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The Things That Make Me Give In

The Things That Make Me Give In Erotica collection from smoking hot new writer Girls who go after what they want no matter what the cost boys who like to flash their dark sides voyeurism for beginners and cheating lovers Charlotte

  • Title: The Things That Make Me Give In
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Erotica collection from smoking hot new writer Girls who go after what they want no matter what the cost, boys who like to flash their dark sides, voyeurism for beginners and cheating lovers Charlotte Stein takes you on a journey through all the facets of female desire in this contemporary collection of explicit and ever intriguing short stories Be seduced by obsesErotica collection from smoking hot new writerGirls who go after what they want no matter what the cost, boys who like to flash their dark sides, voyeurism for beginners and cheating lovers Charlotte Stein takes you on a journey through all the facets of female desire in this contemporary collection of explicit and ever intriguing short stories Be seduced by obsessions that go one step too far and dark desires that remove all inhibitions Each story takes you on a journey into all the things that make a girl give in.

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    • ☆ The Things That Make Me Give In || ì PDF Download by ✓ Charlotte Stein
      186 Charlotte Stein
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    1 thought on “The Things That Make Me Give In

    1. I feel unsure how to do justice here to how impressed I was by The Things That Make Me Give In. That said, I would certainly like to do my best.This short story collection by Charlotte Stein seems to me the epitome of beautiful, literary writing that happens to encompass sex and sexuality (making it simply reflective of life/reality—not that all literary writing has to have sex in it, but an ardent attempt to avoid such subject matter because of externally postulated standards about "literary" [...]

    2. Envy. It's one of the hazards of reviewing work in one's own genre. Every so often you encounter a book so wonderful that you can't help wishing you'd written it yourself. If you're not careful, it can spoil your whole day.The Things That Make Me Give In is one of those books. Charlotte Stein has penned a collection of imaginative, intense and extremely nasty erotic tales which manage to stimulate the senses without neglecting the intellect. I'd love to claim it as my own. This book, though, bel [...]

    3. I love Charlotte Stein. I've been stalking her blog this weekend and stayed up laughing at her sense of humour and terminology both of which I can relate to but she's like the ten times better version of me. She's written a book here that basically celebrates sex. And real sex. You have stories about men who are so scruffy they have rice krispies stuck to their clothing and you read about those who part their hair so tightly- it's these things which celebrate masculinity, it's not just about rip [...]

    4. If you love Stein, you'll love this anthology.At first i thought it was a re-hash of her kinks included in her other novellas. But it wasn't. A few stories were along the same lines.I love the British-ness of these eroticas. They are realistic, have dry humour and told in a way that makes you feel if you're in the heroines mind. I also like the fact that they don't act like a porno, are not cheesy and somehow this author can write sooo many different unique sex scenes.My fave stories in this one [...]

    5. This was a crazy-hot collection of erotic short stories. I'm impressed with both the quality of writing as well as the actual smut. Seriously good stuff going on here.

    6. Super hot, nasty smut that gets the job done, but the stories themselves were only mildly entertaining, some more than others.

    7. Drafting this up as we read becausewell who knows how long until we finish. To explain, I have a friend who reads to me. Sometimes we have the time to go through an entire book, but mostly we don't. Which is why I typically pick books with shorts. Because I Made You So - nice start. As we all know I love dirty talk and the use of cunt & cockwell his voice thickens. Surprisingly neither of us ever crushed on a teacher. Spying - not surprisingly we both adored this. I'd read something longer & [...]

    8. Because I Made You So ***** Oh my god, this story was so hot! Like the premise sounded interesting from the get go. A male professor teaching a class on the romance novel? Uh okay? And then he's staid so there's that extra layer. This story was really hot and that ending really had me wanting more. I wonder if her upcoming novelThe Professor is based on this story because if so sign me up! Spying **** A little birdy told me not to put all my business on social media so I won't. But the premise o [...]

