with a beautiful cover. It is a behind the scenes look into the lives of ten military wives – all different women and different situations in various branches of the military. All of the stories are poignant and beautifully written. I love that the characters were human. They talked, felt and reacted like real people that you know – not larger than life [...]

    11. This is a collection of fictional short stories. But they read more like memoir or essay. In fact, if I hadn’t been told in the description that the stories were fictional I might have assumed this was a collection from real-world women.When I think of fiction, I think of active drama in the form of “show don’t tell.’ But in this collection, written as they were in a more memoir or essay style, it was pretty much all ‘tell’… as in telling the reader what they went through.For whate [...]

    12. Married to the Military is a collection of ten short stories about Military Wives and the lives they live. While the women in these stories may not be real, the stories and emotions portrayed are. From a young wife who finds out that her husband is cheating on her to a wife of a retired general who is finding difficulty dealing with retirement, there is so much heart and soul in this book that you will cry.Being a Military Wife isn't easy having to essentially raise your children alone while you [...]

    13. This is a wonderful book, sent to me by Miss Terry Rollins across the miles. All the stories in this book made me cry. Gut-wrenching, heart-warming, moving, riveting. I cried when I read Jessica's Till Death Do Us Part, Audra's In Sickness and Health and Camille's My Demon Within. My eyes grew tired of shedding tears in the end, but my heart was overwhelmed and filled with lessons about the military life. I am not a military wife, but I could very much relate to the women married to men in unifo [...]

    14. I loved this book. This isn't the genre of book that I normally read but I was given a copy for an honest review. To say the least, I was very surprised on how much I liked this book. It is a collection of well written stories about ten different wives and their experiences being married to military men. I didn't want to put this book down, it made me laugh and cry. When I had to put it down to sleep, work or just participate in life, the stories in this book were always on my mind. I haven't be [...]

    15. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewMarried to the Military by Terry L. Rollins is a book that if you are planning to marry someone in the military you should read. Too many young girls just see the uniform and not the job of the wife. Too many marriages don't make it. Make sure that you know that your spouse is married to the military and not you at least not until your spouse gets out or retires. Now about this fantastic book This book might be fictional but it is all so true. I was a military wif [...]

    16.  Military mom heartily recommends this heartwarming, inspiring bookI'm not a military wife but I am a military mom and each and every story in this collection touched me.There are stories of pregnant wives, a family with ten children, grieving wives, new wives - but all the wives have things in common. They are loyal, strong, patriotic women who love their husbands and their country.There are ten fictional stories in the book but they read true. And every story is a good one.I also liked the ve [...]

    17. A Book Worth Reading!I just finished reading ten amazing stories told by military wives. I found it was hard to put down this book. Some of the stories will bring a smile to your face, while others will be heartbreaking and will bring you to tears.Author Terry L. Rollins, being a military wife herself, knows how to tell a story. Her characters are very real and will touch your life.I am sending this book to my daughter. She has been a military wife for 20 years and 7 months!

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