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Journey into the Past

Journey into the Past A deep study of the uneasy heart by one of the masters of the psychological novel Journey into the Past published here for the first time in America is a novella that was found among Zweig s papers

  • Title: Journey into the Past
  • Author: Stefan Zweig Anthea Bell André Aciman
  • ISBN: 9781590173671
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • A deep study of the uneasy heart by one of the masters of the psychological novel, Journey into the Past, published here for the first time in America, is a novella that was found among Zweig s papers after his death Investigating the strange ways in which love, in spite of everything time, war, betrayal can last, Zweig tells the story of Ludwig, an ambitious young maA deep study of the uneasy heart by one of the masters of the psychological novel, Journey into the Past, published here for the first time in America, is a novella that was found among Zweig s papers after his death Investigating the strange ways in which love, in spite of everything time, war, betrayal can last, Zweig tells the story of Ludwig, an ambitious young man from a modest background who falls in love with the wife of his rich employer His love is returned, and the couple vow to live together, but then Ludwig is dispatched on business to Mexico, and while he is there the First World War breaks out With travel and even communication across the Atlantic shut down, Ludwig makes a new life in the New World Years later, however, he returns to Germany to find his beloved a widow and their mutual attraction as strong as ever But is it possible for love to survive precisely as the impossible

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      397 Stefan Zweig Anthea Bell André Aciman
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    1 thought on “Journey into the Past

    1. The introduction gives the complete plot and the story is told retrospectively from the opening scene, so I’m not giving a spoiler warning. Set in 1914 right near the outbreak of World War I, a young chemical engineer and his employer’s wife fall in love. Her elderly husband is disabled and the young man (reluctantly) agreed to move into their fancy home to be her husband’s right-hand man. I say reluctantly because he was embarrassed by his poverty – when he moved in he spent all his sav [...]

    2. People may grow old, but they remain the same.Few writers are bestowed with the gift of insight that penetrates the shadowy black holes of human psychology with remarkable economy of words and incredible acuity of expression. With Zweig, it is as though words come flying from the four winds to arrange themselves seamlessly on the blank page as he sits back with a smile to guide them with the movement of his eyes into a series of exquisitely designed proportionate lines enhanced by a succession o [...]

    3. Dans le vieux parc solitaire et glacéDeux spectres cherchent le passé.I took this journey into the past through pages of scintillating scenes, symphonic sentences, and crystal-clear character-consciousness. From cover to cover I read, pausing only to eat and care for my sick Labrador. Into the past I went, with love and war and indiscretion and despondency and life and illness and all that happens in between. Whenever a book forces me to give it my complete attention, even at the risk of ignor [...]

    4. LOVE. ABSENCE.Two words. Short but Strong. Both are trend-setters, albeit of different kind. Both have their own, absolute meanings; their legion of fans swear by it. Those under their hypnotic spell can hardly belong elsewhere. Both can multiply themselves and fill the adjacent heart too, with their scents.But are they related to each other? In any way? Are they friends? Or adversaries? Or are they family, since such striking resemblance is invariably rooted in familial ties? Is the birth of on [...]

    5. The Resurrected Master: The Subtle Fiction of Stefan Zweig, by Paul Bailey--Journey into the PastTranslator's Afterward, by Anthea Bell

    6. Andre Aciman wrote a great introduction to this book (with spoilers). In it he lauds Zweig’s fluidity in writing: “He never quarrelled with his tools; his tools were happy to oblige. He didn’t spend nights searching for the mot juste; the mot juste just simply came…Zweig is firm and fluent. Everything in its time, everything just right, never a false move, not one sleight of hand.” Having just spent hours editing a report I would very much like to have been gifted with even a fraction [...]

    7. In the old park, in ice and snow caught fastTwo spectres walk, still searching for the past. (33)I planned a review with all the things I didn't like and quotes to back them up. However, after contemplating these pages for awhile, I realized I couldn't. It is not Zweig's fault. I can't blame it on his writing, his idea and execution. I liked his lyrical prose and the psychological depth he gave to his characters, always haunted by their past. Past? “Nothing is lost, nothing is past” (20), he [...]

    8. I watched the excellent film adaptation of this last night and it reminded me how much I loved this novella. It’s such a tender and powerful account of enduring love. Ludwig is a young engineer, an orphan, who ingratiates himself with his elderly and ailing employer until he becomes his private secretary and moves into his home. Here he falls in love with his boss’ young wife. Before anything can happen between them his boss sends him to Mexico. Then World War 1 breaks out. A novel to warm t [...]

