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Cast in Chaos

Cast in Chaos Kaylin Neya is a Hawk part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of Elantra safe Her past is dark her magic uncontrolled and her allies unpredictable And nothing has prepared her for what

  • Title: Cast in Chaos
  • Author: Michelle Sagara
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of Elantra safe Her past is dark, her magic uncontrolled and her allies unpredictable And nothing has prepared her for what is coming, when the charlatans on Elani Street suddenly grow powerful, the Oracles are thrown into an uproar and the skies rain blood The powerful of Elantra believe that thKaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of Elantra safe Her past is dark, her magic uncontrolled and her allies unpredictable And nothing has prepared her for what is coming, when the charlatans on Elani Street suddenly grow powerful, the Oracles are thrown into an uproar and the skies rain blood The powerful of Elantra believe that the mysterious markings on Kaylin s skin hold the answer, and they are not averse to using her how ever they have to in order to discover what it is.Something is coming, breaking through the barriers between the worlds But is it a threat that Kaylin needs to defend her city against or has she been chosen for another reason entirely

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ✓ Cast in Chaos - by Michelle Sagara ↠
      236 Michelle Sagara
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    1 thought on “Cast in Chaos

    1. GUYSI hate to be negative, but the last few books in this series have not lived up to my immense excitement for them. I feel like what I personally loved about this series is not what the AUTHOR likes about it, is that weird/arrogant/ridiculous to say? It's a really weird place to be, because I feel like a jerk not loving what the author's vision is, because she's the the OWNER of the series, but I'm reading these books going, "WHERE ARE THE CHARACTERS AND PLOT I WANT TO SEE?! WHERE ARE YOU GOIN [...]

    2. This series is either getting better or I've finally reached the point of addiction where I no longer notice the aggravating parts. I can't say much without resorting to constant spoiler tags. However I can say that things got pretty tense for a while and for a while I was worried that this time around Kaylin's blind luck won't save her. I know, I know there are more instalments so she can't die but I was still worried that she won't be the same after. And I've grown fond of that bumbling idiot [...]

    3. I feel like I liked this one better than the previous one because it was less of a constant info dump, but due to life, it took me a month to finish this & I can't remember much of the beginning at this point. The plot of this better, it had a driving end point & more dragons. More Arkon, more Severn. I liked the Devourer, the traveling, and all the times in the library. Now for the real question, is Kaylin still annoying? Super annoying for most of the book. Maybe extra annoying about c [...]

    4. I do love how this series gets more complex with each book, and the way the immediate crises resolve into the overarching plot.

    5. I adore Michelle Sagara. It's true, I do adore her. And I am in awe of how deep her creativity is. There is not one book of hers that I have read and thought 'oh, that's just like [insert author/book:]'. For me, with Michelle, it just it doesn't happen, and while I certainly haven't read everything out there - and tend to avoid those deemed 'classics' in the genre - I have read a lot. Michelle is one of those writers whose work makes me stop all of my own work so I can just immerse myself in sto [...]

    6. I am calling this The Cast Book In Which People Finally Answer Each Other's Questions. Not that there's not still plenty of evasiveness and need-to-know, but an astonishing number of queries (at least, for this series) actually elicit responses, sometimes even more detailed than Kaylin wants. It made for a much more satisfying read, and helped build a stronger picture of the world.Metaphysical endings, in which rather than kill X bad guy or deliver Y plot token the protagonist must in some mysti [...]

    7. 4.5/5/ 5 stars; AI think this was my favourite book in the series so far. Kaylin kind of saves the world again. I thought the travel between worlds and the continuing revelations about the Ancient ones, the elemental garden, and the cranky dragons was well done. Strangely, Kaylin is still only a private, is paid crap, and treated like crap. How is that???

    8. This installment is just as heartwrenching as any of the others. There are too many things to actually go on about so I'll just pick a few.The theme of this book seemed to be about Home and Trust. How the two are connected and what it means to be without both and then find your way back.The story of the Devourer and the Elemental Garden, toward the end of the book, seems to mirror the relationship of Severn and Kaylin. It's clear that Severn is in love with her (at least to me) and he goes on at [...]

