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Five Days Apart

Five Days Apart In bestselling Irish author Chris Binchy s first U S publication a lifelong Dublin friendship is strained to breaking when two young men fall in love with the same unforgettable woman The Irish Indep

  • Title: Five Days Apart
  • Author: Chris Binchy
  • ISBN: 9780061704352
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In bestselling Irish author Chris Binchy s first U.S publication, a lifelong Dublin friendship is strained to breaking when two young men fall in love with the same unforgettable woman The Irish Independent Review has called Binchy s writing wide ranging, complex, profound, and very satisfying, and this classic tale of friendship and romance is a perfect showcase of hiIn bestselling Irish author Chris Binchy s first U.S publication, a lifelong Dublin friendship is strained to breaking when two young men fall in love with the same unforgettable woman The Irish Independent Review has called Binchy s writing wide ranging, complex, profound, and very satisfying, and this classic tale of friendship and romance is a perfect showcase of his formidable talent.

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      145 Chris Binchy
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    1 thought on “Five Days Apart

    1. The dust jacket of "Five Days Apart" invites comparisons to Nick Hornby or Jonthan Tropper. And on one level, there are some similarities there in terms of having a book populated by flawed male protagonists who haven't necessarily grown up just yet.But that's really where the comparison ends when it comes to "Five Days Apart." We meet David, who for all intents and purposes is a geek. He's brilliant at solving problems and technical issues but he's tongue-tied when it comes to beautiful women. [...]

    2. Just read all the negative reviews on this book and I'll say "ditto". Really pointless and depressing. Not one attractive character in the entire book. The worst is the 'vacation' that David treats himself to. Dismal.

    3. This book sucks. Why are books like this written? How are books like this published? This is why it's a bad idea to select books at random from the Recommended or New Fiction shelf at the library. Anything can sound good on a dust jacket. It reads like a terribly monotonous romantic comedy that hellishly cycles in upon itself. What's supposed to be a "wonderfully charming, bitersweet" love story with "slow burning intensity" is laughably tame. The cup here overfloweth with original ideas. A guy [...]

    4. I don't enjoy giving negative reviews. I took enough education courses to want to find something to praise in every book. Unfortunately, this one really did nothing for me and all I can say is that it was a really quick read so I didn't have to endure it for long.The basic plot is Shy Boy spots Girl. Shy Boy points her out to Friend. Friend (maybe misunderstanding) dates Girl. Relationships evolve. In a way, it might be termed Boy Lit. of a guy tale but in the Chick Lit mold. I'm picky with my C [...]

    5. Total waste of time. It's not like it was a terrible book, but it certainly wasn't good. It had no merit whatsoever. Not an interesting story, not an interesting way of writing, nothing. Nothing! I can't believe I finished it. I kept thinking, "There's got to be more to this." But I was wrong. Why was it even published??The first person narrator is kind of an insecure guy who falls in love at first sight with some girl at a party. Because he's shy, he enlists his suave friend to introduce them. [...]

    6. Not a terrible book, I just didn't love it. Trying to only read things I really love. So many books and so little time!

    7. I don’t remember when I first heard about this, but I put it on my “to watch for” list sometime last year without really knowing anything about it, and when I saw it in the Library last week snatched it up. The jacket blurbs put it in the “Lad Lit” tradition of Nick Hornsby, Roddy Doyle and Michael Chabon, and while the three main characters are young, outwardly attractive and flawed, the similarity stops there. I was also reminded of H.E. Bates' 1952 autobiographical novel Love for Ly [...]

    8. Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesI found Five Days Apart an interesting view on male relationships and the women that come between them. It was well written and had an intriguing premise, but after my initial interest, I grew weary of waiting for something to happen. I was intrigued to find out how the trio would end up and did like the main character enough to care what happened to him, but was ultimately disappointed.At times I wanted David to do something, to figure things out and to get o [...]

    9. Unlike many other reviewers, I didn't think this book was awful. Wow, that's a ringing endorsement, isn't it? I'd give it 2.5 stars. I found it to be tedious at many times, but it was the plot (if you can call it a plot) that I found tedious, not the writing itself. It's definitely low-key. It charts the very slow progress of three relationships -- two young guys in Dublin who have been life-long friends, one of the guys and a young woman who becomes his girlfriend, and the girlfriend and the ot [...]

    10. Probably would've gotten a 1.5 if allowed by the rating system. I'm curious to read another of his novels, only because it sounds like they may have been better. But this one, his first and only American release, reads really amateurish, both in story design and in writing. After a really heavy book before this (The Finkler Question), I was looking for a fun Nick Hornby-ish read. Instead, I got a knock-off, and not a good one. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but would recommend [...]

