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Havoc From the amazing imagination of Chris Wooding a heartstopping mix of thriller and graphic novel the sequel to MALICE Getting into the sinister comic book world of MALICE is just the beginning Getting

  • Title: Havoc
  • Author: Chris Wooding
  • ISBN: 9780545160452
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the amazing imagination of Chris Wooding, a heartstopping mix of thriller and graphic novel the sequel to MALICE.Getting into the sinister comic book world of MALICE is just the beginning Getting out of it is much, much harder as it surviving while you make your attempt Part novel, part comic book, all thrill welcome to MALICE.

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    1. Watch my full review here: youtube/watch?v=iaIAYI can't believe I finished this book I was so close to DNF'ing!In the end I feel like this duology sounds a lot cooler than it is. I found Seth to be incredible dumb and egoistic and I dislike him a whole lot. Kady was meah, Tatyana didn't really seem like a former human girl to me and a whole bunch of the other characters I just did not like. Justin and Alicia did lift things up a little bit. I wasn't in love with the comic parts, the art style ju [...]

    2. This is the second part of the Malice series by Wooding. I really enjoyed the first book, Malice, and thought it was an interesting combo of graphic novel and standard book. This was a great addition to the series and gave nice closure to the events that were left hanging in Malice. You definitely need to read Malice before reading this book.Seth is back in the real world with the artifact that holds the secret to Tall Jack's undoing. Katy is still in Malice and is trying to join up with the reb [...]

    3. This was a great conclusion to the Malice duology and I have to say I liked it even better than the first. Wooding does a great job of not only creeping you out with the tone he's set, but his plotting is exciting and action-packed. All in a middle-grade level book. (Although there is a comic picture of a person's butt) :)If you don't already know, Malice and Havoc are novels interspersed with comics and it's done almost flawlessly. I say almost because there is still a bit of a disconnect going [...]

    4. I like Chris Wooding. Poison? A solid book. Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray? Totally into it. Malice, the prequel to Havoc, was meh, and honestly I'm not sure why I decided to read it sequel, but for whatever reason I did, and it wasn't so bad that I just couldn't finish it, but I just wasn't good either. I give this novel/comic hybrid a solid boo. The idea is that there is an urban legend - kids say a chant and do a little ritual where you burn a tear, a black feather, a twig, and a wad of cat hair [...]

    5. Rebecca Perry 6/9 November 6, 2010 Reading Havoc Book #2 in The Malice series Chris WoodingHorror/ Fantasy Seth has escaped Malice once but will he a second time? Kady and Justin are looking for a band of kids in Malice called Havoc. Malice is a comic that kids get taken by Tall Jake into if they say the ritual. There are things you don’t want to meet there like, Meat- Men, Regulators, Orgers, Giants and other things that will murder you. Seth was sent on a mission to go back to the real world [...]

    6. So, I should preface this by saying that I never actually read the book's prequel, Malice, and I very much wish I had - but not because Havoc didn't make sense. I just want to read Malice because I liked Havoc so much. Now, I'm not one for comic books, or boy books in general - in fact, I'm going to admit that my usual easy read consists of a colorful cover with a flower on the front, almost ensuring a female protagonist. That said, I was experimenting when I picked up Havoc, and I'm glad I did. [...]

    7. A fabulous conclusion to the first book. I was pretty surprised (but pleased) that the author was happy to leave it at two books rather than stretching it out to make the series a trilogy. This is a fast-paced story where the kids from the first book (Malice) are trying to bring an end to the dictatorial reign of Tall Jake over the world of Malice.I was impressed that we could get such a great story without all of the garbage that gets thrown in by many other authors. This series would be an eas [...]

    8. I thought this was a set of books that you can admire while reading. Malice/Havoc feels very original with an imaginative story on top of a stellar presentation that hits you from every angle. The hardcovers are fantastic editions, and the only way to go if you want to really enjoy this duet.Havoc Hardcover evolves from Malice with improved graphics, better written text, a story in full gear, better book building, and beige tinted paper which is nice on the eyes. Printing was moved from China to [...]

