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Hunter's Moon

Hunter s Moon Doc Ford saves a former President of the United States from assassination and regrets it Months ago Kal Wilson s wife was killed in a plane crash President Wilson is sure it was no accident and he wa

  • Title: Hunter's Moon
  • Author: Randy Wayne White
  • ISBN: 9781101207048
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • Doc Ford saves a former President of the United States from assassination and regrets it Months ago, Kal Wilson s wife was killed in a plane crash President Wilson is sure it was no accident and he wants revenge He needs Doc Ford to spring him loose from the watchful eye of the Secret Service, keep him alive, then get him home Ford has just been picked for presidentialDoc Ford saves a former President of the United States from assassination and regrets it Months ago, Kal Wilson s wife was killed in a plane crash President Wilson is sure it was no accident and he wants revenge He needs Doc Ford to spring him loose from the watchful eye of the Secret Service, keep him alive, then get him home Ford has just been picked for presidential duty whether he likes it or not.

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    1 thought on “Hunter's Moon

    1. Semi-decent story that didn't make it to the end. Special Forces guy come marine biologist gets a call from "an important person" wanting to disappear for 2 weeks. The important person is a former president who wants to track down the men who killed his wife. Lots of travel through South America and Panama, some chases, some torture, killers are located, meaningful speach about Panamanian freedom, the end.

    2. 4.5 Stars"On a misty, tropic Halloween Eve, an hour before midnight, I stopped paddling when coconut palms poked through the fog ceiling, blue fronds crystalline in the moonlight. An island lay ahead. Maybe the right island. Hard to be certain, because the fog had thickened as it stratified, and my sense of direction has never been great. If it was the wrong island, I was lost. If it was the right island, there was a chance I’d soon be detained, arrested, or shot, maybe killed. I’m human. I [...]

    3. I liked this book. I thought the former President character Kal Wilson was very interesting. Especially what we found out about him towards the end of the book. And his past. And what he asked Ford to continue doing. I really, REALLY hated the villain in this book. Frankly, Ford should have killed him in an earlier book, we knew he would cause more trouble. I didn't like that the same villain was used as in a previous book.

    4. I read this almost ten years ago according to . I do not remember why I rated it as three stars then. It was a good listen this time around even though I figured out some bits that had these specialists stumped. I mostly listen to or read this series because I adore Tomlinson, Doc Ford's friend. A free spirit, a bit damaged, and a lovely soul. I can recommend this addition to the series.

    5. #14 in the Doc Ford series.Doc Ford is convinced to join a dying former President on a secret mission. The ex-President is convinced that his wife was murdered by the same sociopath that kidnapped Ford's son in Tampa Burn (2004). Ford and Tomlinson travel to Panama with the rather cold former President as he seeks revenge and speaks out against Islamicists in this lesser entry in the Ford canon.

    6. Not one of White's better Ford entries. The plot is just too preposterous to be believed. Dying ex-president wants to kill the psycho who killed his deaf wife and enlists Ford and Tomlinson to help him. Not recommeded except to the most die-hard Ford fans.

    7. I'm a fan of Doc Ford and his weirdo buddy Tomlinson, but the previous one I read was a disappointment. Therefore I came back to the series in hopes that had been an anomaly. I'm pleased to say that was the case; however, of late Randy Wayne White does seem inclined to challenge one's sense of logic - putting the characters in situations that are over the top in terms of believably.

    8. This entry in the Doc Ford series is uneven, but a good ride nonetheless. As I've noted before, when the action leaves Sanibel Island, the book tends to lose its readability. Here, Ford is aiding a former president, Kal Wilson, who is dying of leukemia. The ex-president wants to travel to Central America to find a serial killer nicknamed Incendario (real name: Praxcedes Lourdes) whom he believes killed his beloved wife, Wray, years earlier.Ford is familiar with the killer, having tangled with hi [...]

    9. The last couple of books I read in the "Doc Ford" series by Randy Wayne White were pretty good. For some writers, that's a decent compliment, but for Randy Wayne White, it's a step down from his previous works.Then I started the CD of Hunter's Moon during my commute to/from work, and I found I was actually disappointed that the drive wasn't longer! I was tempted to drive around the block a couple of times just to get a little more listening time in!! THIS is the Doc Ford I've come to expect and [...]

    10. Piece of shit. Why?• He consistently describes places and things like this: “Panama is among the most beautiful countries in the world. This was the most beautiful section of Panama.” WTF• Hhe loves using superlatives.• All of the following occurs within the first 4 pages: “there was a chance I’d be detained, arrested, or shot, maybe killed… powerful man…travel anonymously in this country? You? (referring to an x-President who show up and wants to spook around) after the recent [...]

    11. Doc Ford is a retired CIA agent leading a 'secret' life on the west coast of Florida as a marine biologist. But his expertise as an agent is still in demand. In this amazing adventure he is asked by a former president to be his personal bodyguard and 'kidnap' him away from his government bodyguards to meet up with a crazed international serial killer who had killed the former president's wife - and, it just so happens, attempted to kill Doc Ford's young son.Up-to-the-minute with high-tech espion [...]