    9. I really appreciate Kaylin growing up in the year that has taken place since the first book timeline. She really needs it for this particular crisis and I loved the resolution of why there are magic words on her body and what a Chosen actually is.There is still more to see, we haven't seen the Emperor yet and we haven't dealt with the Outcaste or the situation with Nightshade for that matter, but I did have the feeling of a major climax with this particular end-of-the-world situation and especia [...]

    10. Although it doesn't seem possible, Sagara just keeps getting better and better with the Elantra series. I think Cast in Shadow remains my favourite Elantra novel, but Cast in Chaos has stolen the second favourite prize from Cast in Fury.Sagara's writing is just one of the things I love about these novels. There is such a moreish air to the story. I didn't stay up until after midnight just because my best friend wanted to read the book today. I couldn't stop reading. Every word flowed onto the ne [...]

    11. First read 8 March 2013.Sixth in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series for young adults about a remarkable young woman who has a lot of learning to endure yet.My TakeThis particular story is about the elements that make up the world: earth, air, fire, and water. Being a magical world, it seems an element may well be missing, creating an opportunity to build a story around refugees fleeing their homeland and how a civilized country/world would meet their plight. A story that is made up of word [...]

    12. I read the first few books of this series many years ago and did not go on because the library did not have the newer books in stock. Recently, I re-read them to fully appreciate the whole package before moving onI like this series. Undoubtedly, the world-building and character development are nothing short of great. It is easy to get immersed in the whole make-believe Elantran world with Kaylin as she explored, stumbled around and fought her way through all the mysteries and daunting challenges [...]

    13. I was a bit shocked at the thickness of this book, I had hopes it was going to be a wildly interesting ride. Sadly I was almost as disappointed with this one as I was the last. Mostly, it was just too long, repetitive with some utterly useless paragraphs. I was tempted to get a red pen out and start crossing out the unnecessary parts. I especially grew tired of Kaylin repeating what she'd done or learned to everyone she encountered sometimes in greater detail than was needed.However, there were [...]

    14. 2.5 stars. Once or twice a year I get the urge to return to Elantra, the fantasy city inexplicably named for a mid-priced car. This installment of the series was my least favorite to date; it could easily have shed two hundred pages of superfluous verbiage in the hands of a more stringent editor. I'm generally impressed with Sagara's ideas--which are genuinely weird and creative!--but a little pained by the execution; and this book is, alas, no exception to the rule. (It happens to contain one o [...]

    15. Review first published at fansofmsw/Summary:In this book, the magic in Elani street, the street of the magicians and charlatans, is going wild and the city is threatened by an invasion from another world; Kaylin and Severn are send to investigate this.My opinion:In this book, the relationship between Kaylin, Severn and Nightshade finally progress! Unfortunately, it’s limited to Severn and Nightshade “expressing” their desire/ love for Kaylin and her being uncomfortable about it. Yet it was [...]

    16. Good bookThis is a good book. I really did enjoy this series. I am rereading the entire series now that there is a new book out. I am off to the next book.

    17. This series is, at once, beautiful and frustrating. Sometimes you want to smack Kaylin and sometimes you just want to hug her. If nothing else, the books are entertaining and they capture your attention and imagination very quickly. The author does much the same in Cast in Chaos, expanding and developing the world that she has created and making it something rich and rather lovely (as well as rather terrible to boot).The beginning of the book was a bit of a mess. It has been a while since I've l [...]

    18. I am impressed. The Chronicles of Elantra series has once again been added to with a fabulous tale. I don't read very much High Fantasy, but these books are too good to pass by! Michelle Sagara does a great job in making sure these novels have a very modern feel, and they are a delight to read. Cast in Chaos, the sixth book, continues the story of the Hawk, (read: law enforcement officer) Kaylin Neya. Something shifty is going down on the streets of Elantra. More precisely on Elani street. That [...]

