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Loop In the novel Ring the videotape was the vendetta of Sadako a tragic girl who could not be sated with simple revenge In the sequel Spiral a mutating virus displaced the tape and came to threaten the

  • Title: Loop
  • Author: Kōji Suzuki
  • ISBN: 9781932234152
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the novel Ring, the videotape was the vendetta of Sadako, a tragic girl who could not be sated with simple revenge In the sequel Spiral, a mutating virus displaced the tape and came to threaten the entire diversity of life In this much awaited conclusion of the Ring trilogy, everything you thought you knew about the story will have to be put aside In Loop, the killerIn the novel Ring, the videotape was the vendetta of Sadako, a tragic girl who could not be sated with simple revenge In the sequel Spiral, a mutating virus displaced the tape and came to threaten the entire diversity of life In this much awaited conclusion of the Ring trilogy, everything you thought you knew about the story will have to be put aside In Loop, the killer mimics both AIDS and cancer, in a deadly new guise Only one person, Kaoru Futami, asks where the disease could have originated The youth, mature beyond his years, must hope to find answers in the deserts of New Mexico and the Loop project, a virtual matrix created by scientists The fate of than just his loved ones depends on Kaoru s success Though best enjoyed by fans of Ring and Spiral, Loop is also written as a stand alone work The author s own favorite of the trilogy, this astounding finale is an emotionally resonant tale that scales conceptual heights from an angle all its own.

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      379 Kōji Suzuki
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    1 thought on “Loop

    1. This book, or I should say the Ringu trilogy, has surpassed all my expectations from a mere horror story I saw on a DVD.Of course, I'm referring to the Japanese version of the film. The Americanised version of the film is not even worth to mention here.This third book explains all the mysteries found in the first two books in a twist so unpredictable that nobody, but the author I dare claim, could tell how the story actually began in the first book and how it would end as it is clearly described [...]

    2. TL;DR Version: Not the most engaging book in the trilogy and a bit disillusioning, but still definitely worth a read for fans of Ring and Spiral.Wall of Text Version: Santa Claus is your parents.This is a revelation that most children in the western world experience eventually. It can be a bit harsh and it’s almost always a disappointment. Yet you have to admit it makes a fair amount of sense. The letter you so painstakingly wrote for Santa? Never got mailed, but gave your parents a nice shopp [...]

    3. I knew eventually I'd have to read Loop to complete this series, but when I initially couldn't find a copy of it anywhere, I opted to Wiki it, and read the basic synopsis. It put me off of reading it, so I figured I'd just set aside until I forgot the finer points of the synopsis. I finally reached that point and got started, and for the first 400 pages, I didn't feel anything at all. While I felt the first books were creepy and scary in some parts, if a bit dry, this book is dry as a bone left [...]

    4. The final official installment of the "Ring" trilogy. Suzuki takes us off into the land of Phillip K. Dick, where the life of the people in the Ring is more than you ever thought it was and reality itself is twisted. While I at times though, "God, what a copout," in the end I still really liked it. I see exactly why this could have ever been made into a movie. Similar to the Doctor Who novel "Fear Itself," it relies on literary conceits (like not knowing what people look like) that can never be [...]

    5. Warning: While there are no spoilers for Loop, it is impossible to adequately review this book with giving massive spoilers for Ring and Spiral If you have not read the first two books of the Ring trilogy you might want to skip this.No? Then onward.Most everyone knows the plot of Ring due to the popularity of the movie of the same name. People watch a video and die seven days later. The first book is mainly in the horror genre and of the supernatural realm. Spiral turns that on its head. We disc [...]

    6. An uninspiring and a disappointing YA science fiction. For most part, it goes something like this: A super genius twenty year old youth single-handedly investigates and eradicates a cancerous virus that has plagued the human race. Although “Loop” was hailed as the grand finale to the Ringu trilogy, in my opinion, it is, at best, nothing more than a spin-off to its predecessor “Spiral”. Koji Suzuki obviously had a brilliant idea for the Ringu saga, which is a tough feat to do after publis [...]

