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Eulalia The golden fox Vizka Longtooth and his scurrilous crew of Sea Raiders are bound for plunder and conquest in their ship s hold a young badger lies captive At the same time the aged badger lord of Sal

  • Title: Eulalia!
  • Author: Brian Jacques
  • ISBN: 9780142414958
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • The golden fox Vizka Longtooth and his scurrilous crew of Sea Raiders are bound for plunder and conquest in their ship s hold, a young badger lies captive At the same time, the aged badger lord of Salamandastron has sent forth a haremaid, questing for his successor A brownrat chieftain, with his savage horde, ravages Mossflower Country The fate of all these creatures,The golden fox Vizka Longtooth and his scurrilous crew of Sea Raiders are bound for plunder and conquest in their ship s hold, a young badger lies captive At the same time, the aged badger lord of Salamandastron has sent forth a haremaid, questing for his successor A brownrat chieftain, with his savage horde, ravages Mossflower Country The fate of all these creatures, good and evil, is caught up in this saga of war and destiny The war cry thunders out across the land Eulalia

    Eulalia Eulalia is the th book in the Redwall children s fantasy novel series by author Brian Jacques and illustrated by David Elliot Eulalia Victory is also the war cry used by the fighting hares and badgers in the Redwall series It comes from Weialala leia, the lament of the Valkyries in Richard Wagner s opera Gtterdmmerung, as quoted by T S Eliot in The Waste Land. Eulalia Name Meaning, Popularity, and Similar Names The name Eulalia is a girl s name of Greek origin meaning sweetly speaking Eulalia and is often added to lists like Badass Princess Names and discussed in our forums with posts like ALPHABET Drop Add Eulalia Name Meaning Origin Baby Name Wizard Comments and insights on the name Eulalia Edit Eulalia e u la lia as a girl s name is pronounced yoo LAY lee AH It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Eulalia is well spoken. Eulalia of Barcelona Saint Eulalia Aulaire, Aulazia, Olalla, Eulria c February , co patron saint of Barcelona, was a year old Roman Christian virgin who suffered martyrdom in Barcelona during the persecution of Christians in the reign of emperor Diocletian although the Sequence of Saint Eulalia mentions the pagan king Maximian.There is some dispute as to whether she is the same person as Eulalia Name Meaning, What does Eulalia mean Which version is better Eula, Eulah, Eulalie and Lallie are the popular related forms of Eulalia rated in the Top Usage of these forms of Eulalia was pronounced among parents during MEDIAN , but now, versions such as Eulalia have become less trendy. Eulalia c. d Genealogy geni family tree Thaumastus born c was a friend and uncle of Sidonius Apollinaris His brother, the elder Apollinaris was born around and was the praetorian Eulalia Wiktionary Apr , Charles Sigismond Kunth Rvision des gramines publies dans les Nova genera et species plantarum de Humboldt et Bonpland prcder d un travail gnral sur la famille des gramines in Latin , Paris, page Dixi hoc genus in honorem Eulali Delile, cujus perito elegantique penicillo icones hujus operis ut et quorumdam aliorum Meaning, origin and history of the name Eulalia Behind Derived from Greek eulalos meaning sweetly speaking, itself from good and to talk This was the name of an early th century saint and martyr from Merida in Spain She is a patron saint of Barcelona. Eulalia Saint Eulalia disambiguation , the name of two venerated Spanish martyr saints, with similar hagiographies of possibly same historical origin, with several locales in Roman Catholic countries named after them Saint Eulalia of Mrida c Saint Eulalia of Barcelona c whose relics are assumed to be in the Barcelona Cathedral, La Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eullia St Eulalia Winchester, MA This is the official website for Saint Eulalia s Parish in Winchester, Massachusetts, USA Bonded In service to Jesus Christ and each other.