    19. I mostly find these books diverting, and I usually forget exactly what happens in them pretty soon after I finish each of them. This is kind of inconvenient, since although the books are largely self-contained there are some callbacks to others in the series, and I've forgotten some of the characters. (Also, I seem to have skipped an important book for Tiamaris, my favorite secondary character. Which is just SOP when reading Sagara West books, frankly.) However, I do admire how thematically tigh [...]

    20. The problem with this book is its too long. As you know from reading the Kaylin books previously, Kaylin, who is a lowly Private in the Hawks, which are guards and detectives for the Empire, also happens to have been blessed or cursed with magical sigils and runes that are affixed all over her body. She is a Chosen, and through her magic has in previous books, healed the Barrani, an immortal race of beings who needed her gifts as the Chosen and as a midwife to save their Prince and Queen.In this [...]

    21. Oh my there is only one more to reread.(T_T)After rereading this book I realized that it has one of the most heart-warming confessions of the series. Severn tells Kaylin why he loves her while she is striving to communicate with the "Devourer." I felt he was more directly involved than the other books, where he was more of an observer. While she does this, Kaylin also has to come face to face with her issues of trust and left over anger/resentment she has with Severn and herself. I also loved th [...]

    22. Someone else calls this "The Book in Which People's Questions Are [finally] Answered." She's not wrong. With a re-reading or two, this might make it up to my second favorite in the series. (My favorite is still Cast in Courtlight.) I'm still enjoying the series, and especially enjoying the idea that Kaylin has to learn from her mistakes, and that she is winning through by guess and golly just as much as any skills she may acquire. Sagara has been incredibly loyal to Kaylin's stubborn belief that [...]

    23. Well, I think I'm noticing a trend with these books. I start out really enjoying the story, the plot, the world, the characters, etc. But then the climax hits and things get much too wordy over the metaphysical stuff, at which point I start skimming lots and lots. I also wish Sagara would switch things up a bit. I would love to see Kaylin partnered up with Teela, Tain, and Clint instead of Severn all the time. And there are only so many end of the world scenarios that one can take before it gets [...]

    24. *Genre* Fantasy, Science Fiction*Rating* 4.0*Review forthcoming*Probably the best book of the series to this point. I really enjoyed reading about Kaylin's journey and her continued awareness that as the so called Chosen, she has responsibilities to a lot different variations she encounters over the course of her job as a Hawk. Finally, we get to see some sort of reaction between Severn and Kaylin. Now, if we can figure out the relationship between Kaylin and Lord Nightshade I would be happier t [...]

    25. i LOVED this book. kaylin's character has been developing beautifully. she has changed and grown since we first met her, and this book definitely highlighted her growth.we got to learn more about nightshade, which was fabulous, and the arkon has a prominent role. i am loving him, so very much.i have yet to be disappointed by an elantra book. this was a fast paced book that i had to struggle to put down. children? what children i have a book to readi just love this series so freaking much.

    26. I always enjoy these books - they are well written and deal with interesting themes. This one dragged a bit in the middle, with maybe more metaphysical contemplation than was strictly necessary. But I loved the end, and the focus on "home" was really beautiful. Looking forward to the next installment. I would give this 3.5 if I could - I liked it a lot, but want to distinguish between my faves in the series and the ones I just liked.

    27. I absolutely love this book. It is perhaps my favorite of the series so far! Particularly the last five (?!) chapters or so -- they way Michelle resolves the major conflict -- is just so heartfelt & amazing.I've re-read this book serveral times. I bought the ebook to read the day of release & the dead tree in-case of power outage and/or apocolypse. :)

    28. If you've considered reading this series, do it, just to get the backstory for this book. The monologues alone are worth it, but the emotions the author conveys and the visuals she creates are very much worth your time. Learn what trust, hope, love, loss, and love really are, follow Kaylin in discovering what home is.

    29. Fav quotes:“I am attempting to absorb local color and dialect.” “You mean, without eating it first?” “Indeed.” a Dragon in your face was more of a concern than a Leontine in a mirror, so she nodded and began to walk.

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