    7. I read The Ring and Spiral a while back and couldn't really remember much about what happened but that's ok as half way through there's a whole summary chapter recounting the events from the previous stories. Rather superfluous perhaps though in this case I couldn't complain. After a long, slow prologue we jump forward a decade and everything grinds to a further halt. We're stuck sharing the sympathies (the few of them he has) of an irritating main character. Despite his lowly status as a medica [...]

    8. สุดตรีนมากๆ ภาคสามนี่พาเรื่องไปไกลมากๆ และไม่มีรายละเอียดที่ชวนปวดหัวหรือต้องโฟกัสเยอะๆ แบบภาคสไปรัล อ่านครบสามภาคแล้วก็คิดว่าถ้าเอาไปให้คนเขียนบท Black Mirror ปรับนิดๆ นี่น่าจะไป [...]

    9. Holy twist! It’s fascinating how the original Ring story, just like the virus, morphs into something different with every layer that’s added to it. Ring was fantastic. Immersing, chilling, horrifying, fast-paced - all you could ask from a horror novel. Then came Spiral that considerably changed the first story and, I thought at the time, cast a shadow upon Ring by delving too much into the paranormal. And now Loop transforms everything again and in the light of the new twists and turns the s [...]

    10. Even though the book was complicated, with many medical terms and scientific explorations and explanations that were difficult to easily digest, I still enjoyed reading this because it went beyond my expectation, (view spoiler)[like the book one and two were just a virtual reality (!)—a made-up world called "Loop" which turned cancerous because of the Ring virus made by Sadako Yamamura and that the real world, where we lived in, was slowly being attacked by a cancer virus from the mutated Ring [...]

    11. From supernatural horror, to science fiction, and then to philosophy, the Ring trilogy is perhaps the queerest series I've read thus far. Not that I didn't enjoy the books immensely.Loop is a number of surprising twists that are not only woven into the fabric of the plot of Loop, but also the preceding titles. I had hated Takayama at the end of Spiral, but the best twist in Loop (in my opinion) not only redeemed the character, but presented an entirely different perspective on him.The only misgi [...]

    12. I'm lost for words with this book, it went in the most unexpected direction that I think I've ever experienced. I can't even tell you if that's a good or bad thing!I can't tell you anything about the plot, as even a small amount would be a spoiler. This book has blown my mind, but I don't know how to rate it. I'm not sure whether the direction the author has taken is awe inspiring or disappointing. What I do know is that this review will be useless for any thinking of reading Loop.I have got a f [...]

    13. This series has blown every fuse in my head. What Spiral was lacking, Loop definitely made up for. What a conclusion.

    14. Wow, this was way boring, The first half is almost painful. The second half has a few good moments until the end and then I'm likeWhat ! ! ! Very cool ending to the trilogy but you could cut 100 pages out and not lose a thing. I wish there was more to it but it realy is the ending, and that's about it, that is good.

    15. This book is breath-takingly amazing. I have never before read a book and learned so much at the same time, without nearly dying of boredom. I keep trying to figure out a way to properly describe what happens in the book, but it's almost impossible. I've never read a more complicated book in my life. I've never read a book that makes more sense than this one. Koji Suzuki is my new hero. The first two books in the series, Ring and Spiral, are a mix of thriller and non-fiction that invoke millions [...]

    16. This book was insane. Spoilers ahead.Take Ring and Spiral, add an episode of Ancient Aliens, and what do you get?This book.I don't have a whole lot to say about it because I'm still trying to get myself squared away after the sheer mindfuckery of it all. Reading the beginning of the book, I knew there was something off about Kaoru. I knew that he couldn't possibly have been born of those two ridiculous parents. I thought that maybe, just maybe, Kaoru had something to do with the Loop, that he wa [...]

    17. The world has reached an apocalyptic stage when a new virus with characteristics of cancer eats away at humans, and slowly, at every living organism on Earth. Young and intelligent, Koaru can only wish he can ease his father's pain from cancer and his mother's obsessions to cure him. But when there's more at stake than his parents, Koaru follows a string of supposed coincidences that could lead to the cure. But of course, there's a price. The events in this book blew my mind away. This is the mo [...]