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    1. Brian Jacques was one of the pillars of my childhood. I grew up with the Redwall series, pretty much literally; the full-cast production audiobooks were a constant on family road trip, and there were a lot of the books in my elementary school library. I now own nineteen of the books, plus three Tribes of Redwall booklets, the Map and Riddler, the official cookbook (and yes, I've made some of the famous feasting food; watershrimp and hotroot soup really is that good), two picture books, and the o [...]

    2. This was most top-hole and first-rate, and all that. I enjoyed it to no end, until it ended, of course, and within the reasonable bounds of possible enjoyment.

    3. "Is not the light of day a wondrous thing? It banishes all fears and worries of the previous night." —Eulalia!, P. 57 For the first time since Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger Ruler of Salamandastron is blind in Eulalia!, victim of the ferocity of his own youthful Bloodwrath. Lord Asheye is an elderly badger now, wiser and more cautious than when he was young, living his final seasons at Salamandastron mountain with the Long Patrol of warrior hares to daily assist him. Yet Asheye knows there's a s [...]

    4. ***Mild Spoilers***After so many Redwall books, even die-hard fans must admit they get a tiny bit predictable. However, this one did not turn out quite like I thought it would. The annoying little hedgehog banished for thieving does not have great adventures, become a hero and return victoriously to Redwall after his banishment ends, and some characters had different fates/demises than I had expected (though I should learn not to expect things from Jacques!). While I remain partial to some of th [...]

    5. Eulalia is another Redwall epic from Brian Jacques. The basic storyline is that Gorath, a badger, has been captured by a crew of Sea Raiders led by Vizka Longtooth who decides to try to capture Redwall Abbey. The Sea Raiders aren't the only ones trying to capture the famous Abbey - Gruntan Kurdly and his Brownrat crew are also attacking the Abbey - and the Sea Raiders. Meanwhile, Maudie, a Salamandastron fighting hare, is trying to find a badger to fulfill a prophecy of Salamandastron. All these [...]

    6. This is another great novel from the late Brian Jacques. EULALIA! is a tale of Bloodwrath and badgers.It began as a night for raiding. Tired from a long day's worth of hard work, the young badger Gorath sleeps with his grandparents in their dwelling on the far Northern Isles. He awakes to find his home afire, and a golden-furred fox standing over him with a mace and chain. Twice Gorath is hit over the head with the mace, then goes unconscious. He is taken aboard the ship of the fox, Vizka Longto [...]

    7. Eulalia! Is a marvelous book written by Brian Jacques. It is about a young badger named Gorath who is captured by Sea Raiders and sailed all the way to Mossflower country. There the captian of the ship, Vizka Longteeth, decides to invade Redwall Abbey after capturing a small hedgehog named Orkwill Prink who is from Redwall. Orkwill then helps Gorath escape from the ship and they go back to Redwall.Meanwhile over in Salamandastron, Maudie Thropple is being sent out to find Gorath. She is sent by [...]

    8. I thought this book was exciting. When I picked up the book I knew I would like it, but I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I was completely caught up in the book! I chose the book because I had read other books by Brian Jaques. I totally recommend this book, especially if you liked reading, The Hobbit. It was exciting, adventurous, and filled with action. The main characters, a young hedgehog named Orkwil, and a young badger named Gunthor, get fought up in the action when an army o [...]

    9. And once again I find myself reading a Brian Jacques novel after a disappointing Dystopia novel. This one is one of the last books that Brian Jacques wrote and so I haven't read it as many times as some of the others. This one has a lot going for it. I LOVE Maudie the slightly crazed, very opinionated heroine. I find hares in generally very amusing in Jacques' books and Maudie has a pleasant balance of courage and humor. The villain for this one was a bit more forgettable than most but I did adm [...]

    10. Brian Jacques is so amazing! He can put sadness, pity, joy and anger and many other emotions into just one book! One of my best reads of the year.

