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Take Me

Take Me An Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooners story I want to taste you His voice seduced her His body costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion headed god of the massacre made her body bu

  • Title: Take Me
  • Author: Grace Samuels
  • ISBN: 9990100000120
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • An Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooners story I want to taste you His voice seduced her His body, costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion headed god of the massacre, made her body burn It was inappropriate, unprofessional, but when he spoke, I m not a gentle lover I ll take you fast I ll take you hard, and I won t stop until we ve both come DianAn Ellora s Cave Naughty Nooners story I want to taste you His voice seduced her His body, costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion headed god of the massacre, made her body burn It was inappropriate, unprofessional, but when he spoke, I m not a gentle lover I ll take you fast I ll take you hard, and I won t stop until we ve both come Diana willingly took the plunge into decadence, forgetting where they were and who she was.

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      332 Grace Samuels
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    1 thought on “Take Me

    1. Oooh, I liked this nooner. The ending was predictable - you just have to pay attention to the little clues - but Thad and Diana were sweet and very likable. Plus, there was nothing too kinky in the love scenes to scare me away, thankfully. :)

    2. I'm new to the whole erotica/romance genre of books. I've been toying with some novels, what to read first, where to start my journey without going to far too fast. After much debate I figured I'd start out with a couple short stories first, you know get my feet wet before jumping in to the deep end. Don't want to shock the system too soon. I have my sights set on Backstage Pass but I have been warned/advised to build up to it rather than plunging in head first. So, this is my first erotica shor [...]

    3. This was a fun little read. Hot without too much kink and with an ending that made me smile!

    4. Amazing plot, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This book is great! I think I found a new author to add to my favorite list along with Stacey Kennedy :)This book was set at a museum during an Egyptian exhibit party. The chemistry between the two characters were amazing. The author did a great job making the words come alive and paint a picture in the reader's mind.The ending was BEAUTIFUL. It was so romantic! I love romantic books with a little spice added to it :)Bravo.

    5. Intriguing little tale! Don't be fooled, this is not one of those cheap thrill short stories. The author does a great job of setting it up and providing adequate background and insight into the characters. She has a very fast paced and interesting style. My only complaint was that this is a short story! I hope the author decides to make a novel length version one day. Definitely one of the best erotic shorts out there!

    6. This ebook is (or was) free on ; honestly i bought it out of boredom and no idea of what to read. I am beyond surprise at the story. I love it, so sweet and tender, yet incredibly hot and steamy. Is a short story, about 10, maybe 15 pages long (i am never sure on the kindle). I truly enjoyed this one.

    7. A very short story. Thad seduces Diana at a museum party. Thad is dressed as an Egyptian god. The surprise ending is great- I never guessed!

    8. Dr. Diana Anderson is a young, intelligent, vibrant and lonely Denver museum associate. During a gala night opening she is accosted by Thad. His self-confidence is a heady drug she finds hard to resist. He doesn’t mince words and plainly states his desire to have her sexually. They seem to personify lust at first sight. The question that occurs to them and the reader is how can something so wrong feel so right? Their actions are decadence at its sweetest revealing hedonistic indulgences that a [...]

    9. I have read several of these types of books with the little “surprise ending” so I caught on in the first page. I thought the story was very well written in the technical aspect. This is a 16 page quickie so I wasn’t looking for deep characterization and plot, just for a little fun, which is exactly what I got. The sex scene was fun, not mind-blowing, but still good.I have one issue with the story, which is why I rated it a 3 instead of a 4.(view spoiler)[ If you don’t see your husband f [...]

    10. The story was nice, the technical aspects almost flawless, and the sex pretty darn hot. However, the characters fell a little flat. Kane should either have been nicer or gone all the way over into bad boy mode (which is what I'd have preferred, frankly) considering who and what he was. Sadly, the HEA at the end was equally flat, as if the author didn't quite know how to end it, said, 'Well, they've got to get together somehow' and just stuck that on there. If you're only going to read it for the [...]

