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Welfare Wifeys

Welfare Wifeys After the deaths and arrests of his entire crew and an informant fueled investigation into his past the man known on the streets as Animal relocates to Texas and finds fame and stardom as the newest

  • Title: Welfare Wifeys
  • Author: K'wan
  • ISBN: 9780312536978
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the deaths and arrests of his entire crew and an informant fueled investigation into his past, the man known on the streets as Animal relocates to Texas and finds fame and stardom as the newest act signed to the notorious Big Dawg Entertainment His girlfriend, Gucci, is thrilled when she gets the news that he s coming back to New York on a promotional tour, but whenAfter the deaths and arrests of his entire crew and an informant fueled investigation into his past, the man known on the streets as Animal relocates to Texas and finds fame and stardom as the newest act signed to the notorious Big Dawg Entertainment His girlfriend, Gucci, is thrilled when she gets the news that he s coming back to New York on a promotional tour, but when she discovers the hidden agenda behind his homecoming nothing can prepare her for the life altering consequences that will come of it.There goes the neighborhood again.

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    1 thought on “Welfare Wifeys

    1. Well this book is mainly about a guy named Animal and his urge to kill everyone to avenge the death of someone close to him. Then you have the "Welfare Wifeys" who are broke but sleep around with ballers. I don't quite understand this logic, because even one of their Grandma's is like, how in the hell are you giving it away but always broke. Once again, the females are always played stupid while the men have all the cash. Lame. Also, I really didn't like how K'Wan felt the need to give himself a [...]

    2. i have no idea how to rate this book. it was suggested to me as a good example of hip-hop, street-lit, urban fiction. Absolutely urban.It is well written but so full of violence, self-hate and misogyny that it was often painful to read. Despite characters that commit heinous, totally unconscionable acts, somehow K'wan makes them human; quite the gift. When they cross lines that would normally define (for me) a limit of my (disbelief-suspended) compassion - i still want to know what happens to th [...]

    3. I enjoyed the read but I was 75% done with the book before I could figure out who was who and what was what. There were too many side characters and seperate stories. It would have been better if the story had just focused on Animal and Malika.

    4. What can I say? Simply awesome! I don't know how you keep coming up with all these ghetto names, but amazing enough I'm managing to keep up. I fill in love with animal when he was a child and I can't seem too let him go. Even his connection with Gucci is so surreal. There would be no Hood Rat without the two of them.

    5. I would be able to enjoy his books better if they were edited better. So many grammatical errors, missing words, and run on sentences take away from the pleasure and flow of the story. The content in this particular story was weak and not easily swallowed. This was one of the inferior stories K'wan has produced.

    6. Another installment in this series that i loved! It can be hard to keep up with all of his characters but Kwan is great at making it seem effortless with a great storyline! Love me some Gucci and Animal and cant wait to read the next one

    7. I find that I like this author's work in "audio version." As long as his work comes in audio version, that's what I will select!! ** ;;; ;;;;;;;;; The correct order to read the Hood Rat Novel series is: Hood Rat, Still Hood, Section 8, Welfare Wifeys, Eviction Notice, & Animal. FYI readers: "The Leak" is a prequel of "Welfare Wifeys"; "The First & Fifteenth" is intro to "No Shade"; "No Shade" is a prequel to "Eviction Notice"; "Ghetto Bastard is the beginning of the Animal series. This i [...]

    8. The Music Don’t StopWith the latest installment of “The Hood Rat Series” K’wan went back to his fast-paced roots. While I enjoyed the slower pace of “Section 8” the readers had mixed feelings and K’wan listened and took it up several notches in this banger. I love how with each book we keep up with past main characters and new ones take the helm. In this one Animal and Gucci step up to bat.Newest rap sensation Animal has to come back to NY and wants to stay under the radar. Is that [...]