    18. Be prepared for a good deal of scientific terms (just like the #2 book "Spiral"). I barely made it through thanks to my admiration for Suzuki Koji. It's not like I didn't enjoy it. I did, but not the way I expected from a horror novel. It's more like a sci-fi story, with little relevance to the "horror" tag. The first 1/3 seemed long and unrelated (for a thriller), and throughout half of the book I already came up with how the ending would be, so it largely lessened the excitement. Somehow I fin [...]

    19. I appreciate how Koji Suzuki shifted gears from the supernatural to the scientific, but I was quite disappointed in this third work, primarily because he somehow resorted to something literally outside the Ringu world to provide a resolution (that being said, I think the movies are better in terms of concluding things probably).Here, we encounter not only medical pseudo-science trying to save the world. We actually see physics (or pseudo-astrophysics?) at work in a world where realities are crea [...]

    20. I read the Ring/Spiral/Loop trilogy a few years a go and I wanted to read them again. It's billed as a horror but really, it's a fantastic thriller with a heavy biologically-orientated theme. There is a lot of natural science in these books and the author presents it very well and easy to read. The storyline is gripping and I can honestly say the twist/plot revelation in Loop is the biggest one I've ever come across in my reading history, and probably ever likely to. It's a stroke of genius.Thor [...]

    21. This book takes the Ring story into an entirely new direction, away from the supernatural and into pure science fiction. It's interesting how the author rationalizes the supernatural elements from the previous books, and the story comes together well, but much of this book was very dull. Too much repetition and science talk, and with the plot points that end up being important in the final third, the first two thirds of the book seem kinda irrelevant. A bit aimless, I suppose.So. Yeah. This nove [...]

    22. In terms of genre, Loop is a far cry from the horror of Ring or horror/medical thriller of Spiral. Instead, Loop is pure science fiction, with a bit of medical drama thrown in for good measure. The science fiction is fascinating and the drama is genuinely engaging. It works fine as a stand alone novel, more so than Spiral did, but it's true brilliance lies in how it takes what we know from the two previous novels and completely overturns them in a clever fashion. If you're a fan of the first two [...]

    23. Not my favorite entry to the series. It had some good parts but the whole story was a mess The beginning was pretty good but then it went completely weird.

    24. the last of the trilogy. neat book. most people say it is a matrix rip off but this was written way before the maxtrixce twist ending

    25. This is one of the most difficult books I've ever had to review, mostly because the plot itself is bat-shit crazy. It is a complete and total departure from the first two books in the series, in my opinion it even shifts into a new genre. The connections to Ring and Spiral come near the end, and they're very interesting, but Loop still feels like an independent novel, you could read it without reading the first two books and you wouldn't be missing any vital information.I always want my reviews [...]

    26. There's some really interesting and "cool" ideas in this book that make it worthwhile to read. It takes an entertaining but fairly run of the mill horror story and largely deconstructs and explains the phenomena through a completely different genre, completely re-contextualizing what you've read up to this point.It's neat.Its execution is a little dry though, as are the characters. The only really interesting thing happening is the deconstruction of the former books, and the story that's attache [...]

    27. This is a very clever novel with an interesting twist on the Ring mythology, the theories and explanations of how the virus transferred to the real world are fun to read, but as a horror novel goes, it's as if the Hobbit was Bilbo Baggins adventures to the shop; very little ooh, aaah, scary stuff happens, there's a lot of finding oneself and a big surprise near the end, when it concludes you're a bit ah, right, why was this 400 and change pages?Kóji Suzuki, is a talented, entertaining writer, b [...]

    28. Loop spends a bit too much time on the medical world that this trilogy has often inhabited and Kaoru is not nearly as engaging as the previous two leads, but there is some good stuff here. Once we move from hospital rooms to the American west, things get weird and fun. The twist is legit shocking, too. I'm not sure its thematic payoff is totally earned -- it just felt a little too left-field to work as a means of explaining away the previous novels -- but it was a blast to read. The final chapte [...]

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