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Sharon Whitfield
 I am driving with vic at the minute he is a fantastic tutor and has the patience of a saint. I feel so confident with him, he lets me learn at my own pace and that to me is important. Would recommend him, great sense of humour vic 9 out of 10. You an have 10 out of 10 when pass test lol. X 
Matthew Flannigan
 I'd definitely recommend Vic to anyone who is looking to start learning to drive- he puts you at ease right away and makes it very stress-free. I passed today thanks to Vic's great tutoring- and in a strange way I think I'll miss not having any more lessons with him!

Thanks very much!
Matthew 🙂 

Ash 'Jarvo' Jarvis
 I passed with vic last week and highly recommend him to anyone looking to drive, young or old. he promotes an extremely relaxed and stress free environment whilst also teaching you at a pace that's right for your learning needs (i.e. learning from scratch or coming back to learner driving), vic's teaching techniques are unique but extremely effective and you will soon be impressed with your progress, and not only does he teach you how to pass your test but he gives you the tools and mindset required for driving having passed your test. in a way it will be a shame for me not getting to take anymore lessons with vic but I will hopefully be looking into taking his pass plus motorway driving course as his lessons have been superb! 
Lauren Staves
 I would highly recommend Vic! He's efficient and very reassuring! Helped me pass first time! Wouldn't of picked any other instructor! Always on time, gives the best advice and is always honest! Thankyou Vic� 
Leah Francis
 Thankyou for helping me to achieve my news years goals for this year. We set a goal when we go through the test which we did reach our target.
Even with a breakdown and my disabilities you was very reassuring even though your my dad but we did it PASSED first time !!! It means alot you believed in me . If I can pass my driving tests anyone can. Highly recommended and adjustable teaching skills even with people like me with a disability and very patient. Don't forget the quotes to remember everything PLAN AND WHAM.... WE HAVE RIGHT OF WAY SISTAAA �� thankyou again for helping me to achieve my goals. 
Sean Kus Malone
 I highly recommend Vic as he is very calm and professional and makes you feel very comfortable and always on time. I passed first time with him and only had 5 lessons and then my test so once again Vic thank you very much. 
Angela Ozola
 Nice,good and friendly driving instructor, was really fun having you as my instructor. You teached me everything.
I highly recommend Vic's as he is always in a time, he know his job, he is there for you to tech, explain your mistakes,very friendly, calm, and funny:)
You are doing great job .
Thank you Vic 
Kyle Logan Russell
 I highly recommend Vic as a driving instructor he is very proffesional and he’s constantly calm with you and is always supportive. He explains things very well so you have a good understanding on what’s going to happen throughout the lesson or for future lesson, he’s always reassuring when you make a mistake and will help you through it, thank you for everything Vic! 

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