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Invincible Summer: An Anthology

Invincible Summer An Anthology Nicole J Georges captures her adventures and thoughts in unique heartfelt illustrations and stories Five years of dog mothering chicken raising coffee shop crushes drama low paying jobs heartbre

  • Title: Invincible Summer: An Anthology
  • Author: Nicole J. Georges
  • ISBN: 9780972696760
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nicole J Georges captures her adventures and thoughts in unique, heartfelt illustrations and stories Five years of dog mothering, chicken raising, coffee shop crushes, drama, low paying jobs, heartbreaking romance, inspiring friendships, vegan snacks, and This exhaustive collection will take the reader on a whirlwind tour through Nicole s personality, wit, and charNicole J Georges captures her adventures and thoughts in unique, heartfelt illustrations and stories Five years of dog mothering, chicken raising, coffee shop crushes, drama, low paying jobs, heartbreaking romance, inspiring friendships, vegan snacks, and This exhaustive collection will take the reader on a whirlwind tour through Nicole s personality, wit, and charm This second edition collects issues 1 8 of her zine and features 38 new, additional pages Recently featured on the Sister Spit tour

    • ☆ Invincible Summer: An Anthology || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Nicole J. Georges
      157 Nicole J. Georges
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Invincible Summer: An Anthology || ↠ PDF Read by ☆ Nicole J. Georges
      Posted by:Nicole J. Georges
      Published :2019-05-08T14:58:03+00:00

    1 thought on “Invincible Summer: An Anthology

    1. This is a compilation of Nicole Georges' zines that she did well before writing Calling Dr. Laura. Had I attempted to read it before reading and loving that particular book, I probably wouldn't have made it ten pages in. It's scattered and reads more like a diary than a book, which makes sense because that's mostly what it is. This isn't a memoir or story, but rather a disjointed account of some times in Nicole's life. It's charming to read after reading Dr. Laura, even if the artwork is no wher [...]

    2. Nicole Georges' world of messy sumi-e ink and line drawings is so easy to get lost in. It seems so exciting and romantic. She deals with landlords, roommates, jobs, bike rides, going home for the holidays, a summer on a farm for abused animals. Dogs are always around with hand drawn love hearts floating around their heads. In fact, everything in her world seems to have sloppy hearts floating around it. Her drawings make it seem like even cooking dinner alone is an overwhelming emotional experien [...]

    3. Tee hee! Someone's review of this reads, in full: "I think she's bi?" If that doesn't make you cackle and pick this up, I don't know what to tell you. I love Nicole's drawings, right now I am thinking of a little rhyme around a drawing that is all "A trip to the sea. Beija and me. Boring for you, exciting for me!" in a banner surrounding it. OK, maybe Beija didn't go on that trip, that's just my memory. Nicole is grand! Buy her book!

    4. Beautiful, and oddly satisfying. Also oddly caused me all sorts of sentimentality and nostalgia for nothing in particular.

    5. Anthology of Nicole Georges's zines from the early 2000s. I enjoyed the fun recipes, the stories of the PDX DIY scene (hey not everyone who plays music loud is trying to show off!), and the stories of the animal sanctuary. As with other Nicole Georges stuff I've read, Invincible Summer makes me nostalgic for a time when the real estate feeding frenzy wasn't chasing poor folks and artists out of cities like Portland.

    6. I like Nicole Georges's writing/art (that's why I read this one) and will read more by her. But this book is a collection of her zines from 2000-2001. They captured a time that is long gone (and did it well), but I didn't find them very interesting this many years later. Except the Farm Sanctuary parts, which is the only time/place where my experience relates. Those were great :).

    7. I am on a real Nicole J. Georges deep dive right now and I have to say I love and treasure her every lil eyeball and tooth.

    8. Like peeking inside a stranger's diaryI first became acquainted with Nicole Georges's charming and whimsical artwork through Bitch magazine, to which Georges is (was?) a "friend and contributor." Her annual Invincible Summer calendars (available on etsy) are simply adorable, brimming as they are with nonhuman animals both familiar (dogs, pigs, chickens) and unusual (sloths, whales, and - yes! - unicorns!). Her two Invincible Summer zine anthologies have been on my wishlist for years, and Christm [...]

