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The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power

The Art of Seduction An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power Robert Greene s previous bestseller The Laws of Power distilled years of scheming into a guide People praised as beguiling literate fascinating and Kirkus denounced as an anti Book of Virtu

  • Title: The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power
  • Author: Robert Greene Joost Elffers Jeff David
  • ISBN: 9781565115217
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Robert Greene s previous bestseller, The 48 Laws of Power, distilled 3,000 years of scheming into a guide People praised as beguiling literate fascinating and Kirkus denounced as an anti Book of Virtues In Art of Seduction, Greene returns with a new instruction book on the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power because seduction isn t really about sex.Robert Greene s previous bestseller, The 48 Laws of Power, distilled 3,000 years of scheming into a guide People praised as beguiling literate fascinating and Kirkus denounced as an anti Book of Virtues In Art of Seduction, Greene returns with a new instruction book on the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power because seduction isn t really about sex It s about manipulating other people s greatest weakness their desire for pleasure.Synthesizing the work of thinkers including Freud, Diderot, Nietzsche, and Einstein, reporting the enticing strategies of characters throughout history, The Art of Seduction is a comprehensive guide to getting what we want any way we can.

    • ☆ The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power || ↠ PDF Download by Ø Robert Greene Joost Elffers Jeff David
      236 Robert Greene Joost Elffers Jeff David
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power || ↠ PDF Download by Ø Robert Greene Joost Elffers Jeff David
      Posted by:Robert Greene Joost Elffers Jeff David
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    1 thought on “The Art of Seduction: An Indispensible Primer on the Ultimate Form of Power

    1. يقول الله تعالى: "و الشعراء يتبعهم الغاوون، ألم تر أنهم في كل واد يهيمون و أنهم يقولون ما لا يفعلون." هلطالما فكرت بما يملكه الشعراء حتى يجعلوا الآخرين يتبعونهم، مع أنهم تقريبا لا يملكون شيئا ملموسا يعطونه، فهم لا يملكون إلا القول! هو لكن هذا تحديدا هو ما يجعلهم متبعين أعني الب [...]

    2. I can't find the perfect word to convey how awful this book is. It espouses a completely manipulative style of dealing with other people in which they are all prey to be hunted. It's noxious. I also believe that I know one of the master seducers who is referred to in the book under a pseudonym, which was terrifying in its own right. It's not about how to do what I would call "seduction." It's about how to control, direct, engineer, exploit, manipulate, machinate, maneuver, steer and hunt others. [...]

    3. Almost hypnotically repetitively at times, this might be the book that Machiavelli could have written about love if he had been a jaded modern. Unfortunately for those determined to be 'nice' in the world, there is scarcely a line in this book that does not ring true. For better or worse (depending on your stance), Greene is persuasive that seduction is a game between equal partners where the 'victim' is willing enough for what they will get out of the process. It is about the flow of power betw [...]

    4. I thought it was going to be another annoying "to get him to do this flick your hair." Love this book, it is filled with little inside novela type of things, historical facts, and it has just some of the most interesting people in history. I love history so this book really did it for me. I could read it over and over not even for the seductive element but just because it is so good (in my opinion). The little side note quote and stories are a must read, don't skip over them, too wonderful you'd [...]

    5. Forewarning:Due to it's misleading nature and implications one could be lead to believe that the sections in this book may be used to seduce another.In modern society the need to seduce another would have unhealthy implications and in my opinion comes from a waek/try-hard mindset. It's like saying 'who I am isn't good enough so I'll put on a fallacious act and be that cool/attractive person.'Sure it might seem like a good idea but ultimately doing such a thing would cause you to lose connection [...]

    6. Since I started reading The Art of Seduction, I've recommended it to just about EVERYONE because everyone seriously needs to read this book. It gave me so much insight into people's desires and the reasons why we're attracted to others. I feel like my mind has completely opened up. As a writer and reader, I feel like I have better insight into character relationships, and I want to explore these new things I've learned in my fiction. Now I watch almost every movie that involves a love interest t [...]