    11. Although this yarn of Redwall written by the late Brian Jacques occurs chronologically well beyond its initial entry, it contains a structure similar to the stories occurring temporally before Redwall, although the setting this time is the mountain stronghold Salamandastron, where a Badger Lord tells a story to his daughter. The first chapter after the prologue introduces some of the main antagonists, the crew of the vessel Bludgullet, spearheaded by the vulpine Captain Vizka Longtooth, with his [...]

    12. How could I NOT like a Redwall book with a warcry title that centers almost entirely around a Badger's bloodlust? Nay, such an idea is preposterous! I loved the fast pace and brutality of the battles in this book, and I remember being very satisfied with the third act in particular.

    13. I'm normally very critical of the later books in Brian Jacques' Redwall franchise. The general consensus within the fandom is that things started to go downhill around Outcast of Redwall (for me it's nearer Marlfox, but whatever) but Eulalia! is actually very decent. This is mostly due to its excellent cast of characters. Maudie is a refreshing addition to the series, never veering too far into Mary Sue territory as so many of Jacques' female characters are wont to do. Instead she's a fierce fig [...]

    14. Not as epic as the earlier books. I found none of the villains threatening. Usually, a Redwall book has at least one bad guy who is either smart or so crazy that you don't know what s/he might do - one who seems like a real threat to the protagonists. Here, you had the moronic Brownrats and the none-too-bright sea raiders. There were no epic hordes of vermin, either, nor real battle scenes. Certainly they were nowhere close to conquering Redwall or Salamandastron. Also, the two named-good-guy de [...]

    15. Eulalia by Brian Jaques was a book I really enjoyed reading. The book was very well written with cool adventures the characters went on. The adventures kept you on edge wondering what the outcome would be. Throughout the story as a reader i began liking characters for their extreme and different personalities and purposes throughout the story. Each character had their skill sets and abilities making them unique and special to the story. at the end of the story i felt happy knowing their outcomes [...]

    16. When I give the book 2 stars, I am not saying at all that it is a bad book. It includes everything I like about the Redwall series, and Jacques' writing is as good as ever. But really, there isn't really anything about the book, or the last few books in the series, that makes it stand out from the other Redwall books. Basically, the species of the protagonist and villain are changed, the motive of the protagonist is changed (avenging family member, hunting for purpose in life, just being a swell [...]

    17. Its probably been 15 years since I started reading the Redwall series, and I still enjoy them to this day. Its hard not to enjoy Brian Jacques' stories, no matter how old you are. A wonderful mixture of cute and happy animals, savage battles, and nasty bad guys (or is that bad beasts?), can appeal to young readers and hardened fantasy fans alike.Eulalia, like a few of Jacques' other Redwall books, focuses mainly on a young badger lord. Salamandastron has always stood out as my favorite of the Re [...]

    18. Torn from his humble home in the Northern Isles, Gorath the badger is taken captive aboard the feared vessel Bludgullet captained by the feared Viska Longtooth, a savage and crazed fox with an unquenchable blood thirst. Meanwhile, far away in the heart of Mossflower Woods, a young thief is exiled from the great Redwall Abbey. Excited to seek his fortunes in the wider world, Orkwill Prink, a spirited and energetic hedgehog forges ahead into the unknown to search out his fate. Orkwill is unaware h [...]

    19. Eulalia is an animal fiction novel by Brain Jacques. This is the nineteenth book in the series of animals that walk talk, and fight. The protagonists of all these books are mice, rabbits, otters, and badgers, while the antagonists, or vermin, of these books are ferrets, rats, weasels, and stoats The plot of this book follow a young badger named Gorath who lives with his grandparents until they are murdered by vermin. He is then taken captive and is taken to a far off land. After he escapes he ru [...]

    20. I had the unfortunate pleasure to read this book during a very hectic week of my life, when I was getting ready for school and moving to a different apartment. Because of that, a lot of Eulalia! was very forgettable to me, partly due to the story itself and partly due to the distractions I had while reading it.The one character that stood out to me was Maudie, mainly because I thought it humorous whenever (the Hon.) showed up in her name. I think she was most likely modeled after Dottie or Hon R [...]