    9. Ok, so I thought the first book was creepy. HAVOC IS EVEN CREEPIER. That scene with mim on the computer?! (pages 53 and 55) TOTALLY made me squeal in bliss and horror. There’s so many good scenes like that within these pages! I’m not sure what book I like better, the first one or this they’re both amazing in their own way. This book definitely has a lot more suspense and action in it though!The ending made me a little sad on what Seth decided to do I was hoping it wouldn't be that way, BUT [...]

    10. Malice and Havoc are both amazing action packed books. One's as good as the other. So sad that the series has ended. Definitley a book to recommend to those who enjoy mystery and adventure. The description and eerie atmosphere the book sets is awesome!!!

    11. This is the complete review as it appears on my blog. Note that blog reviews may have links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates and modifications to the blog review be replicated here.I rated this novel worthy!(mild spoilers)This is the sequel to the really excellent Malice which I read some time ago before I began reviewing books on this blog. That volume was a real treat with its mix of novel and comic book, so I bought volume two hoping I would enjoy it just as much.In Malice Chil [...]

    12. The book Havoc by Chris wooding is a continuation from the first book Malice. Havoc is a suspenseful and action packed book with many twist and turns that the reader wont expect. In Havoc Kady and Justin try to find a group called Havoc, they end up finding Havoc from one of Kady's old friends Scotty but she doesn't remember him since she went back to the real world. The three go to the hangar and Kady quickly finds out she used to be leader of Havoc, she is the one who started it all. They are [...]

    13. Havoc sees the return to the world of Malice and it’s sinister inhabitant Tall Jake. Seth, after successfully escaping the pages of Malice, is looking for a way back in. While Kady, still stuck in the comic, is looking for the elusive rebel vigilante group Havoc, intent on joining them in order to both bring down Tall Jake and to escape the world of Malice.This was a great continuation from the first book and continues the tradition of mixed media. Again, I found myself enthralled with the sto [...]

    14. Havoc brings the return to Malice, a world shown only to the average kid through the pages of a creepy comic book only rumored to be real. Get your hands on the Malice comic, and you’re plunged into a place where the kids look too much like the missing kids you’ve seen on the news.In Havoc, Seth is back in the real world. He’s been to Malice and escaped. The catch? He needs to get back to save his friends, Kady and Justin, who are still trapped in the cruel land, searching for the rebel gr [...]

    15. (3.5)I was super-excited to read this title and called dibs on it before it even made it to the shelf (just one benefit of working at the library).Overall, I love the way this book works. The majority is text with section of comic mixed in. It's a really interesting idea and it works quite well for this story. It also picks up right where it left off in the first one. I like it when this happens. Sometimes it's hard to play catch up.I'm sad to report that I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the f [...]

    16. Not long ago I read a super awesome book called Havoc by Chris Wooding. I like it because of how something cool, shocking, or weird happens all the time. I also like all the different genres the book has. Adventure, fantasy, and Horror. In the book Seth has left a magical deadly world inside a comic called Malice leaving his friends Justin and Kady inside. Inside comic Justin and Kady find of group of teens called Havoc who fight Tall Jake. They plan to join Havoc in order to stop Tall Jake and [...]

    17. Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooAfter managing to escape Malice, an evil comic book run by Tall Jake, Seth has finally started to remember what happened. With a shard in his possession that is rumored to have the ability to bring down Tall Jake, the fight becomes a matter of life and death for not only himself, but anyone who comes in contact with him.Can Seth find a way back without Tall Jake destroying everything he holds dear?Seth's friend, Katie, is still stuck in Malice. After hooking up [...]

    18. Havoc is an epic conclusion to the Malice series. With plot twists and reveals around every turn, this novel/comic is almost impossible to put down. The basic plot is a continuation of its predecessor, Malice. Seth is trying to find a way to return to the comic world of Malice with an artifact he believes will be able to defeat Malice's sinister ruler, Tall Jake, while Katy and Justin are trying to get in good with a rebel group called Havoc, who are dedicated to fighting against Tall Jake and h [...]