    11. Cleaver, cleaver story. I very much enjoyed the lead up to the ending, which was the best I've read in a long time. The sex scene was delicious and very kinky, but not raunchy in anyway, and the lead up to the fun was cleaver.This story has a great surprise ending, and I enjoyed not knowing until that point. I also loved the great character developement and the longing to find out who her Egyptian God was for the evening. The game they played was sexy and fun, and I'm sure it's one that many peo [...]

    12. I've been reading more erotica lately, frankly because I'm thinking about writing one myself and I figured I should get familiar with what is being done these days. I got this one from for the Kindle. It's a longish short story. I got caught in traffic on my commute this morning and we were backed up for almost half an hour, just enough time to start and finish this one. The writing was really good and the story was pretty sexy. A little dirty and kind of sweet too. I enjoyed it.

    13. I thought I would never see the end of this short story. I thought this will be one of those short erotic novels that I will forget in a long time. I was mistaken. Although this isn't a lengthy one, I'm glad there was a plot that I was able to follow. I am glad because there was a reason why a super hot, erotic steamy scene was incorporated in the book. The twist or unexpected ending was something that surprised me. I am really glad I read it until the end.

    14. I am not going to sit and justify my feelings on this story. I feel like a lot of these short stories should really be more. Is it that authors are so excited to publish that they stop writing before the whole story is told? I do not know the scenes in this book were not even great. I feel like the worst reviewer in the world lately I just am having trouble finding something that really is written well in such a short story.

    15. while married couples pretending to be strangers and having a one-night-stand is not unusual, i did enjoy the setting (ancient Egypt-themed party at a museum exhibit), the husband's costume as Maahes (a lesser Egyptian god) and that it was not a "conventional" pretending to be strangers affairshe came home early from an archaelogical dig, came in costume and surprised her (as opposed to "let's have a date night and pretend to be strangers hooking up"). nice, sexy short read.

    16. apparently the theme of tonight was the "twist" being an unsurprising marriage of the couple. this book was kinda disjointed and read awkwardly. the scenes werent very hot to start with and i completely shut down when his "nails scraped the walls of her vagina" that sounds incredibly painful and not at all enjoyable. would not read again

    17. This was good, a bit slow in the beginning but it made up for it with the sexscene. I wasn't sure though if the heroine had cheated in the end or was aware at all times exactly who she was sleeping with. Still, pretty awesome. I'll Definitly look for other work by this author.

    18. Look for the author is the easiest way to find this free ebook!At a costume dressed Egyptian art exhibit at a musuem a husband (which you don't find out until the endSorry for the spoiler) surprises his wife with a memorable visit that she will never forget. Very Interesting

    19. Hot, quick, and fun!I'd read this one before, and it's always an indication of good things when you want to read a quick little fix like this more than once. :)M/F, with nothing out of the ordinary.

    20. Cute little story. Not much plot, but more of a glimpse into the night of a woman. I think the author tried a bit too hard to show off her knowledge of ancient Egypt, but other than that it wasn't bad. Probably the best "Naughty Nooner" I've read so far, which is kinda sad.

    21. Story is about a husband and wife roleplaying, spicing up their marriage.; having sex with the mysterious stranger. I enjoyed it, just shows that you don't have to do anything "bad" to feel like you're being "bad".

    22. Take Me was a really good quickie read. I loved the anticipation that the characters stirred in each other. My favorite part of the story was the sweetness factor, you don't always find that in erotic stories, especially ones this short. Definitely worth downloading. Easily read before bed!

    23. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    24. This was a cute quick read. The sex was hot without the kink with a capital K that I have been reading. Anticipation of whom her masked lover was kept it intriguing and the ending was a surprise which made it even better. Best one I have read in a while

    25. I was initially drawn to this story for the ancient Egypt menton. What I found was a HOT story that didn't disappoint!! And I hafta admit.e twist at the end did make me giggle

    26. Well wow. Another erotica not bad though. A little role play? Short story, a good one. Hot Steamy and a egyptian god?? Weeeeeeee!!!!

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