    9. Hasta bünyeye bir ilaçtır Zweig. Uzun süre elime kitap alamıyor, hiç birşey okuyamıyorsam bile bir Stefan Zweig kitabı beni canlandırıp çabucak eski tempoma döndürebiliyor. Yine öyle bir durgunluk dönemime denk gelen iyi ki de okumuşum dediğim bir kısa öykü oldu Geçmişe Yolculuk. Zweig'in yine muhteşem psikolojik analizleri eşliğinde, imkansız gibi görünen bir aşkın öyküsünü okuyoruz bu kez. Birbirlerine ilk aşık oldukları günün üzerinden tam 9 yıl geçm [...]

    10. The past always comes between us, the time that has gone by.Seize the moment or it’s lost. If you love somebody, you’ve got to tell them. Nothing lasts forever. These are the key messages in Zweig’s compact and emotional novella. It seemed so simple at first – a brief tale of lovers pining for each other for 9 years, kept apart on separate continents by the outbreak of WWI; but it’s also about the love of and loss of country and innocence, and how “regular people’s” lives are cha [...]

    11. Like Chess Story, another flowing, perfectly phrased, psychologically and historically charged, emotionally moving novella by Zwieg, this time about life before, during, and after WWI as Nazi shadows gather. About thwarted desire, great physical distance followed by insurmountable temporal distance, lives interrupted by war, the pleasures of memory over the anxieties of the present, especially when the present involves goose-stepping rows of uniformed men parading through a quiet college town, H [...]

    12. This book is a perfect example of why I love so much. If not for the comments and reviews of GR friends, I would never have discovered this book or the author, Stefan Zweig. He died in 1942 and this book was unknown to English readers for decades after that. It is sparse in it's telling but so beautifully written. It's the story of a love that goes to the depth of the soul, so deep that it consumes the heart and mind. But the passion is of the heart and mind only, because it is unfulfilled in t [...]

    13. Viaje al pasado, 1929 Stefan ZweigNote to self: Si alguna vez sientes la necesidad de sentir, reflexionar o revivir pequeños retazos del pasado, lee Zweig. La pasión, la personificación de los sentimientos y la maestría en la escritura constituye el aura que inevitablemente envuelve la obra de Zweig

    14. I love books that play with memory and time; Zweig is a master in this book at portraying how our memories can create a reality of their own about the past, present and future. The time frame of Journey Into the Past is before, during and after WWI. This is Ludwig's story, that of a smart but impoverished young man, being spotted and groomed by a leading German industrialist (The Councillor) and blossoming into a successful early adulthood. It is also the story of his relationship with The Counc [...]

    15. "Dans le vieux parc solitaire et glacéDeux spectres cherchent le passé" που θα πει: "μεσα στο παρκο το παλιο, το χιονισμενο και μοναχικο, δυο σκιες αναζητούν το παρελθον". Αυτοι οι στιχοι του Βερλαιν λοιπον αποτυπωνουν απολυτα το θεμα του βιβλιου. 2 ψυχες που βρεθηκαν σε ευαλωτη και για τους 2 στιγμη , ερωτευ [...]

    16. World Watcher, 2009 / Jack Spencer Photography - ow/wM80R Volvía a sentirse pequeño, doblegado y vencido bajo el peso de aquel mundo presuntuoso y opulento fundado sobre el dinero; era un sirviente, un mozo, un parásito lameplatos, mobiliario humano que se puede comprar y alquilar, al que le han hurtado su propio ser. «El tiempo no ha podido con nosotros —pensó para sus adentros— no ha podido nada contra nuestro sentimiento: nueve años desde entonces y ni siquiera el tono de su voz ha [...]

    17. Για άλλη μια φορά θα εκφράσω την ευγνωμοσύνη μου και τη χαρά μου που εξακολουθούν να υπάρχουν καλαίσθητες εκδόσεις, πλήρεις στο αποτέλεσμα τους σαν αυτή τη νουβέλα απ’ τις εκδόσεις Printa – Ροές. Ωστόσο όμως θα διαφωνήσω λίγο ( μόνο λίγο ) στο θέμα του τίτλου. Οι γερμανικές εκδ [...]