    9. I paged through this book with some trepidation, thinking I may not like it. Invincible Summer is a biographical graphic novel done in the hipster DIY style, complete with typo-ridden text and intentionally half-finished illustrations. I’m not a hipster, I don’t care for coffee, I don’t crash on strangers’ couches and I don’t live anywhere trendy. And I used to care about all of those indie bands that the artist name-drops with alarming frequency, but I outgrew them. (It’ll happen to [...]

    10. As far as zine anthologies go, this is pretty much top notch. This follows Nicole Georges through years and years of life as lived through zines. She makes vegan food, bikes around Portland, interns at Farm Sanctuary, dates people, has break ups, and takes roadtrips with her dog. I really love Nicole Georges artwork. Her line drawings are at the intersection of charming and earnest without being too precious. Nicole's early stuff is like anyone's early work. Her more mature work later in the ant [...]

    11. i've had this and volume two out for-ever by interlibrary loan from the university of michigan and the due date was approaching without me really cracking the cover(s), so i decided to sit down and seriously read this. what is there not to like about the adventures of a baby gay? my brain is always telling me that I Do Not Like Zines Or Graphic Novels, but i am learning that my brain is a big dummy, because, for instance, i love nicole georges and lynda barry and everything good about what they [...]

    12. I love Invincible Summer a lot, but this collection of the very first issues suffers a little bit from early-20s excesses. Even the shrill vegan parts weren't as annoying as the "I am 21 years old, I know everything, and I am going to change the world" aspects. Nicole Georges' apparent belief that anyone who doesn't live in Portland is a murderous hick and any time she sets foot outside a major American city she is in imminent peril of a gruesome death is really irritating. I'm going to go out o [...]

    13. Wow! Wow! Wow!I was sent this book so I could review it for Zine World #26. As soon as I write that review, I will post it here. But in the meantime, I just want to say that I adore this book. It is so so so so so good, especially for summer reading (even though it's not all about summer). I meant to just read a little bit, but I read the whole thing in one night! I know I will read it again and again.I need to write Nicole J. Georges a fan letter

    14. This is the first collection of Nicole Georges's personal journal comic zine, Invincible Summer. She talks about a lot of things in this first book: working at Farm Sanctuary, caffeine-addled Portland, why giving up caffeine isn't worth it, relationships, break-ups, parents acting differently once you start dating someone of the same gender, having fun with friends, being sad, etc. This book is what I think of when I think of Portland. But then again, I've never been to Portland :)

    15. This was enjoyable but it really needed the neatening up of both images and print that Calling Dr. Laura benefited from. It was kind of illegible in many places. She was in her early 20s the same time I was, and while our young adult years were spent very differently, I liked this book because it did in several ways remind me of being in my early 20's in the early 2000's.

    16. is nicole georges' life a stereotype (has glasses, makes her own clothes, loves dogs, animal rights, coffee, vegan, bicyclist, punk-ish)? or is she effusively living (and sharing) a life that is the quintessential product of its time? i found her inspiring. because i am a person who needs to make my own clothes.

    17. I love the zine Doris so I thought I was really going to love this, but I found it considerably less substantial and very disjointed. I couldn't follow the events at all. People would come and go in and out of her life with zero explanation. I guess I just wanted a more text heavy zine with a clearer emphasis on storytelling.

    18. I suck at reading other people's writing, but I'm too stubborn to give up zines. I wish Nicole went more into her life. I loved the Harry Potter references. I'm not sure whether I'll get the second colection from my library.

    19. Nicole has always sort of been one of my Zine heroes. I picked up the first issue of this zine then moved to corvallis where I lost track of it. I was so excited to find this comp. It is about crushes, coffee shops and her dogs. Really good so far!

    20. Writing and drawings from Georges's zine. She's been getting more and more exposure the past year or so with various illustration work in magazines and other books. She's also in a cool new anthology called It's So You.

    21. a collection of zines by the author of "calling dr. laura." they're a bit unpolished and vague, but fun to read. some of the questions that might come up while reading could be answered by "calling dr. laura."

    22. Kind of angst-y. but she was in her early twenties when she wrote it. I like the mixed up drawing, handwritten, typewriter-written, scrawly style of it. Some of the drawings are really lovely. I would quite happily go back to Drawn & Quarterly for part two.

    23. Minus one star for use of "retarded". A vegan feminist activist should know better.Also, just say no to Microcosm Publishing.

    24. Cute, clever, and uplifting collection of zines. Nicole writes about veganism, animal rights, dogs, relationships and love.

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