    7. This is not your Karrine Steffans vixen manualThis is your comprehensive manual of how to seduce not only men but an entire empire. With this manual I have received a proposal, gained a stalker and experienced a riven heart. It was great! lol

    8. Uh there's a LOT to be learned from this book about human psychology. To really get the best/most of it, you have to stare yourself in the mirror and ask the hard questions -- where do you fall in the various archetypes? What anti-seduction techniques do you personally exhibit? And what kind of victim are you? I can't decide which book is more interesting and entertaining and thought-provoking, this or the The 48 Laws of Power, the anecdotes from history, the margin quotes/stories are EXCEPTIONA [...]

    9. GOOD! GET THE BOOK--Like Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Workweek, this book is packed full of useful information that you would want to come back to again and again, which is something difficult to do with audio format.It pretty much lays it out for you. Equal parts philosophical and psychological, it outlines each step of the seduction process. Some people condemn the techniques and strategies propounded here to be "amoral" and Machiavellian, but the truth of the matter is: they work. And they have b [...]

    10. A great read. It assumes that you are a liar and manipulator by nature, but once you get past that, it's a fascinating study. Some great annecdotes from famous figures in history make it enthralling in parts.

    11. طيب!!! . تقريبا سنة والأخرى قاربت على منتصفها هو الوقت الذي استلزم إنهاء هذا الكتاب، أطول مدة اقضيها في قراءة كتاب. بالطبع سؤال يطرح نفسه؛ هل الكتاب سيء لهذا الحد؟ الإجابة: لا بالتأكيد هو عكس ذلك تماماً فعلم النفس يستهويني بشدة، لا أقصد أني قارئة نهمة في هذا المجال لا أبداً، يم [...]

    12. Really? I mean some good work went into this in terms of historical research I guessBut it so was not for me. It just seemed so silly. Nothing deep or meaningful. It was a tadlly. And a bit painful to read. I did not agree with most of the points made or categories drawn. Human beings are way more complex than this. No. I would not recommend it. For anyone. I am actually afraid of what damage it could do to a lost mind or in twisted hands.

    13. This book not pretty. Nor is it a light read. 500 pages written in the most miniscule font known to manlet's just say it takes a lot of effort.My feelings on it are very mixed. Greene has clearly put a lot of effort into writing it, it's jam packed with extracts from loads of different books, besides embarrassing pretty much every celebrity the world has ever known. (lots of skeletons in the closet!)So, if nothing else, it's an entertaining read. But the methods it suggests are at times far from [...]

    14. I found this book in my town's public library and decided to pick it up on a lark. I've spent a lot of time reading this book--which is unavoidable because it's long--and I've come to the realization that this is a classy version of the pick-up artist.The classiness of this version comes from the extensive use of classical literary and historical examples. Referencing Casanova, Salome, Evita, and many others, Greene does his best work in using these examples to explain how they were effective in [...]

    15. This book is best used for gaining or building on perspective rather than as a how-to book. It provides some insights into patterns of human behaviour that can be useful far beyond what the title and the marketing image implies. I could have done without the authors repeated use of the words "victim" and "manipulation". Such deliberate negatives come off as cheap and with malicious intent, meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator, rather than an understanding of dynamics that occur in in [...]

    16. Everyone should read this book. I was initially turned off by the preface's assertion that seduction is an art developed exclusively by women some 5000 years ago (I believe that it's just the way the sexes talk to each other, and it's never been the purview of solely either women or men) but after I waded into the main text it began to impress me a little more. It's tiresome to have everything presented as a "how to manipulate someone into playing your evil little game," but the information is s [...]

    17. This was hilarious. Entertaining, insightful, somewhat informative, and absolutely ridiculous. I'm sure there's lots of info in here that's valid and relevant, but a lot of it is a crock that reduces men and women to manipulators and the manipulated. More of a skim through, a what-kind-of-seductress-am-I figure outer, a book to read and compare your own seduction style to and laugh about. Not a book to be taken seriously.