    9. I am tempted not to write this review because I have a strong feeling that I might not have been interested in this book for reasons most people would not mind. But anyway, here goes it: This is the first novel K’wan has written that I just did not like…it must be me because there are so many other positive reviews that rave about the story. K’wan’s Hood Rat novels have too many characters and the plot is far too intricate to handle the narratives of such simple-minded characters. I read [...]

    10. Gucci, Jada, Tionna and Malika are all home girls from the projects. Life had given them all different hands to play in the same game. They all opened their hearts to men of the streets and now were reaping the consequences. Animal, Cutty, Don. B and every other man in the projects had their eyes on these ladies. Animal is an up and coming rapper for Don. B but can’t seem to cut his ties to the streets so he can live the life of a superstar. The police are hot on their trail but dead bodies ke [...]

    11. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?Yes. It was entertaining.How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?Hmm. Don't know that I would necessarily suggest any major changes. There are alot of characters to recall and the constant use of certain slang was annoying i.e. "you smell me" , but i can't say that I would change anything.Which character – as performed by Cary Hite – was your favorite?Animal was my favorite. You could fell his pain at times. How [...]

    12. K'Wan has showed his skills with this one! Very good plot and stories of the hood, but it seemed more of the stories were focused on the men instead of the "welfare wifeys". My biggest dislike was the introduction so many characters I had to remember who was who and how they were connected. The ending was great, I have to know what happens to Animal. I love his menacing character, and that sweet side of him when it came to his woman. He was definitely a beast in the streets, but knew how to love [...]

    13. Page Turner! I still consider myself new to Kwan’s books having read only two. The first took me a while to get used to but this one didn’t. It was pretty good; the Hood Rat series is a hawt mess. I still think that there are way too many unnecessary characters. I would find that sometimes I would forget who certain people were because there were just too many to keep track of. I’m ready for the next book in the series!

    14. Another fast-paced book about the life and times of women trying to make it, some confused, some devious, with an underlying plot cleverly masked within the plot. One thing I love about K'wan is you HAVE to pay attention. There may be a lot of characters, but they're all important later. Busy, busy busy book!

    15. I think it is safe to say I am not into the urban fiction. For me everything seemed so over the top. There were so many characters I could not keep up (well I could but it was extremely difficult). I felt there was no real plot and no surprises or twist. I found I had to force myself to finish this book. Maybe if this style of writing was my type I would have liked it more. Not my cup of tea.

    16. Welfare Wifeys is the fourth installment in the Hood Rat series. Gucci and Animal return to NYC for business and, but at whose expense? Don B is still claiming to be the King of the town, but whose coming for his crown? In true K'wan fashion, there were many twists and turns, but the ending took the cake!! I'm strapping on my seatbelt for Eviction Notice,because I know it's gonna be a ride!

    17. K'wan is a talented dude. Everything that he writes is a banger! Animal is the dude. Them two detectives got on my nerve so I am glad that they are gone. I love Ms. Pat, she was funny as hell. I can't wait to read Eviction Notice because I want to see what's going to happen with Jada and Cutty and Animal and Gucci.

    18. This was an amazing read!! After reading this, I had to read Animal because I wanted to know what happened after this was written. I really wish Animal had made it in the music industry though, giving him and Gucci a life to look forward to. From reading this book, I could really tell growing up in the hood is a true struggle.

    19. Really good writing style. Book had a bit too much going on though. I wasn't even sure of the point of the book until I was about 2/3 in, which made for a very long read considering I couldn't really get into it until then.

    20. K'wan has not disappoint me when reading his books. Welfare wife's is no different. I'm sorry they got Animal but some1 saved his ass, I hope. And I hope him and Gucci hang in there. On 2 part 5.

    21. This was good from beginning to end. K'wan is no joke when it come to the book game.I'm waiting for Eviction to come out so, I find find out what happened to animal.

    22. Loved this book from start to finish, can''t wait to see what happens to Animail, Cutty, Jada, Gucci and Ashanti!

    23. blAh I liked the end that's all. Too much characters where is yoshi and everybody else from the first book blAh

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