    21. This was a fun read. The main characters Maudie, Orkwil, and Gorath were a lot of fun to read about, and there are some important characterizations that any reader could apply to their life.First, Maudie's chief characteristic is loyalty. Obviously, she is brave, humorous, and a flippin' awesome boxer, wot! But she was given an assignment at the beginning of the book, and she followed through to the very end on it, even against impossible odds.Second, Orkwil he is banished from Redwall Abbey for [...]

    22. In my opinion, Eulalia! was a nice step up from the previous book in the series. It definitely struck me as a little more intense, because I was never all that sure which characters might die.I felt fully convinced of Jacques's world this time, and I was pleased to see several small themes throughout the story dealing with the somewhat "outcasted" characters. Mad Maude was an especially entertaining character, and I greatly appreciated the occasional clever boxing scenes that she had throughout [...]

    23. This is basically the same Redwall novel that's been coming out for the last few years, but this round the main characters are a young badger (Gorath) that's been taken prisoner by a band of sea vermin, and a haremaid (Mad Maudie) from Salamandastron on a mission to find him and take him back to become the new badgerlord. The villain is Vizka Longtooth, a golden fox who is roughly the same as the other villains in the series.Still, despite the fact it is pretty much a formula novel, I enjoyed it [...]

    24. I think this book was a very exciting and most warlike books I've read our of the Redwall series. I like how the main character called Gorath (badger in front cover) names his weapon "Tung." I REALLY like the name "Tung" for a two-point pitchfork. The book seemed to be extended from the begining, but then at the end, it seemed to be rushed through. But I thought it ended quite well. What I really thought was interesting was that when (only a few) badgers cry out "Eulalia," it activates something [...]

    25. When I was loving the Redwall series in elementary school, I never really thought about their author, because kids don't think about that stuff. Look him up; he was a pretty cool guy. Also, I didn't realize that he was still alive and churning out books: this one was published in 2007 (Jacques died in 2011) and in between his first few and this later book, he seems to have mellowed out a little. The Badger Lord hero is a Maximus-type who'd rather farm than fight, and the two big bad guys are mor [...]

    26. The story is another typical Redwall tale, with all the same elements as its predecessors: awesome badger lords, mad military hares, irritable Guosim, starchy sickbay mouse matron, incorrigible abbey youngster who (frustratingly) ends up with disproportionate privileges after reforming his ways, etc etc. In this book, however, it was the generally poor standard of writing that really surprised me. In particular, but the author's very bad use of commas in many sentences did not make for a smooth [...]

    27. I love this book! Every person who appreciates Brian Jacques' work, will desire to keep this novel dear to them. When Gorath the Badger gets taken captive by Vizka Longtooth, Vizka has not only Gorath on his mind, but raiding Redwall Abbey. When Vizka's patrol finds a young hedgepig, Orkwil Prink, Orkwil soon relizes that these murderous looking sea-pirates mean no play. He is chained to a mast next to Gorath. He unlocks the massive lock that holds them both captive, and they both go gallavantin [...]

    28. WARNING: MINOR SPOILERSI read the summary for this book and I wanted to read it but as the book progressed I felt like the author was just dragging the story to make the book longer. I was reading this waiting for something to happen but Gorath was just wasting his time and even when I had read more than half of the book Maudie still had not gotten any where near Redwall Abbey. I was honestly really disappointed in this book. I think that the author could have made it better by making it shorter [...]

    29. Brian Jacques has been releasing the same story since Redwall first came out, back in the 80s. Sure, there have been various small divergences, but none that really stand out.It must be a very GOOD story, though, because Eulalia is an enjoyable book. I felt like I had read it before, and since I'm one of those people who tend to read books over and over again, that's a good thing. All in all, Eulalia was not one of Jacques better efforts. The narrative states the obvious--over and over again, an [...]

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