    12. This is the first Randy White book that I have read in his series. I didn't know what to expect but found, for the most part, that it was a fun book to read. The ending action was kind of disjointed, but maybe if I had read his earlier work, it would have made sense. His theme was outrageous and improbable but made it interesting. There was less action than other authors provide but the character development was enjoyable. He would have received at least 4 stars, if he had chosen not to use vulg [...]

    13. This book appears to suffer from the need to escalate. It's no longer enough that Doc Ford work as a biologist in Old Florida with an occasional covert op to take out a bad guy. Now he's guarding presidents and flying around the world like James Bond. The bad guy is a ridiculous psychopathic pyromaniac. Also the mystery of Doc Ford is more unveiled as we learn more about the covert organization he was trained in.This book lacks the wordsmith of the earlier books. It's all about plot. A plot esca [...]

    14. interesting story of Doc Ford helping former president Wilson mold world events, making the world safer for democracy, before Pres. Wilson dies of cancer. It takes Ford from the coast of FL to central america. He runs into a killer I think he has seen before, one that likes to burn people. The Panama Canal is being run by an Indonesian company which is headed by an Islamicist. There is the hint of grand plans of terrorism which hopefully leads to the apocalypse. But Ford and the former President [...]

    15. This is the second of the Doc Ford series that I have read and it did not disappoint. This time around Doc Ford reluctantly agrees to help a former, now dying, American president exact retribution on those he believes had a hand in murdering his wife in an incident most of the world believes to have been an accident. Ford's job is to both obey and keep the man safe; both things not always seeming to be possible at the same time. Through this unpredictable journey the ex president perseveres but [...]

    16. A Doc Ford thriller. I love the Florida stories and story tellers. This one is more macho and guns blasting than previous books I have read by RWW. The things I liked, it had lots of sailing, and to interesting places - Key West, Panama. Didn't like - the political side, you could tell he was a specific president's fan. One funny scene though, was when Doc Ford attacked a woman he thought was the criminal dressed as a woman, and when she screamed, he thought that the criminal was so surprised/sh [...]

    17. This is the first I've read of this author's works. It didn't get too political or conspiracy-ish, there was some humor scattered about, and there was enough adventure to keep me hooked.The thing that kept the rating from 5 stars is the continuity - I listened to this book on audio and more than once checked the jacket to make sure it wasn't an abridged version. (It wasn't) There were occasional jumps either in the plot, the location or the logic at times.I hope I don't regret just picking a ran [...]

    18. Not your typical Doc Ford story. The story never went near Dinkin's Bay except for the last two sentences of the book. I really missed having the marina characters as part of the story. Tomlinson was part of the story, thank goodness, or it wouldn't have been the same dynamics. The story leaves you hanging, waiting to see when the rest of the story will continue in a future book and to find out Doc's assignment.

    19. Amazing Story Telling Ability!Randy White has an amazing ability to weave real life facts into the most interesting, entertaining stories ever! White's writing style is a continuous scene that transitions seamlessly into one after the other, filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue and always graphically described so the reader can easily follow. If only school history and science books were written so enjoyable!

    20. This 2007 entry in the Doc Ford series has Ford and Tomlinson meeting up with a dying ex-POTUS to get revenge on serial killer Praxcedes Lourdes.It isn't bad, even though the POTUS is pretty obviously modelled after Jon McCain. This was common at the time, even though now everybody just wishes McCain would retire.Some exciting sequences, and a lot of interesting presidential trivia make this book worth reading.

    21. This one is much better than the last Doc Ford novel. A terminally ill former President of the United States asks (demands)that Doc travel with him to an undisclosed destination. Doc has the mental and physical skills to facilitate what needs to be done, and at times it can be quite humorous. Tomlinson and his boat make the trip possible. Lots of twists and turns. And working directly for POTUS proves to be one of Doc's biggest challenges.

    22. Hunter's Moon (Doc Ford #14) by Randy Wayne White (G.P. Putnam's Sons 2007)(Fiction - Mystery) finds Doc Ford and Tomlinson in South America carrying out a hit at the request of a former president.  It has less of a naturalistic slant than the others I've read in the series.  My rating:  6/10, finished 8/18/12.

    23. Another really good installment in the Doc Ford series, one of the best of late. It is a more serious story, and takes place a little bit in southwest Florida, and some in Central America, where Doc and Tomlinson have had adventures before. We learn a bit more (if that's possible) about both of them. Recommended!

    24. Loved it. Action packed. Missed sanibel though. The end was odd and had to retreats a few times. What. Did kal ask him to do that he agreed to? What would a dying man ask of fordd why would ford have to consider. Either way I loved kal Wilson and his love for his wife. The end had a lot of plot jumps that we're hard to follow. But ultimately loved it!

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were some twists and turns in it I did not expect. The President's speech at the end should be recorded and televised over ever news station in America today. It is what our country needs to hear about how to deal with the terrorist acts that have happened in recent years. That speech alone is worth reading the book.

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