    19. Conclusion to Malice duo. I liked this a lot, but not quite as much as the first book, Malice. The mystery is out of the bag and there is more direct conflict here. It's still fun, but that creeping sense of the unknown and dread is not as intense. Once again, I love the role the graphic novel sections played as Grendel's arbitrary notice can totally change the plot, but I just don't enjoy the comic-y lack of details in these sections. They are still interesting and fun as the book throws in com [...]

    20. Everybody knows that if you gather the right things and say the right words, then you'll be taken to Malice, an evil world ruled by the power hungry Tall Jake. Each moment he gets stronger, and it's up to Seth, Kady and Justin to stop himmehow.This book (series, actually) is amazing! It's pretty much everything that I ever want in a book- action (packed!), bone chilling, friendship, and the power of good and evil. What more can you ask for? Love, you say? There's a little of that too:) I recomme [...]

    21. Seth has finally managed to get out of Malice but to find a mythical being named "the Shard". The only problem is when he comes out of Malice he finds himself with amnesia and it takes him a while to regain his memory. After Seth regains his memory he realizes he has to find Kady again to help her fight tall Jake and he gains possession of "the Shard". After Seth has the Shard he has to find a way back into Malice and he does so through an abandoned train station. Once Seth comes into Malice and [...]

    22. Havoc picks up where Malice left off. In some ways it's similar to Malice: one character in the world of Malice while the other investigates from our world. More answers are given and the Six become more than just rumors, and we learn more about where the comic book came from. I enjoyed how Wooding handled Kady and Seth's character arcs and their feelings about Malice, but the character that really surprised me was Tall Jake. Much of the fear toward Tall Jake came from knowing only what he did w [...]

    23. In the book Havoc by Chris Wooding Kady is in malice the setting of a comic book that many kids like. While Seth is a boy that needs to go back to malice to defeat tall jake. Tall Jake is the ruler in Malice he is the one who brought all of the kids to malice and makes them stay in Malice.This is a great book for kids and they will like the comic parts, the comic parts give you important things to think about. I think kady is a leader and Seth is a strong person. Also malice is a weird place to [...]

    24. June 3, 2016 Havoc by Wooding - In this second book in the Malice series Kady is still trapped in the incredibly creepy comic book world of Malice while Seth is hunted in the mundane, real world. He returned to find the Shard, something they can use against Tall Jake and his creepy mechanical minions, but now he's got to find a way back and ends up with Alicia, a classmate. In the meantime, Kady and Justin look for the members of Havoc, an underground group working to sabotage Tall Jake who draw [...]

    25. A decent sequel/conclusion(?) to Malice, though it seemed to lose most of it's horror vibe and go for straight on action-quest story, which is cool and all, but I was hoping for more of the atmospheric stuff from the first book.The characters didn't really develop much at all, either, and sometimes annoyed me with their myopia, especially Seth. And there was a new character added which seemed kind of weirdly put into the story. I thought she'd play a larger role, though she did end being kind of [...]

    26. Seth escaped from Malice, but left Kady trapped there.He doesn't know whether he should try to stop the Malice comic Earth or go back with the Shard that can help from inside.Kady has her own problems. She's trying to find Havoc, a group of kids who want to fight Tall Jake. But she feels like Tall Jake knows what she's trying to do before she actually does.Tall Jake is gaining influence on the world outside the comic, gaining power with all the rumors about Malice. Seth and Kady find the Queen o [...]

    27. AN excellent conclusion to the Adventure began in Malice. Wooding warps the story up nicely and in my opinion as completely as can be done while at the same time still leaving room for further adventures. If you were brave enough to call on Tall Jake to take you to Malice in the first book you would have to be a coward not to finish the story by joining the renagade group known as Havoc.All story lines will be tied up and all of your questions will be answered. In fact I give Wooding a round of [...]

    28. On reading this novel, I was surprised at how much I had forgotten about its predecessor, "Malice". For that reason, I was coming into it with such little memory of what had occurred before, and for a while I was confused. Nonetheless, these two books are anything but forgettable for the average joe.I really admire Chris Wooding's diversity as an author. He can vary his genres so well and still pull it off like a pro. Both Malice and Havoc were so original and well put together, you'd think he'd [...]

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