    11. Other reviewers have used the word “monotone” to describe this book and I would have to agree with that assessment. David, our narrator, is practically an Asperger’s victim, with his social ineptitude and distance from his own life. He’s one of those characters whose life just seems to happen around them, rather than being an active participant. But unlike some of Steve Martin’s similarly challenged characters, and even though I kept rooting for David to prevail, ultimately I was disap [...]

    12. Meh. One-dimensional characters who experience zero growth (and possibly even a bit of backsliding) and a repetitive plot line that doesn't go anywhere make for a boring story in which I cared very little for or about any of the three main characters. David is paranoid and stuck in his own head in a way that someone like Holden Caulfield can pull off while still remaining interesting, but for David this plays out in an exhausting and exasperating manner. Alex is just a cad, and nothing much more [...]

    13. This was an interesting book to say the least. Not entirely what I thought it would be like. I'm not to sure if I like it, I mean I enjoyed the process of reading it. There were certainly moments in the book that I enjoyed. Good writing and such. But the story was unusual, not your typical romance story. The ending was bitter sweet for me, it was almost sad actually. I liked the characters, their development throughout the story was good. But it was all very meh, which is reflected in my rating. [...]

    14. Pretty good for a book about nothing. Or possibly about a social misfit who somehow is both hyper-aware of his social ineptitude & woefully unaware of the reality of the relationships he does engage in. I see that I liked it better than most, but I really did like it. The gradual insight given into the main character really was masterfully done.Again, it seems like it might be a book about nothing, but it's just subtle. And likely not for everyone.

    15. It is nice to have an easy and quick read from time to time but this book is so bland that the quick and easy aspects of it was relieving. The characters are boring and stereotypical. The love triangle is pointless. Usually a book has a point or moral to it. This book just had 200 plus pages of wasted paper. There was nothing humorous or interesting about this book that would make sense for a publisher to publish it.

    16. There wasn't much special about this book. Boy meets girl, boy's best friend becomes involved with girl, best friend loses girl, boy becomes involved with girl. I enjoyed the setting in Ireland, but besides that there wasn't anything that set this book apart. It's not a bad book, but it isn't anything I would recommend to people or wish to reread. It's just plain.

    17. This is a love triangle book. Two best friends and the woman they both love. Ho hum? Not at all. This is well written and characters the author makes you really care about. Somebody has to get hurt, or maybe they all get hurt, and changed. I highly recommend this short (260 pp.) but beautiful novel by Irish author Chris Binchy.

    18. A captivating read, tightly written, thought provoking. Draws you into the emotions and dynamics of friendship and love triangles. The characters are very multi-dimensional. Definitely makes you examine the things you have said or done in the name of "friendship" and/or "love". Not easily forgotten.

    19. I usually enjoy the lad lit genre. I find it hard to believe that men do the type of over-analyzing that women typically do when it comes to dating. The protagonist can best be described as the epitome of the "sensitive" male; most might consider him a "wuss."

    20. This was a quick read, which is good because it would have been terrible book if it were a few pages longer. Essentially a couple hundred pages of one mans insecurities, but it is easily to relate to him and hope that David finally gets what he wants. An OK read, but don't expect much from it.

    21. Did I miss something important when reading this? For the life of me I can't figure out what "five days apart" had to do with this story? It was a struggle to wade through this rather boring tale but I did it.

    22. So far I have enjoyed reading this, and it seems like fluff for grownups, which isgood. The quality of the writing seems questionable though, but anyway it should be a funny quick one. I think it's Irish!

    23. David meets Camille at a party. While trying to get them together, his friend Alex falls for her instead. On and on goes this tale of love gone bad and the inevitable triangle to an almost happy ending. Still can't figure out the significance of the title

    24. Sort of like a watching a train wreck, I knew that things would blow up but kept reading anyway. Very quick read. I did want to see how it resolved. It would have been better to have the main character really try to understand if he did what he did on purpose in a subconscious way.

    25. Sorry to say that I shouldn't have wasted the past week on this one. The main character's issues were the same throughout the story and he just went on and on and on about the same things. Ugh! Then, all of a sudden it ended. I wouldn't have minded if there would have a decent ending.

    26. Good book. Set in Dublin, so I can't help wondering - is this is Maeve Binchy's son? It has the feel of a good "chick lit" book, but from the point of view of the young men who lead in this contemporary love triangle story.

    27. Don't waste your time. The first 16 chapters seem promising but the ending was just lazy and anti-climactic.

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