    18. I want to read Robert Greens other book The 48 Laws of Power so when someone gave me this book I thought I'd check it out too. This was an interesting book. Parts of it I enjoyed. I love learning about the psychology of why we like things or why things are popular so that aspect of it was facinating. It breaks down how movie stars, politicians and world leaders seduce their public. WHY we are drawn to them or why some leaders are better public speakers than others. Very interesting and helpful f [...]

    19. كتاب هاي رابرت گرين به قدري غني و فصيح نوشته شدن كه وقتي تمومشون مي كني اين حس كه وزن فكريت اضافه شده رو مدام بهت يادآوري مي كنه.خوندن هر سطر از كتاب هاي رابرت گرين من رو در لذت غوطه ور مي كنه.استايل نوشتن اين نويسنده بعد از انتخاب عنوان به اين صورت هست كه هر فصلش رو تشكيل مي ده از [...]

    20. A fascinating and well written book, but let's face it, the outlined tactics are those commonly employed by sociopaths. Deliberately wounding, confusing, stone walling and gaslighting the chosen 'target' will result in at best, an emotionally damaged and highly insecure person. Sure, in such a state, it's easier to discard them when you are through with them. It's also easy to justify the discarding 'how could I continue with such a emotionally unstable person?'. But if, unlike the sociopath or [...]

    21. If you can get past the blatant misogyny and the fact he uses the word "victim" on about every page I guess it has some value in cold calculating machiavellian way.The ancedotes in places are interesting and are easily the best part. the Quotes along the sides are irritating to read and really break up the flow.And of course he rationalizes his whole philosophy by suggesting in many places that people who aren't ok with deception and dishonesty have no value (and should be avoided at all costs)c [...]

    22. "Seduction is Distraction" "I would rather hear my dog bark at a cow than a man swear he loves me ""The masses have never thirsted for truthey demand illusions, and cannot do without them. they constantly give what is unreal precedence over the real""Never Complain. Never explain ""You know what charm is , A ways of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question ""People who display no weakness, on the other hand , often elicit envy anxiety and fear!"This was not only informative [...]

    23. Oh, if only this book had been published when I was a teenager! The quality of my adolescent and college years (okay, and my early- to mid-twenties) might have been far richer, and I might have been so much better at living the hedonistic lifestyle I tried to maintain.There's a new show on tv about a detective (I think he's a detective) who is so good at figuring everything out first that everyone else thinks must be psychicbut he's not psychic; he's just PAYING ATTENTION. That's supposed to be [...]

    24. From a psychological perspective, this book is fascinating. From a moral perspective, this book is horrifying. From a historical perspective, this book is interesting but over embellished.Essentially, this book is a guide on how to emotionally manipulate and use people in the form of seduction. I mainly read it to be better able to analyze myself and other people; to those ends, this book is quite useful. It goes over many different types of seducers and seduction strategies. If you follow the s [...]

    25. I hated this book. It could have been tolerable if the author presented it more as a study and kept with the historical details and research. Instead he gives you a crash course on how to manipulate, use, and discard the "object, target, or victim" of your seduction. That language alone lets you see what the aim of the game is, and it is neither beautiful or lovely. It is heartless and calculating, heaven help the fools trapped by such overtly conniving people.

    26. I wish I'd bought the non-concise version, but this is very interesting nonetheless. Throw your ethics out the window before you start reading, although it is very much unisexual. It does apply a tiny bit more to men than women, but the whole point of seduction is it is a power over someone who's fallen in love with you. Love, not lust. And a man in love is just as "silly" as a woman in love. It even goes over types of women from history who were seductresses, as well as the rakes and Don Juans. [...]

    27. Ha, I can't believe I read (and finished reading) this book. If I can tell you one thing: this book is not for the faint-hearted. Some time ago when my brother and I visited our aunt, I found all the books of Robert Greene on a queue in her desk. Between us, it was my brother who actually picked up and scanned the book first, and this compelled me because he is not much of a reader. So as an act of competition, I decided to read the whole thing. I thought why not, it's a curious topic. My curios [...]

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