    9. Oh Charlotte Stein, how I love reading anything you write! I don't know exactly how I'd classify this one. It's a large collection of short stories. Do I recommend it to first time Charlotte Stein readers? Or maybe just the seasoned ones who want more? I'm not sure. On the one hand, I don't think it shows the true star-power of Charlotte Stein's writing, but it does give readers a small taste of all the different kinds of stories that she writes. I loved reading it, but it was a little different [...]

    10. He shivers and says, 'I know, I know,' and unaccountably it's those words that make tears prick behind my eyes. Fucking hilarious that it happens while I'm holding lube and a butt plug in my hands. Stein is just so good with the weird, the emotional, and the fucking hilarious. And especially in short story format.Book Riot's 2017 Read Harder Challenge: 22. Read a collection of stories by a woman.

    11. Super hot short stories from my very favourite erotica writer Charlotte Stein. Some worked better than others, but this whole book was a delight, with the possible exception of the eponymous story which was a little too cerebral for me. Stein is, as ever, a master of words and sex and, if anything, I think her unique immersive style works better in these short stories than in the long form she's turned to of late.

    12. Well, this one definitely delivers on the smut (hence the four stars) but I only found half the stories entertaining (hence why it's not five stars). My favorites would have to be "Yes/", "/Yes", and "All Ways".

    13. Man, am I glad I stopped after each story to make notes. So here goes.Because I Made You So: Dear god, that was marvellous. And all of a sudden I realised it was Giles I was picturing. Oh gawd, marvellousness. Lit theory, romance novels, semi-public sex, and teacher kink. So yum!Spying: Wow. That second story is so very much the prototype for Deep Desires. Utterly fascinating to see how much she's developed and enrichened and amalgamated so much emotional depth to the initial sexual scenario. Th [...]

    14. An impressive, well-thought-out anthology of 15 short stories. I loved that the author introduced her characters through their sexual identities and I really loved the fact that this anthology puts a strong focus on the women. It reminded me of what I like best about erotica that caters to a female readership, that it explores and flips a feminist switch for me. Even when playing at more submissive roles, every woman in this collection was in charge of her sexuality, comfortable with it, and "ow [...]

    15. Taken from nikorachanWith Erotica being a guilty pleasure, this book of short stories had me feeling very guilty, in a good way. With the different stories, everyone is surely going to find something they like with this. All containing enough detail to make the writing vivid, and characters that are strong and realistic, these stories are perfect for a sneaky bit of fun. However, they're not just about the obvious. They have enough background in each story to give you a feel for the characters a [...]

    16. This book was a gift, literally and figuratively. I won this, plus four other books, in a giveaway the author had, which is basically the best thing to happen in idek how long, but I love Charlotte Stein. This collection is worth reading *just* for the opening story about a professor and his student-- my kryptonite. But the rest of the stories were fantastic as well, ranging from more classic tropes that I love, to the outright weird, but I can't say there was one I didn't enjoy.

    17. An eclectic assortment of erotica short stories, some of which I loved and others I was more ambivalent towards. I definitely prefer the full-length stories Stein creates more, but this was a great book to take breaks with during my dissertation-filled semester as each story comprises a chapter and results in a quick, complete reading chunk. Looking forward to reading more of Stein's writing.

    18. Beautifully, wonderfully filthy.I really like Charlotte Stein's work. I like to think that, if I knew her, I'd like Charlotte Stein too.

    19. A really well-written collection of erotic short stories that are sweet, sexy, provocative, fun and filthy in the best way possible.

    20. Sublime. Provocative and intense. Sweet and filthy. In my humble opinion Charlotte Stein is the master of erotica. She can do no wrong.Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    21. Perfect! Absolutely filthy and classic Charlotte Stein. I only wish a few of the stories could be made into full length novels I love them so much.

    22. This book was full of wonderful short stories that were far, far better than the average erotica I find. Really good stuff!!

    23. Each chapter is a short story. I didn't really enjoy it. Read it for book club, otherwise would have stopped reading half way through. Not my kind of book.

    24. I could not put it down and regret it like a binge eater. Did manage to save one or two for later. Pick your poison, it's bound to be here, told in Ms Stein's wonderful witty loose style.

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