    18. Φαν των ιστοριών αγάπης δεν με λες, όμως ο Τσβάιχ σε τούτη εδώ έχει ψυχογραφήσει και έχει αποδώσει με τόσο απλό και ξεκάθαρο λόγο τα συναισθήματα των ηρώων του που δεν έχω άλλη επιλογή από το να δηλώσω ξεδιάντροπα πως ναι μου άρεσε. Εξαιρετικός Τσβάιχ όπως πάντα.

    19. A journey back to reclaim something which he always wanted,something that had been left unfinished in the past. This is the story of a man who makes that journey. With the beautiful interplay of shadows,the continuos hugging and separating,he understands that what he wants to reclaim with his old love is something that they have left long back,one can't simply blind oneself to the present and pretend to be like nothing has happened. He listens to the poem sung by his love long back and is stunne [...]

    20. Δεν μπορώ να είμαι αντικειμενική με τον Τσβάιχ γιατί έχω δηλώσει πολλές φορές γκρούπι του! Είναι άλλη μια καταπληκτική νουβέλα ψυχογράφημα που αναλύει τον έρωτα και τα κοινωνικά στεγανά της προπολεμικής εποχής. Λατρεύω τον φαινομενικά απλοικό τρόπο που γράφει και κάνει τ [...]

    21. "Cependant l’amour ne devient vraiment lui-même qu’à partir du moment où il cesse de flotter, douloureux et sombre, comme un embryon, à l’intérieur du corps, et qu’il ose se nommer, s’avouer du souffle et des lèvres. Un tel sentiment a tant de mal à sortir de sa chrysalide, qu’une heure défait toujours d’un coup le cocon emmêlé et qu’ensuite, tombant de tout son haut dans les plus profonds abîmes, il s’abat, avec une force décuplée, sur un coeur terrorisé" Magnifi [...]

    22. i just had to raise the rating, because i find myself still thinking about it at odd times, far too often. maybe not a book for the young, it seems to work on natural human nostalgia of the mature to their past. i can still see the horror of the nazi marchers… so sad. if this reflects his mindset, this makes his suicide more understandable.

    23. Τον Ιανουάριο του 2013 ήρθα για πρώτη φορά σε επαφή με το έργο του Στέφαν Τσβάιχ, διαβάζοντας ίσως το καλύτερο και πιο πολυδιαβασμένο βιβλίο του, με τον τίτλο "Σκακιστική νουβέλα". Τώρα, τέσσερα χρόνια και κάτι ψιλά μετά, ξαναδιαβάζω βιβλίο του, και πάλι μικρό σε μέγεθος, και πά [...]

    24. Un joven químico de orígenes humildes acaba de secretario del director de su empresa, alojándose en una gran mansión. Pero lo más atrayente de este cambio no es la opulencia, sino la inalcanzable mujer de él. El amor brota sin precedentes en la vida del joven. ¿Qué ocurrirá cuando la vida, tras la Gran Guerra, les vuelva a reunir?Zweig elige este binomio de hombre joven y mujer casada para sacar a flote que las pasiones no atienden a la edad, y ciertamente resulta un ejemplo de lo más [...]

    25. sanirim bu okudugum 6. zweig kitabim oldu, sevmedigim hic cikmadisacik bir hikayeyi nasil dolu dolu anlatiyor, karakter tahlilleri zaten 10 numara :)

    26. JOURNEY INTO THE PAST. (1957). Stefan Zweig. ****.This is a novella written by Zweig, probably sometime in the late 1920s. It is the bittersweet tale of life and remembrance as told by a young man as he is travelling with a woman with whom he was in love many years ago – and still believed that he was. As a young man just starting out in business, he is taken under the wing of a senior businessman and trained to be the second-in-command. While learning the necessary skills, he lived in the hom [...]

    27. Για ακόμη μια φορά η γλαφυρή πένα του Τσβάιχ κάνει θαύματα.

    28. This is my second Stefan Zweig book in a row. 'Journey into the Past' was highly recommended by one of my friends. The story told in 'Journey into the Past' goes like this. A man and a woman meet after many years. There is warmth and friendliness and even sparks between them. They board a train and travel together. Their minds go back to the past. Once upon a time the man was poor. After working hard and getting himself an education, he ends up working in a company. He works hard there and catch [...]

    29. Ludwig begins a passionate affair with the wife of his employer but is relocated shortly after by the company to work in Mexico for two years. World War One begins and those two years stretch to much longer until Ludwig forgets her and moves on, meets someone new and starts a family of his own. After the war and some more time passes, the company sends him back to Europe on business where he decides to meet his long-lost love and catch up - and that’s when he realises he’s still in love with [...]

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